Story of Legends

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Story of Legends

Postby Lordxana0 on Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:00 am

In this world there are Legends, ancient beings that take the mannerisms of those within stories, attaching themselves to those with strong wills in order to battle against each other. Some Legends fight for glory, some for peace, and others for control. The last Legend standing will obtain even more greatness, and the one who stands beside it will find their own reward.
A young man sat under a tree, looking up toward the leaves that for the most part blocked the sun from shining down on him, enjoying the view of the small beams of bright light that managed to break through the canopy of the leaves. “Perfect day for a nap,” he muttered to himself, shifting around on the grass a bit to try and get comfortable. “Just a short one.”

Before the young man could get to far into his nap however three black cars pulled up on the road next to the hill he was laying on, cutting their engines and sitting on the road for a moment, drawing his attention back to the earth. From the three vehicles sixteen dark suited men stepped out, each one carrying a small briefcase with them. Each of their heads was covered by wide brimmed black hats, and they seemed to march in tune toward the young man, pausing only a few feet away. “Greetings Mr. Nuva, our master sends his regards.” the voice that came from the suited figure was nothing less than robotic sounding.

The young man sat up and yawned, stretching his arm into the air before looking at them. “Don’t suppose I could just ask you guys to leave so I can get back to my nap, can I?” he sounded more annoyed than anything else.

“Mr. Capone wishes to know the answer to the offer he made you.” was the only reply that the suited figure gave, watching from under its hat as the man stretched out.

With a sigh he leaned against the tree and tapped his chin. “Oh you mean the whole ‘join my group and help defeat Frankenstein thing?” he gave a small shrug. “Yeah sorry I don’t really want to get involved in that mess, just because I made a contract doesn’t mean I have to fight.”

For a moment the figure was silent, before it calmly opened its suitcase and pulled out a pistol from it, cocking it and aiming it toward the man. In perfect synchronization the other figures followed suit, pulling weapons from their suitcases and aiming toward the young man. “Mr. Capone has made it quite clear that anyone who is not with him stands against him in these matters.”

Even at the sight of the guns the man didn’t lose his relaxed mannerisms, simply shaking his head with a small sigh of disappointment. “You know when the other guys came to me and I said no they offered a nice position and low risk missions, you guys point guns at me,” he laid his head against the tree. “Man you guys really need to take some lessons.”

For a moment there was silence, and then the suited figured opened fire on the man, unloading their weapons toward him without hesitation. As the bullets started flying the man quickly stood up and placed a hand in front of him, causing each bullet to pause in front of him before falling to the ground. “Yeah that isn’t going to happen,” with that said the man reached in front of him and summoned a hunting rifle into his hands, an old fashioned wooden finish with the letters R.V.W engraved into the side of it. “Maybe you forgot but I am a Contractor as well, and if Capone really thought that a bunch of Familiars were going to stop me from napping well…” he took aim and smirked viciously. “Apparently he isn’t too bright.”

The suited figured began to slowly break apart from each other so they wouldn’t be as bunched up, taking pot shots with their pistols as they moved.

But by this point the man was already moving, weaving between their shots with almost supernatural speed, a light laugh coming from him as he appeared in front of one of the figures, rifle pointed directly at its head. “Remember the name End Nuva, Contractor of Rip Van Winkle and the guy who officially kicked your asses.” with that said he pulled the trigger and watched as the suited figures head exploded from the impact of the bullet, sending its headless torso falling down the hill. However when it came to rest the body caught fire and turned to ash, leaving no trace behind.

With one of their number fallen the remaining suited figured fled back to their cars, all the while under fire from the End’s rifle.
They slid behind the cars and reached inside, pulling out large tommy guns, relics of another era that might have looked silly to some, but still maintained a certain standard of killing power behind them.

With a curse End dodged behind the tree he had been napping under, allowing it to take the blows from the olden weapons that were currently firing at him. “All I wanted to do was take a freaking nap!” he yelled out, aiming his rife toward the cars from behind the tree and taking pot shots when possible. If he pushed himself it was possible he could end it here, but there was little doubt in his mind that Capone had planned to escalate this conflict further. As things stood he couldn’t go all out without tiring himself to the point where he would die in the second round.

Before the situation could worsen however one of the vehicles exploded in a brilliant fireball, removing four more of the suited figures and putting a pause in the attack. “Now you see this is the reason why I bloody asked you to join in the first place,” from out of the flames a young woman emerged, a scowl plain on her face and heavy bags of sleep deprivation plain on her eyes. A white labcoat fluttered around her, untouched by the flames as she looked toward the other seven suited figures. “Capone wasn’t going to leave you alone, and there is safety in numbers.”

