Story of Legends-Characters

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Story of Legends-Characters

Postby Lordxana0 on Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:32 am

Name- Pyro

Contractor- Heat Miser

Main Draw- Wrath

Ability- Sunspot: Those contracted with Heat Miser can produce flames around their bodies to burn their enemies to dust.

Alliance- Unaligned at the moment.

Backstory- As one of the more powerful Contractor's within the Game Pyro was placed within the Tower of Solomon along with the Contractor of Cold Miser and Erlking, all three sit in wait for their release into the Game to being the battle to claim the prize.
Name- Agora

Contractor- Erlking

Main Draw- Greed

Ability- Wild Hunt: Has the ability to summon a massive force of otherworldly Hunters to his aid at any time, creating a formidable army.

Alliance- Unaligned.

Backstory- After forming his contract Agora was placed behind the bars of the Tower of Solomon to await his time to enter into the Game. For now he sits and amasses his power, making allies of the Heat and Cold Meiser both trapped with him in the Tower.
Name- Sicon

Contractor- Al Capone

Main Draw- Greed

Ability- Gang Land- Able to use money to create troops and weapons that can be deployed independently of himself.

Alliance- Leader of Clan Vertex.

Backstory- After forming his contract with Capone Sicon went on to use his newfound abilities to amass a sizable fortune in order to more effectively fight against those who would oppose him. While on his quest he gained the aid of the Contractor of Jack the Ripper and made an enemy of the other two Clans.
Name- Scarab

Contractor- Frankenstein

Main Draw- Envy

Ability- Reconstruct: Using ancient knowledge Scarab can bring the dead back to life as her own personal army, controlling their more complicated thoughts and directing them to battle.

Alliance- Leader of Clan Helix

Backstory- After forming her contract Scarab went on to use her new abilities to sell a number of new medicines on the market, all the while using her contacts within the medical world to create an army for the battles to come in the Game. She joined forces with the Contractor of Werewolf and Rip Van Winkle.

Name- Eli

Contractor- Dracula

Main Draw- Pride

Ability- Ruler of Dark- While not being touched by the rays of the sun Eli can perform the feats of ancient vampires, super speed, shape shifting, and many others.

Alliance- Leader of Clan Malik

Backstory- After claiming the power of Dracula Eli retreated toward a castle hidden in another land, allowed the Contractor of Geppetto to build her an army for the Game ahead. She is currently the one in charge of the Tower of Solomon, and had the ability to release those trapped within before the timer runs out.
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