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Re: WTF Forums Official Poetry Topic

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2015 2:45 pm
by AMimsyBorogove
And now for a thoroughly Mimsy and Borogovian poem. Enjoy.


To where have all the fairies gone?
They disappeared, every one
No more their fairy games to play
Forgotten, left to fade away

The knights who guarded Camelot
The Holy Grail for which they fought
And what of wild and fearsome fae?
Forgotten, left to fade away

As Human eyes are opened wide
What they admired must subside
The more they knew, the less they feared
And so our magic disappeared

For who should fear a witch's spells
Over a rain of bombers' shells?
As magic's explanations fail
They thus become a fairy tale.

But please, dear reader, hear my plea
Do not forget stories like me
Remember orcs and dwarves and trolls
And elves in glades and trees and knolls

Although I sleep within my lair
No more to frighten ladies fair
Still dreaming of my ancient fights
Of fire and sword and brazen knights

My wings and scales and flame behold
Recall the gleaming of my gold
Please remember, oh reader dear
Remember there were Dragons here.