Floating Castle - Character Sheets

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Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby Pixelmage on Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:33 pm

All comments, questions and whatnot should be taken to the discussion thread.

--- Character Sheet Model ---
Guild: [Solo or Guild Name. If in doubt, create a Solo. You can always join a guild later.]
Role: [Fighter, Scout or Mage]
  • One handed weapon [Shield Optional] ~ Swords, axes, clubs, short spears. Shields are optional if you want to have them.
  • Two handed weapon ~ Spears, greatswords and overall big melee weapons. Mage Staves and the like also included.
  • Bow & Arrow ~ Ammo is limited, but don't bother keeping track of exact values, just use a quiver and be reasonable.
  • Throwing Knives ~ Limited amount, remember to keep a few for melee emergencies.
  • Fighter
    • Scout
      • Mage ~ Pick two.
        • Fire
        • Ice
        • Lightning
        • Healing
      Appearance & Personality:

      OOC ~ Preferred Pairings: If you guys have any preferences as to who you want to be paired with, for whatever reason, nominate them here or relay the information to Qara or Eli so that we can assign you as closely to your choices as possible, regardless of in-character personality. Everyone can play with everyone they want to.

      Appearance tweaks don't really matter. If you want your knives to be Kunai, while someone else wants Kitchen Knives, all it matters is that they are knives and they are being thrown. No effect advantage will be given to either side.

      A note on Powers: Fighters and Scouts will only get powers through gameplay, due to natural combat proficiency. Mages start with some manner of power in order to be capable of standing on their own. In order to allow more freedom of choice (as is the case with weapon choice) new characters can either pick powers from the default list, or choose to talk to Qara-Xuan Zenith or eli_gone_crazy about an original power idea.
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Tohrinha on Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:19 am

      Name: Mirae
      Guild: Solo
      Role: Mage
      Weapon: Throwing Knives
      • Lightning
      • Healing
      Appearance & Personality: Short, rather young girl, who enjoys playing with lightning perhaps a bit more than is advisable. Carries hidden knives about her, at least two ready to throw at a time, more ready for melee.
      Quests and Rewards, etc.
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Blurred_9L on Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:12 am

      Name: Darren
      Guild: The Severed Claws Still up for solo if Pix needs it though
      Role: Scout
      Weapon: Throwing Knives
      Appearance & Personality: Nervous, but stubborn, he is a person that usually stays away from conflict and strife, though he can still put up a fight in case the situation calls for it. Not particularly tall or short, he's got a skinny complexion. He prefers non-violent solutions to problems, the knives are just a self defense precaution in case things go wrong.
      Completed Quests: 3
      • Quest 1: Wizard seeks food... badly
      • Quest 8: Tiny Emissary
      • Quest 16: Trouble-seeking
      • Quest 21: Stepping on pictures
      • Quest 28: Special Delivery
      • Quest 36: What they say about curiousity
      • Quest 41: Water world

      Underground Quests:
      • Dull armory.

      • Wolf pelt
      • Magnet Dagger
      • Shortsword (stuck on a stone...)
      • Assassins' Badge
      • Rage Amulet (broken)
      • Library card
      • Mask
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby narrativedilettante on Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:54 pm

      Name: Giselle
      Guild: Phantom Thieves Anonymous
      Role: Scout
      Weapon: Bow & Arrow
      Backup Weapon: Daggers
      Appearance & Personality: Giselle is timid and uncomfortable around people she doesn't know very well. She has mousy, tousled hair and a shy smile. People tend not to notice her, and she likes it that way. She's quiet and sneaky, but to those who have earned her loyalty she is a steadfast friend.
      Completed Quests: 2
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Endless Sea on Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:50 pm

      Name: Alexander Curtiss.
      Guild: None (occasionally has a group of friends he works with)
      Role: Scout
      Weapon: Throwing knives, but shaped to be good for climbing as well as throwing; crystal hiking stick
      Powers: N/A
      Appearance: Male, early twenties; thin, lean build; light-colored skin. Dressed in grey clothing that, while not exactly tight-fitting, is unlikely to easily get caught on anything, including hard leather boots and gloves; also wears a small light brown satchel on his back for carrying random stuff he needs. Short, meticulously groomed (artificially) gray hair; gray eyes; facial features in general have your typical anime bishonen-ish look to them. Oh, and he’s got a red headband with these weird symbols on them in gold that don’t actually do anything. :P
      Personality: Loud, cocky, and energetic. When idle, almost never stops talking or fiddling with one of his knives. Bores easily. Loves physical exertion and takes pride in his abilities. Cuts down on the smugness and talking when working and values speed and efficiency, but isn't above taking the scenic route if he can afford to waste some time.

