The Conversation: A Short Story by The Jester

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The Conversation: A Short Story by The Jester

Postby TheJester on Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:21 pm

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The Conversation-A Short Story by The Jester

“Oh calm it down, I have only had like three mugs, you can spot me another!”

A man well into his forties was sitting at the bar table of a casino. His slightly drunk appearance did not stop the man from attempting to convince the bartender of his ability to have another beer. His clean-cut brown hair was mangled from the sweat of a hard day’s work and his tuxedo was unbuttoned with the tie hanging around his neck like a scarf.

“Look sir, I know drunk when I see it. You have had enough drinks for one day.” The bartenders face was that of sincerity, but also of seriousness.

“Just give me another for pity’s sake! Can’t you see I am depressed!?”

“Can’t you see that drinking will not help your depression?”

The argument seemed to last five minutes before another man sat at a stool to the left of the tortured soul. His tuxedo was more refined than the drunken man’s and his black hair was gelled into individual spikes.

“You guys wouldn’t happen to have Jack Daniels would ya?” The man’s eyes stared at the shelves behind the bartender as he looked
for the item he so desired.

“If I didn’t have Jack Daniels then I would be a failure as a bartender.” The bartender spotted the sober man a drink as the drunken man moaned in disparity.

“This is absolutely unfair! How come he gets a drink and I don’t?”

“He isn’t drunk.” The bartender was seemingly getting annoyed by his bickering with the intoxicated man. The man next to him however, was heavily invested in the conversation before speaking himself.

“I think introductions are in order. What is your name good sir?”

The inebriated man attempted to sit upright before plunging head first onto the bar counter.

“The name’s Richard Bolkovich,” the drunken man said with assurance “I am Russian on my father’s side.”

The bartender was surprised to hear this as the drunken man did not give off any discernible traits of being Russian.

“My name is Glen Forsik,” the sober man smiled at the two men as if he thoroughly enjoyed introducing himself to random patrons at casinos “Your turn barkeep. Tell us your name.”

“I am Benjamin Sinkle III.”

Gasps left the mouths of the two customers like air being sucked in by a vacuum. Their surprise was wholeheartedly obvious.

“Benjamin Sinkle III, The son of the wealthy business magnet Benjamin Sinkle II? My God man! What in blazes are you doing in a place such as this?” Richard was, by all means, completely flabbergasted.

“I love hanging around casinos for some reason. My father likes that I have a hobby instead of eating off of his money.” Benjamin grabbed a washcloth from below the counter and began cleaning the counter.

“I cannot believe this. Well nice to meet you Benjamin!” Glen’s widened smile created an endearing atmosphere for Richard, whose anxiety was beginning to climb. His hands were shaking, which was something Glen noticed.

“Hey Richard, what’s with all the drinking and shaking? What has happened in your life that has made you this way?”

Richard signaled for Benjamin and Glen to lean forward as he began to whisper something in their ear.

“Someone’s trying to have me assassinated.”

Eyes widened as the words left Richard’s mouth. Richard’s saddened face grew into one of relief at having let it all out.

“W-what in bloody hell do you mean? How did you know?” Glen seemed to be very concerned for poor Richard, who had seemed
to be sobering up.

“I was at work minding my own business when I received an email from an anonymous sender. The email was a warning exclaiming that someone was out to kill me. It warned me not to go to the police or the killer would find out and kill me then. The email told me to show up at this casino so that the sender could help me but so far he hasn’t shown up. I suspect the killer got to him. I don’t know what to do, my mind is spinning.”

“That might just be the whisky.” Benjamin giggled as Glen shot him an ugly stare at his comment.

Richard’s anxiety began to climb up again, “I dare say that the killer could be here in this casino, waiting to kill me!”

Glen, Richard, and Benjamin looked around the casino, eyeing anyone they felt suspicious. They saw people of all cultures and ages so picking out one against them all would prove tedious. Nevertheless, Glen felt an uncompromising need to help the poor fellow.

