Flipside Podcast Project

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Flipside Podcast Project

Postby Lordxana0 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:05 am

So I posted in Victin's Co-writing thing that I have had an idea for a sort of horror podcast story type thing for awhile now, called 'Tales from the Flipside' or 'Flipside Stories'. It basically involves a narrator named Jester telling the listeners about a story where a creature, item, or something else from a horrifying alternate dimension called Flipside bleeds through and causes some kind of havoc. The episode begins and ends with Jester giving a short monologue about the story before warning the listening to keep their eyes out for things from the Flipside.

I will post an example story in a couple of days, but in order to make this work we are going to need a few things.

First being writers of course, people who want to expand their boundaries into a little bit of horror or surreal writing. Not everything needs to be pants wetting, sometimes just making people think is enough.

Second we need narrators, people who will do the voice of Jester, and if we have enough people maybe even do a fully voiced kind of deal for each story. Like different people doing the lines for different characters.

Third we need someone with some skill at editing audio. Because we want it to sound good and maybe throw in a few bits of music.

We probably need more stuff, but for now that is the bare bones of it. If you are interested in the idea lets talk about it here and bang out some of the details.
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Re: Flipside Podcast Project

Postby IslaKariese on Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:58 pm

The title sounds like it would be a cousin of Sideways Stories of Wayside School, except in horror. I like. I've done some scary stories in the past, and with some effort, I've been told they're actually an entertaining read. I think I'd need a theme or prompt, though, since I've never been able to pull a decent story out of thin air.
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