      Completed Quests:

      • Underground: 2 (Cartography?, Perfectly Safe Survey)
      • Normal: 3 (Wizard Needs Food Badly, You're STILL All Gonna Die!, Stay Hydrated)
      • Boss: 1 (Granite Gate Guardian)

      Rewards: wolfpelt jacket, magic detector crystal, crystal hiking pole, several tomes from an Underground city, extra-durable compact armor, a weird plushie of some sort, a potion of indeterminate function, ???
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Guyshane on Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:12 pm

      Name: Marcus
      Guild: Storm and Drive
      Role: Fighter
      Weapon: (formerly) 2-handed spear, (currently) 1-handed flanged mace
      Appearance: A rather large man with blonde hair and beard
      Personality: Marcus prefers the non-violent solution if at all possible. He will often try to talk or bribe his way out of bad situations but he's no slouch at fighting if it comes to that

      Completed Quests:3
      Quest 0 :Moo
      Quest 6:Rampaging Beast
      Quest 16:Trouble-seeking
      Quest 18: Knocking on the wrong door.

      Item list:
      I now have a horse, named Binky
      gunpowder pouch
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:04 pm

      Name: Ben
      Guild: Severed Storm
      Role: Fighter
      Weapon: Broadsword. The shield is generally only for decorative purposes. Secondary weapon: shortbow.
      Appearance & Personality: Ben has reddish-orange hair, which she generally keeps long but tied back, and hazel eyes. She's slim but well-muscled, and can pass for a short man when she wants to. Ben has the fiery personality to match her fiery hair-- quick to anger (and quick to snark), very protective of people she cares about, and with a longing for adventure. She takes her knighthood very seriously-- a good deal more seriously than she takes her princess-hood (it's best not to mention it, along with her full name, unless you want her to hate you). Although she prefers to deal with problems she can hit with sticks, she's learned from a good teacher how to deal with more cerebral problems, ranging from riddles to diplomacy. Well, riddles, anyway; she hates diplomacy, and will grumble a lot if forced to do it.

      Best I can find for an image:

      Completed Quests:
      • Quest 3: Greed
      • Underground Quest 4: Engram
      • Underground Quest 5: All Hail The King
      • Special Event 1: Mooving Up
      • Quest 12: Human Emissary
      • Quest 17: You're All Gonna Die
      • Underground Quest 10: Vermin Lord
      • Quest 21: Stepping on Pictures
      • Quest 27: Flower Land
      • Underground Quest 12: Dazed And Confused
      • Boss fight 3: War Is Dying
      • Special Event 4: Lost
      • Quest 43: Freaky Friday

      OOC ~ Preferable Pairings: Adell, Sicon, Pixie, Mimsy, Blur, Pixie, Dilly, Eli, Isla, Tohr, Pixie, Jack, Russ.
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Adell on Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:13 pm

      --- Character Sheet Model ---
      Name: Hector Erastus
      Guild: The Severed Claws; a guild that Hector has started himself and currently looking for members. The stated goal of the guild is to take on dangerous creatures both to protect innocent lives and for the thrill/challenge.
      Role: Fighter
      Weapon: Claymore (2-handed weapon type)
      Powers: N/A
      Appearance & Personality: Hector stands at well above six fee. Though his exact height is unknown, he is clearly one of the tallest adventurer in the fc. This odd fact is only matched with his unusual dark green hair. He looks to be a young looking man in his early twenties, though his build definitely suggests he is an adventurer with his iron clad armor protecting his legs and arms. The large sword leaning against his shoulder looks light in his capable hands, and a confident look burns within his brown eyes.

      Hector is a man with a good heart, willing to fight for the innocent and those he cares about. A bit on the simple minded side, he has a tendency to get involved in every little problem brought to his attention (chronic hero syndrome). He does this both to follow his own self made code of honor to always help those in need, but also to seek out bigger and greater challenges for him to overcome and better himself as a warrior. What caused him to hold these ideals, and personality is only known to himself, though judging from the man's scarred body, he has seen and been to many different places and battles.

