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The Christmas Carol: Ways to Get Involved.

If you’d rather not, or can’t, play a part in the Christmas Carol, but would like to get involved in other ways, there will be plenty of areas where you can help out.
You don’t have to be pros! We’re all amateurs in this, so if you’ve had just a bit of experience with, say, audacity then by all means apply for Audio Assistant. What we need to learn, we will learn, and we’ll all help each other out. If at any point you feel you're struggling with the role you've signed up for, let us know, and we'll help out. Heck, guys making stuff up as we go is all but in the Metaguard job description at this point ;). A number of interactions later on may need to take place in the audiochat set up by Sicon for our usage, or we can stick to neatchat.

The required possible roles (some of which are already taken) are as follows:

Current Roles.

Project Lead: Scarab.
All other peoples work is coordinated by the project leader, who keeps track of what everyone is doing and helps sort things out if there are problems. All information from the other staff members is ultimately relayed to the Project lead.

Project Writer: BlackWolfe
The most fun job of all, the actual creative writing process. This is Blackwolfe’s job. and what he has done so far can be read right here.(please note: script right now HIGHLY SUBJECT TO CHANGE) :P

Story to Script Conversion: ?????
This will be the role of converting BlackWolfe’s story-style work into script format. More than one person may be selected for this role, so the workload isn’t too much.

Script Distribution/Recording Collection: ?????
The script distributor and recordings collector is responsible for getting the relevant script pieces to the people who need them, and acting as a hub for the audio files recorded. For example, they will relay all the audio files to the Audio Editor, and all the scripts to the actors.

Lead Audio Editor: ?????
The Lead Audio Editor is responsible for normalization and sound effects. They’ll make sure that the whole piece will sound the same, so higher tech skills and familiarity with audio software will be necessary here.

Assistant Audio Editor: ?????
The Assistant Audio Editor would be there to collect background music, string the pieces together. Namely, they would prepare the groundwork for the Lead: sort out file types, make sure that all the sound files are essentially in the right place and prepare things so that the Lead Audio Editor.

Casting Directors: Blackwolfe, Scarab
The casting director (or directors) will be in charge of selecting the actors for the character roles from the list of auditions we’ve received. The Casting Director may choose to form a team to help them make the final selection.

Assistant Casting Director
Will aid the Director and team in the selection process and play the role of director should he or she be unavailable, they will also have the more specific role of arranging coordination between people who are acting a scene together and occasionally relaying performance notes from the project to the people who will be acting/ sound-effect-ing the relevant scene.

Revision: ?????
The revisers are, in essence, the people or person who will go through the final recordings, files and so on, and suggest modifications and revisions of the final draft. This role would have to be somebody who was less involved from the project from the start, so as to have a fresh mind.

[Voice Actors and Understudies List]

Chosen voice actors will be listed here, alongside their Understudies (people who will play the role if the actual actor is unavailable for whatever reason.)

Please note: Staff should not get character roles (an exception may be made to give them minor roles if necessary, but you can't really be the Lead Audio Editor and yourself and Mister A), but they still can (and should, if possible) play themselves.

Opt Outs.
Of course some people will not WANT to appear as themselves, or act as themselves in an audiodrama for a number of reasons. We have several plans in place for providing BlackWolfe with material for writing certain scenes which we’d love you all to get involved in, but if you’d rather not that is totally fine :) If you’d rather opt out or apply for a role in private, you are welcome to PM me.

Aaaand that's all the info we have for now, folks. Apply for roles either by PMing me or just posting a comment straight here, and let us know what you think your skills would be and where you'd be best suited.
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