FNAF's Badly Translated Phone Message.

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FNAF's Badly Translated Phone Message.

Postby The Wild West Pyro on Fri Jun 05, 2015 4:02 am

So, on the official Five Nights At Freddy's subreddit, there's a trend where the phone call from the very 1st Night of FNAF 1 gets translated. Badly. Really, really, badly.

I decided to make one myself, and here is the result of the Night 1 phone call being put through a bad translator 10 times. Enjoy!

(If people are OK with this, I'll try and do the other 4 phone calls.)


"Hi, how are you? I wanted to write to you information to help you to enter a string from the first night. My work here. I don't understand last week, now really. Thus, it can be a bit difficult, I know, but I will tell you nothing about it is great. Thus, our focus is on how to survive the first week. do you agree?"

"Well, what we see, first comes the introduction. Hello, the company that you want to read. Yes, it is like a right to know. Hmm, Welcome to Freddy Fazbear pizza. With your imagination and fun for children and adults, which is a magical place. Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for damage caused to property or person. If you discover damage or death, it's not enough, 90 days, or within a very short period of time, completely clean and color and carpet."

"Wait-blah-blah, now it seems that it's bad, I know, but it's really not something, uh, e-players, it's a little sketchy at night, but it was my fault? So, If you have never been in the bathroom for twenty years, even if I the same stupid song? I am very uncomfortable night. Remember that these characters are in my heart, my children, and we have to respect that.? everything is in ORDER."

"It's just that you know that these signs tend to go a little, uh, we are left with a free roaming mode, go to bed, um...something about them would be to close the door, if they are already in prison. EM, as it allows during the day. But after the bite of 87 years. he. Interestingly, the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?"

"Now, with regard to security, it is too dangerous to visit this night, if the correct answer is that these characters, so if you see in an hour, maybe, I don't know you as a person. P-I think the voice of her dress and without a metal frame. It is against the rules, this is Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Freddy Fazbear suit...told, I think I'll try something. Now, as scientists on the face, especially around the cross, beams, cables and any other mechanical devices, so it's not bad. Well, somebody in the head with the force pressed, it can cause a bit of discomfort... and death I can imagine. But, maybe you can't see the light of day, one of the mules, when they are run before the eyes and teeth."

"Yes, when he entered the story. But this is my first day should be easy. We're talking about tomorrow, you can check the guest room door, and only when you really need to know is that we need to protect the power. Well, good night."
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Re: FNAF's Badly Translated Phone Message.

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:39 pm

This is neat. :)
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