      At some point in his travels, he went to the country of Lamada and on it's shore discovered the Greatsword "Ivory," a sword that he holds a special affection for reasons of his own; he claims it to be the "love of his life." Some claim the green haired devil and his sword have some sort of special connection that allows him to be so monstrous with his weapon. However, the sword carries far more importance that it initially seemed as a swordsman from Hector's past, Luca, has attempted to retrieve the weapon claiming it as his own.

      He generally puts the lives of others ahead of himself, which means he needs to be tough to take the punches for them when the time comes. Not exactly that smart of a guy, he usually relies more on his charisma and passion for peaceful solutions to problems, otherwise he just let’s his sword or fists do the talking. While obviously no genius, he has adventured long enough to be quite savvy with traps and basic enemy tactics. A good fighter on the field, but not the kind of guy you’d ask to help with some ancient puzzle doodad. Not that he would decline if you asked him to.

      Completed Quests:
      • 1.Greed.
      • 2.Visitors From Above (Part 1)

      Completed Underground Quests:
      • 1.Tempting Fate

      Hector facing off against his mysterious opponent.
      HectorvsLuca.png (2.7 KiB) Viewed 14079 times
      Hector's Appearance
      MarcusSprite.png (1.92 KiB) Viewed 14413 times
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby AMimsyBorogove on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:00 am


      Name: Seire "Kaitou" Valefar
      Guild: A guild that allows ONLY kleptomaniacs, known as "Phantom Thieves Anonymous." Naturally, he's the head of it.

      Role: Scout, or, as he prefers, Thief.

      Weapon: Seire's weapon of choice, pictured above, is a black and white colored hand and a half longblade the design of which seems like some sort of mashup between a katana and a cavalry saber. It's essentially a single-edged, curved longsword, though.

      Oh. And he also has one more weapon of choice: a pair of scissors he found, which he claims are cursed for no real reason at all. He just decided that they were.

      Powers: N/A

      Appearance & Personality: A tall young man, standing at a total height of six feet, Seire has a fairly formidable build that clashes with his somewhat relaxed demeanor. With short, straight, unkempt black hair, tanned skin, and bright golden eyes, Seire always seems to be in his element. He's the sort of person who is both charming and suspicious from the very moment one meets him. With an eagerness and hot-blooded attitude shrouded only by his calm, cheerful, somewhat clueless facade, Seire is both charismatic and yet at the same time highly untrustworthy.

      His usual outfit consists of an overly casual and at the same time completely absurd ensemble. A pair of leather leggings and a sleeveless leather shirt form his basic outfit, over which he wears his trademark fur-lined, four-tailed gold, black, and white trench coat. Right now, the gauntlet and boots shown in the picture aren't present, instead being simple leather gear. Over his back he wears a sheath for his long, curved sword, but that's about the only accessory he had aside from his epic coat.

      Completed Quests: No Man's Land.
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby jacktheriffer on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:10 am

      Name: Riffe (not very creative, but eh....)
      Guild: Solo
      Role: Mage
      Weapon: Staff
      Powers: Fire and Ice
      Appearance & Personality: He wears a faded grey robe, with a hood that seems to cast a shadow over his face, even in broad daylight, although some of his brownish hair sticks out of it. He is tall and slim, and thus is very agile when he moves. His presence gives off an intimidating air, and he rarely speaks, but when he does, it is usually brief. (yeah, I'm not very good at descriptions)
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Sicon112 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:47 am

      --- Character Sheet ~ Sicon112 ---

      Konrad Schweinorg.png
      Konrad Schweinorg.png (145.69 KiB) Viewed 14348 times

      Name: Konrad Schweinorg, or Kurt for short.

      Guild: Solo

      Role: Fighter


      Dao.jpg (15.24 KiB) Viewed 14131 times

      • Chinese Dao Short-Sword: A short, curved blade with a ring for the pommel and black leather wrapping on the hilt. It is made of flexible steel, and is very durable. He keeps it sheathed horizontally across his back underneath his shroud. (NOTE: Lost underwater in the lake on the second floor.)
      • High Tensile Steel Cable: A long length of steel cable. Extremely tough, it is able to take a very large amount of punishment without being damaged. Kurt has proven to be extremely dangerous with this weapon. Utilizing the battlefield awareness granted him by his Eye of Mind (True), he can battle against multiple opponents in an unpredictable manner, turning the terrain and enemy placement to his advantage. To Kurt, however, his wire is not merely a weapon, but a means of transportation, and by keeping it on his person, his field of movement opens up significantly.

