Dream Journal

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Dream Journal

Postby Lordxana0 on Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:06 pm

Recently I have been having weird dreams, sometimes about creatures, sometimes about words, and other times they are simply about places. It has been a bit hard to just get out of my head or simply ignore, so I have been drawing some of the things I see in my dreams, despite being a pretty horrible artist. I don't really know how many people still come around here, but I figure it would probably help me to just post about the weird dreams and such that way I can just go on with the day.

So lets start out with the first picture, drawn a couple of days ago.

1. The Flesh Balloon

Exactly what it sounds like, one night during my dreams I was wandering this abandoned city, no noise to be heard anywhere when suddenly I came across this thing. It looked a lot like a balloon you would buy at a party store or something like that, except that the string looked a lot more solid, and its colorization was white as bone. It said the exact words I wrote in the picture, speaking in an accent I couldn't place for the life of me. It was a cross between Russian and the really snooty French accent people put on to make fun of French people. I couldn't speak, for the life of me I couldn't. Then suddenly more and more of the balloons came floating out between buildings, from sewers, from everywhere you could imagine until they filled the entire sky of the city, chanting those same words over and over and over. At some point me in the dream fell down to cover his ears and started screaming, but by that point I as the observer in the dream was pulled out of my body and pulled straight up toward the various flesh colored balloons. I woke up to the sound of my alarm pretty soon after that.

No idea what it meant, other then you probably shouldn't make Balloons out of bodies or something like that. Here is hoping for a less creepy dream tonight.
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Re: Dream Journal

Postby Endless Sea on Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:14 pm

So, last night (day? My sleep schedule is messed up) was a thing.

Don't remember much, just that it worked on dream logic, I was on sanitation duty, Jewel was having a birthday party, and she knew 32_footsteps IRL somehow. That's about all I know and all I want to know.

...on a different note, I have discovered 32_footsteps is also the name of a They Might Be Giants song. Huh.
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