End peeked out from around the tree and scowled toward the woman. “Yes Mom.” he said, voice heavy with sarcasm.
Without missing a beat the young woman walked toward him and pulled out a scalpel, pressing it against his neck. “Scarab, or
Frankenstein if you want to use my Contractor name, but don’t you dare call me Mom.”

With that said End quickly raised his hands into the air, still holding onto his rifle without daring to swallow or breathe too hard.
“Right sorry my bad, but uh… we still kind of have problems here to deal with you know.” he looked back toward the suited
figures, who were quickly falling back into position to restart their attack.

Scarab simply rolled her eyes and gave a snap of her fingers. “Mimsy if you could.”

A dark blur cut appeared behind one of the groups and sent them flying like ragdolls, before a rather dapperly dressed figure seemed to appear in the spot that the group had once been standing. “Hey give me a break, my powers only work at full strength during a full moon,” he flashed over toward the other four and grinned darkly, grabbing one of their guns and crushed it along with the suited figures hand as if it were clay. “Not that even a tenth of what I can do isn’t enough for these things.”
Scarab gave a nod and turned back toward End, dusting off her labcoat and fixing her best smile on. “Now then I am sure you have had time to think over…” she paused as Mimsy loudly tore apart one of the Familiars and coughed into her hand. “…to think over our recent offer.”

End shook his head a bit and sighed. “Come on all I want to do is nap a bit and relax, can’t I even have that much?”

“If you want to die, sure you can have a long nap,” Mimsy walked over, cleaning a black sludge like substance off his hands with a handkerchief. “At least that’s what I hear death is like, but then again who knows right?”

End gave a pause and shook his head at Mimsy’s rambling. “I suppose I don’t actually have much of a choice in the matter?”

Scarab pretended to think for a moment. “No probably not honestly, if you don’t agree I will probably have Mimsy knock you out and then carry you away.”

End sighed and shook his head. “At least you are honest about it, fine let’s go.”

Scarab clapped her hands and slashed the air in front of her with the scalpel in her hands, opened a small portal in front of them.
“Fantastic, let’s go!” she stepped through, followed closely by the other two men behind her.
“You know this being one of your plans I can’t tell if this is a failure or a success.” inside of a dark office two men sit across from each other, one holding a knife in hand and the other simply leaning back in a fine office chair, the only thing separating them is a desk with a chessboard on it.

The man in the chair shakes his head a bit. “It’s honestly not that complicated Shane, just a little play on things until the real game begins, it’s no fun if the chessboard isn’t set up in just the right way you know?”

Shane tossed his knife into the air and caught it by the blade between two fingers. “Whatever you say Si, or should I be calling you Capone now?”

“Call me whatever you want,” he smiled a bit as he moved a piece on the board. “Next move is finding the others, then you can let your knife do what comes naturally.”

“Rip into them?” Shane suggested, a smile on his face. “Yeah, doesn’t sound too bad.”
“Seems things are advancing to the next stage, hm?” A young woman sipped wine from atop a beautifully adorned throne, a smile on her pale lips.

“Its only to be expected after all this time,” a young man replied while adorning a wooden figure with a small coat of paint.
“After all isn’t this all part of the plan?”

The young woman smiled and shook her head. “There are no plans in this game my dear Mage, just more chaos.”

“Chaos could be called a plan in the right context, isn’t that the way you live your life oh Contractor of Dracula, Eli?”

The young woman didn’t answer, simply taking another sip of her wine and enjoying the view of her beautiful castle.
"Come to think of it why are we here in the first place?" A young man asked as he sat behind a set of iron bars, keeping him enclosed within a cell made of cold stone.

"Are you really asking me that question?" another voice answered from a cell. "I mean, because I know the answer but its probably pretty obvious, you know us being such big threats, you and your magic and me and my whole burning stuff thing. Right 'gora."

"Its Agora, if you are going to use my name please say the full thing." he looked toward the bars with a deep sigh and laid back on his bed, feeling that things were happening but not able to interact with them. What an annoyance.
Above it all a group of men and women watched the events play bellow them with smiles on their faces. "Let the games begin." they each raised their glasses high and clicked them together, invisible strings playing down across those whose lives would be forever cast into chaos.
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