      Other Equipment:

      • Golden Crucifix Necklace: A large golden cross on a chain. It is the symbol of an Executor in the field, and looks very similar to that a priest might wear. Those without specific knowledge of the Executors are unable to correctly attribute it to that group. The cross has a minor blessing on it, but that does very little other than change its designation from that of a normal item to a holy one. This has a very small effects, but nothing major. Things it considers abominations, such as undead or demonic beings, will experience discomfort upon contact, usually manifesting in burns, but this is not a powerful effect, and can be overridden easily. The sight of it was enough to calm wandering souls so that they could move on to the afterlife, though not really because of any inherent power within it, but rather because it was a 'holy' type object. Anything classified as a holy symbol would have done the same. Kurt can also use it as a focus for holy-type abilities, such as blessing holy water, should he so choose. It doesn't do much else.
      • Saint's Holy Shroud: A long, flowing red cloak, blessed by a powerful saint. It was given to him as a reward for outstanding skill, even by the standards of the Executors. The cloak's holy power is passive, but it exerts itself on the area around him, assisting him in small ways, such as clearing fog out of his line of sight so that he can see more clearly. However, malevolent magic that comes into contact with it or Kurt will incite active resistance as the holy power of the shroud struggles to overcome whatever unholy power is attacking it. If it comes out on top, the other magic is destroyed, but sufficient power can break its defense with little trouble. Damage to the fabric is not any harder than it would be with a normal cloak, however, and the more damaged it is, the less powerful. It must be repaired and have the blessings on it reinforced to return to its normal status. Its blessings were most recently renewed by the monks in the cathedral after the defeat of the Kobold raiding party, but after Kurt's defeat on the second floor, it was badly damaged and he currently wears the remnants as a scarf, with significantly less power. Should he get a chance, it can still be restored to its original form by returning to the cathedral.
      • Black Book: A recreation of a book he once carried as an executor via Scarlet's ability to reproduce written material. The book, bound in black leather and string, has 813 individual pages, and each one can be transformed with a pulse of magical energy into a Blade of Sacrament. Kurt is not actually capable of using all of them at once, and in fact, would run out of energy if he tried to use very many at all. The few he can summon are the ones engraved with the Interment and Cremation rights, which are the simplest of the knives, and thus the easiest to use. The large number of pages is simply to ensure that he never is found without a weapon.


      • Executor Combat Skills: Recovering. This allows him some measure of experience-based Combat Precognition. He still recalls many of his advanced blade techniques, but as of now all bladed weapons relying on this skill other than his dao are dropped by one level due to lack of use, and other weapons are dropped by two. Due to constant front-line combat since he entered the castle, some physical skills are returning slowly, and he has once again unlocked the ability to channel small bursts of magic through objects, allowing for the creation of Blades of Sacrament from paper, and the ability to reel in his cables to drag him places.

        • Eye of Mind (True): B-

          Essentially, Combat Precognition due to an excess of experience fighting things much faster, stronger, and all around more deadly than himself. It has been a long time since he used this skill, and so it has degraded significantly. At the current time, it allows for heightened feats of awareness while in combat, allowing him to deal with multiple opponents at one time more easily, something that is extremely hard for a swordsman. Against creatures of low or no intelligence, he is capable of predicting their path to an extent, and luring them into doing what he wants. Those of high intelligence and skill are mostly beyond his prediction, but this ability still helps his reaction speeds somewhat.

        • Dao Short-Sword Proficiency: A
        • One-Handed Straight-Sword Proficiency: B
        • Two-Handed Straight-Sword Proficiency: B-
        • Rapier Proficiency: B
        • Curved Blade Proficiency: B+
        • Katana Proficiency: B


        • Staff Proficiency: C
        • Garrote Wire Proficiency: EX
      • Holy Sacrament of Blessing: Level 2

        Can bless water to give it healing properties, and cause it to damage or ward off undead/unholy beings. He usually stores it in special vials that he keeps on his person. Up until now, he was only able to carry one at a time, because he only had the one vial he managed to recover from the Underground. After he visited the Cathedral, he has been able to restock and now carries a couple of the vials wherever he goes. Recently, he, with the help of three other church members, used this sacrament to bless an entire waterfall and the river that flowed from it in order to defeat nearly three hundred ghosts. While he was able to pull off this monumental task, he was incapacitated by the strain, even though it was spread across four people.

