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Re: RPG Character Sheets

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:57 pm

Name: Jonathan Hawkin

Age: Physically, about 24. He's at least a hundred years older than that, though, and doesn't age.

Weapons: He carries a dagger, though it's not primarily for offensive purposes. For attack, he relies more on his...

  1. Fire: He can conjure and cast fire. However, this is a power he has to use with care and good aim, since fire is very harmful to him.
  2. Summons: He can, and usually does, call into being a ghostly-in-appearance but corporeal animal, which is totally under his control and is generally suited to attacking his enemies. In theory, he can Summon any animal, but in practice, he defaults to his Hawk (it's actually more of a falcon, but he and his friends call it a Hawk because of the pun on his name) or, to a much lesser extent, a pardalus (Latin for a panther or other great cat-- in this context, it's "larger than a lion, built like a tiger, colourless as a panther"-- but don't expect him to Summon it, or anything other than the Hawk, unless he's got a good reason).
  3. Nether realms: He can transport himself with a thought to a different plane of existence called the nether-realms, and from there with a thought back to any specific location of his choosing in the real world. In theory, this allows him to pull himself out of a tight spot or to apparently teleport; in practice, it's something of a gamble, since a) time passes differently there, so the switch can never be instantaneous; b) he has serious enemies living there; and c) after spending any amount of time in the nether-realms, he has to let blood shortly after or he'll get... uh, ill (that's why he carries the dagger).
  4. Sight: He sees with his power, not his eyes (which is good, since physically he's blind); he can sense everything that's around him, the shape and location of it, what it looks like. Since it's magic, not physical eyes, doing the seeing, he sees what's really there-- behind him just as much as in front, provided it's within his range-- and can't be fooled by illusion.

Hawkin is dedicated to fighting evil, if only to prevent himself from becoming it. He doesn't need to eat, although he likes to; the only things that can actually harm or kill him are fire, and prolonged exposure to the tainting influences in the nether-realms (which he counteracts by letting blood which he then burns from a safe distance). He dresses casually, and generally covers the two black holes in his face where eyes should be with a sleek blindfold or a pair of dark glasses.
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Re: RPG Character Sheets

Postby Guyshane on Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:00 am


Name: Remy LeBeau “Gambit”

Weapon: Collapsible bo staff


-Ability to charge any inorganic object by changing its potential energy to kinetic thus making it explosive

-Hypnotic charm which allows for subtle influence which does not affect those who already know about it

-Slightly greater than human strength and agility

-”Death” personality: Gambit was once a horse man of Apocalypse. The technology used to transform him into this being has not left his system. As such he can switch to this being at will (although not necessarily back at will). In this form he can create and control poisonous substances

Age: um.....25-30 (I'm not sure)
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