Alexander's Library (of random fiction bits and stuff)

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Alexander's Library (of random fiction bits and stuff)

Postby Endless Sea on Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:03 pm

The room is as tall as a three-story house (plus attic) and wider than a football field, carpeted in violet and plated with meticulously shaped brass. There are no windows, the only sources of light being the chandeliers laden with fluorescent bulbs scattered about the ceiling. Doors are similarly absent, the only entrance being a quietly revolving portal of shadow across the hall. The majority of the chamber is occupied by bookcases that nearly reach the ceiling, shelves packed so thick with books and file folders and data plaques and flash drives and discs and so on that their contents seem to blend together into an enormous multicolored mass. In one of the far corners of the room an ornate fireplace rests dormant, coffee tables and sofas arranged in front of it; computer terminals line the walls and adorn crowded desks in another.

“Yeah, in case you were wondering, almost none of that is mine,” says the young man leaning against the nearest bookcase- moderately tall, ambiguously Asian, clothes and build and posture suggesting he hasn’t slept or eaten in days. He tosses over a flash drive from his coat pocket and adds, “That one is, though. Might want to start there.”


All right, I was going to start this up once I got my Cthulhu fic finished or Power Play started up, whichever came first, but the chat said I might as well go for it now. And, well, here it is- an inventory of various works of completed fiction I've done in the past. Note that "completed" also includes editing, so don't expect a bunch of my older stuff without it being reworked or entirely replaced. As of this writing, there's also plenty of stories that aren't even started yet, currently consisting of a few ideas and related brainstorming drawn from the RPs I'm running at the moment.

Forgedverse stories: (Featuring a few characters from Power Play, but unrelated to the RP, in case you were wondering.)
Join the Club (CONCEPT)- Sacria stumbles upon a conversation between Alton and the Boss about the last Agent to join their ranks.
First Contact (CONCEPT)- For once, Arcturus is at a loss. As usual, Togariku is in over his head.
Nightlife (UNFINISHED)- Old friends have a rooftop meeting. Questions are asked. Answers are lacking. Conflict is inevitable.
Power Play (CONCEPT)- Alton dies- but he doesn't die easy.
Reforged (UNFINISHED)- An Agent is taken aside, his name and purpose cast aside and replaced. (May be scrapped or merged with Myrmidon)
Myrmidon (UNFINISHED)- The Boss takes his new right-hand man to the Furnace to see a demonstration.
Unforged (CONCEPT)- Lehu dug too deep, and what he found was too much for him to take on alone.
Legacy (UNFINISHED)- "Chosen One" is a cliche, but it still means something. Togariku is relieved; Dark Hunter isn't.

Crimsonverse stories: (Same as the above category, except replace "characters" and "Power Play" with "cultures" and "Bound by Faith".)
One Cage for Another (CONCEPT)- a Sapient weaponsmith and enchanter searches a ruined city for its destroyer.
Pilgrimage (UNFINISHED)- Centuries after the Cleansing of Voldrant, hostile factions attempt to broker peace with one of the few things they have in common: their faith.

Sunset Drift mythos stories: (Rinse and repeat, I guess.)
Breathing Room (UNFINISHED)- Two guys stuck in a, um, wherever the hell they are. It'd be easier to handle if they shared a language. Or a species.

Forum-related stories: (Stuff related to the ARG, which is pretty much limited to my Cthulhu fic and Metaguard idea, and writings based on other RPs on the forums that wouldn't actually go in said roleplays. :P)
Next Wave (UNFINISHED)- The Regulator discovers (more than once) that Cthulhu isn't the only threat to the wall.
Wandering Girl (UNFINISHED)- My attempt at a Metaguard story. Lucia's quite an odd girl, isn't she?
Cartography (UNFINISHED)- A rewrite of my collab with narrativedilettante for Floating Castle's third underground quest- mostly, I'm gonna be including some scenes I'd planned for but didn't manage to do on time, plus fixing any basic grammar/spelling issues that might have flown under the radar last time.
Wizard Seeks Food, Badly (UNFINISHED)- More Floating Castle stuff, this time from my collab with Blurred_9L, who ended up having to wait an extended period of time for me to contribute absolutely nothing. -_- Time to remedy that, I guess.
Tinkering (CONCEPT)- Not even a story, really. Just a scene from the life of my unused Irun RP character. i'm so sorry

Misc. fanfiction: (Other stuff based on stories that don't belong to me; mostly BIONICLE stuff.)
Visions (original location here)- Some flash fiction I did for a BZP contest a while back. Short deadline, so it isn't too good, but whatevs.
Deep Into Darkness (UNFINISHED)- Another BZP short story contest entry. Varian got kicked out of the Toa for a reason.

Misc. short stories and flash fiction: (Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.)
FOR SCIENCE!!!1!- Wherein there is much idiocy, angrish, and general ham.
Back for More (UNFINISHED)- Some guy tries to climb a tree. It doesn't go well. As usual.
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So, apparently I'm the sanest madman this side of the international date line. Seems legit.
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Re: Alexander's Library (of random fiction bits and stuff)

Postby Tohrinha on Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:55 pm

Ah, a mad scientist. They're always fun. :-)
I enjoyed that. Most of the stories I read would have . . . shown the scientist in a more positive light? Yours seems more realistic, which is a nice change.
Also, your description is quite vivid, both of the storm and your library. Beautiful.
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Re: Alexander's Library (of random fiction bits and stuff)

Postby Endless Sea on Mon Mar 18, 2013 6:24 pm

Heh, my creative writing teacher always used to heckle me about putting more scenery description my stories, or at least earlier on, so that the reader could get a better idea of what was happening. Guess I've gotten around that, then? (Also, thanks! ^^)
So, apparently I'm the sanest madman this side of the international date line. Seems legit.
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