        With recent practice in the skill, he has recovered some of his former abilities, specifically, instead of healing water he can now activate, with an optional short delay, a dark-creature-destroying explosive blast with minor physical attack power from any previously enchanted water.

      • Blades of Sacrament: Level 1

        Executors must be on guard at all times, including times where they are not supposed to appear armed. To assist with this, the magic relics known as the Blades of Sacrament were invented. Only able to be wielded by Executors with at least some physical capability for magic, even though the required power would make a true mage scoff, the blades are magic constructs able to be created at will from prepared sheets of parchment by any who were previously taught the spell. The blades are severely damaging against creatures of darkness, and can be used to incapacitate and render motionless a person via their shadow, symbolic of pinning the darkness in their hearts. The most dangerous use of the blades are the Burial Rites. Kurt only retains enough power to use the blades imbued with the most common two Rites, however.

        • Rite of Internment: When activated by touching the knife embedded into an enemy, or by touching something attached to it, like a cable, the target is immediately petrified, a stone transmutation spreading from wherever the knife struck across the body within a few moments.
        • Rite of Cremation: Activated in the same manner as all Burial Rites, the target is consumed by intense, single-target flames that reduce it to ash. Only applicable to living or dark creatures.

      Appearance & Personality: A very aloof and sarcastic man, he has some ties to the guild of his acquaintance Kaito, and while he is not technically a current member, Kaito considers him an honorary member. He is also a former member of the Executors, an elite demon hunting force employed by the Church. However, it's been two years since he was an active agent for them, despite the fact that he wears the gold cross that is a symbol of field agents in their order. His cloak was a gift he received for being top of his class, and functions as a minor holy shroud. As to why he is allowed into a guild strictly for kleptomaniacs, he will not elaborate on the subject. Does he have a hidden dark side? Who knows...

      Actually, he is an extremely successful con artist, a term on which he insists quite vehemently. He will have you know that all of his stunts are works of art, and if you say otherwise, well...

      Completed Quests:

      • Underground: 2

        • Impossibru!
        • All Hail the King!
      • Normal: 4

        • Quest #27: Flower Land
        • Quest #44: Catch More Flies
        • Quest #53: Entirely Peopled By Criminals
        • Quest #61: Resolution
      • Boss: 1

        • Visitors From Above ~ Part 2

      Glossary of Letter Rankings:

      • F: Complete incompetence.
      • E: Passing knowledge.
      • D: Basic capability.
      • C: Some training/ability.
      • B: High level of skill.
      • A: Near mastery.
      • EX: Unquantifiable. Impossible to classify for one reason or another, such as the skill relying on another to be properly useful.
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Scarab on Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:18 am

      Name: Tamar Delaney

      Guild: Storm and Drive
      Role: Fighter/Mage
      Weapon: Sword.
      Powers: Magical ability: Fire enchantment. Extremely limited thus far, in that he only seems capable of accessing this latent magic via channeling it through his sword, Echo. The technique appears not to work without that particular weapon, however the sword itself is not enchanted. That this technique is perhaps not a normal kind of magic is slowly making itself clear.

      Appearance & Personality: Fourteen year old Tamar has been a bit of a disappointment to most people up to now. Last born to a family of powerful (and not exactly nice) mages, he was also the first of their line to be born without magic. As such he was pretty much ostracised from a young age, considered worthless to one of their ilk. He was only too glad to leave and has been ‘hopping around’, as he calls it, ever since, unwilling to stay in one place for too long out of some consistent fear of eventually being rejected anyway.
      Becoming a fighter was a strange jump for him because... well, look at the guy, he’s hardly built for the job, but he works hard to achieve his goal. Tamar is rather shy and quiet until you get to know him. Kind and a little on the panicky side, he’ll likely apologise in the process of kicking your arse... provided he actually figures out how to DO that.