“Don’t worry Richard, we will help you out.” Glen’s smile lifted Richard’s spirit as Benjamin continued scanning the casino for suspicious activity. It was not long before Benjamin began to point something out.

“What about that lady over there! She seems jittery and sorts.” Benjamin pointed to a young lady sitting by a bench in the casino. She seemed extremely nervous and was shaking. It was not long after Benjamin pointed it out that it began to attract Richard’s attention as well.

“She definitely seems to be all sixes and sevens.” Richard scanned the girl for a long period of time before Glen began to get up from his stool.

“I am going to talk to her and see if I can get information out of her. If she is the killer, she doesn’t seem like she wants to be in the first place.”

Glen walked over and sat directly next to the young woman. She wore a red dress that reflected the light coming from the chandeliers.

“Excuse me ma’am, are you okay?” Glen continued looking at the woman who was still shaking.

“Who? Me? Oh no don’t worry about it I am fine! I am just doodly dandy! I mean of course I had a long day at work today so I had to drink a lot of coffee and usually I don’t drink that much coffee in one day but I really needed to get the work done so I decided to drink it anyways and it gave me a big boost of energy and unfortunately it seems like I can’t stop talking right now but I am sure you don’t mind. Do you? Simply because I don’t want to keep boring you with my droll speeches, I mean it’s not like I can help it anyways.”

The woman began speaking at 70 miles per hour, leaving Glen virtually speechless. Rather than continue to sit there and listen, Glen got up and walked back over to the bar. It didn’t seem to affect the woman anyway as she continued talking despite there being no one to listen.

“She isn’t the killer. She is just extremely hyped up on caffeine,” Glen sat back down at the counter as Richard and Benjamin stared at him for a period of time. It lasted for 30 seconds before Glen began to feel unnerved. “Is something wrong you two?”

“Richard and I were just talking and we find it pretty suspicious how you were so eager to help us at the very beginning? How did you know that Richard was suffering anxiety so easily?”

“You have got to be bloody kidding me. Anybody with a brain could figure out this man was in distress! You think I am the killer because I was ready to help him out? I am a therapist! Of course it was easy to read this man’s face for me! What about you!? Maybe you are the killer!” Glen’s lips were ripe with accusations before Richard broke up the argument.

“Come now lads we are men, not children. Let’s calm down as I am sure neither of you are the killer.”
Glen and Benjamin both exchanged looks of shame at each other.

“Sorry Benjamin I didn’t mean to accuse you.”

“It’s isn’t your fault really, it was I who offended you in the first place.” Benjamin looked down at the counter in embarrassment, still clutching the washcloth.

“Alright that’s it,” Richard clutched his fists and got up from his stool. “I don’t care what he does! I say we go to the police! Better that than having him toy with our minds here!”

Glen and Benjamin nodded in agreement but Benjamin interjected regardless.

“However, if we all leave at the same time, the killer is going to think that something is wrong and he will shoot us before we even leave the damn building. Glen should go to the police and bring them back here while Richard and I stay here and stall the killer, making him think we are still at each other’s throats.”

“Sounds like a plan! A perfect plan even! Alright, I will go get the yard. You guys stay here; I will be back as quick as I can.”
Almost as soon as he finished his sentence, Glen had left the building. Richard and Benjamin began looking out into the Casino, looking for anything of use to them. Richard continued staring while Benjamin began to stack glasses he had forgotten to put up earlier. Afterwards, Benjamin turned around as Richard continued looking behind him, worried of anything that was to come.

“You know Glen was right about one thing.” Benjamin smiled a bit as if prepared to give a really good punch line to a seemingly bad joke.

“That would be?” Richard continued to stare out, not making eye contact with Benjamin as he was too worried to look anywhere else. He did not notice that Benjamin had pulled a pistol with a silencer from under the washcloth and had pointed it at the back of Richard’s head.

With a smile that would scare the devil, Benjamin responded in an almost maniacal tone.

“It was me.”

I wrote this short story today in a span of about 4 hours. It is about 1600 words at best estimate. Tell me what you guys think.
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