Archiving the TWWF sites

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Archiving the TWWF sites

Postby Sophira on Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:23 pm

It's been a while since the ARG ended, and you've probably noticed that some of the sites have already gone down. I'm taking point on archiving all the sites we hosted under, so we'll have a permanent archive of everything.

Note that I don't plan to make archives of anything that we didn't host ourselves. In other words, I won't be making copies of the Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Wordpress accounts, the Google site for Baskerville Heights, or the Livestream account. (In fact, the video that was on the Livestream account seems to have gone; since Joe covers it in his last WTF, though, I think this should be fine.) These won't be going away, of course - it's just that they're hosted by other people so there's no need for us to archive them ourselves.

The first stage is identifying the sites we used. Most of them are in WTF's sidebar, but there are some that aren't. In total, I believe these sites need to be archived:

1. *
5. *

The sites that *don't* need to be archived because they're hosted by other people are:

5. All the YouTube channels,
6. All the Twitter accounts,
7. Pan's Facebook account.

I think this is everything, but I may have missed a few sites, so just in case, do any of you guys notice anything I've missed, or are there sites that should be archived/should not be archived that are on the wrong list? Let me know and I can make the appropriate changes.
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