      He kinda has a song associated with him in my head now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpuqfPwovIA

      Completed Quests:
      • Visitors from Above – Part Three, alongside Eliziya Torvantine (Agoraoptera)
      • The bear's name is Bear - Alongside Hector Erastus (Adell)
      • Underground Quest: The Vermin Lord - Alongside Ben and Hector Erastus (Qara Xuan Zenith and Adell)
      • The one Who Isn't My Ally - Alongside Genevieve Hunter (Jack Alsworth)
      • Rite of Passage - Alongside Likovya (Russet Divinity)
      • Topsy Turvy - Alongside Salvantas Londgium (Lordxana) - Failed
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby agoraoptera on Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:27 am

      Name: Eliziya Torvantine
      Guild: Sturm Und Drang
      Role: Mage
      Weapon: Staff
      Powers: Fire and Healing
      Appearance & Personality: Long black hair, average height, soft features. Timid and quiet (except when she’s talking to herself or her sister) but suffers from echolalia, making conversation a pain in the neck.
      Completed Quests: None.
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby eli_gone_crazy on Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:49 am

      Eli’s Character:
      Name: Anjali Torvantine
      Guild: Storm and Drive
      Role: Scout
      Weapon: Throwing knives
      Powers: none for the moment.
      Appearance & Personality: red hair, smaller than average height, soft features. Loud and reckless, Anjali acts as a mediator between her sister Eliziya and the rest of the world. She started the guild “Storm and Drive”, to help those who need it, while also being free to do other...things. She’s always ready to lend a hand, if she thinks you need it of course.
      Completed Quests: 2
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Victin on Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:10 am

      Name: Morionem
      Role: Mage
      Weapon: Sword (w/ a wooden handle) and a Polished Wooden Shield
      Powers: Healing and Lightning
      • Magic Sense ~ Artifacts: The ability to detect enchantments in artifacts, asides from the ability to track the artifacts themselves.
      Appearance & Personality: Short and spiky black hair, tall. Outgoing, but not very smart.
      Completed Quests: 4
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Pixelmage on Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:03 pm

      Name: Julius Valerian (formerly known as Fade)
      Guild: Storm and Drive
      Role: Fighter
      Weapon: A simple longsword and a replica of his Royal Guard longsword.
      • Metal Sense: Discipline ~ Conveys the ability to focus on the task and goals at hand, ignoring pain, fatigue and injures that might divert such attention. It doesn't stop or hinder the damage, only makes it so Julius ignores the pain to keep performing as if uninjured. At this point, only minor wounds can be ignored.
      Appearance & Personality: Tall and slim, slightly long hair that can fall to cover his face while being not quite shoulder length. He tends to act like a fool and avoid direct confrontations. In truth that behavior is a facade, as he is quite a bit smarter than he appears and a competent swordsman. He acquired a simple hooded cloak to assist in his disguise, currently rather ragged. Took part in a strange event involving a temple with emerald doors. As far as he is aware, he and his companion in that adventure repeated their life through that day for a number of times, most others remain skeptical at the story.

      During the events that led to the acquisition of his second sword, he got imprisoned by the City Guard, under direct orders from Legias herself...
      Completed Quests: 3.
      • Riot Squad
      • Déja Vu Day
      • The True Self
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Lordxana0 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:43 am

      Name: Salvantas Londgium (Mr. Blanks)
      Role: Scout
      Weapon: Throwing Knives and Iron Claws
      Guild: Heroes Unlimited: A unique guild of the worst scum and monsters in the universe... all come together to help save the world in any way necessary. There are only two rules for joining. Be willing to do whatever it takes to save the world, and never kill the innocent.
      Appearance & Personality: Image

      Salvantas is a rather fun young man who enjoys getting himself into trouble and just having fun with life. He uses throwing knives which he keeps on the inside of his coat in combat. He prefers to refrain from killings humans and other living beings preferring to use his knives to stab through pressure points and stop his targets from moving at all. However if he is cut and sees himself bleeding his mind snaps and the other half of his personality comes in.

      Mr. Blanks is a cold hearted killer. He will never kill an enemy quickly, preferring slow agonizing deaths to those who cross him. He is a skilled martial artist that strikes and pressure points to make the enemies body bend to his will and give him more time to work on his art. He is cold and calculating and if he fights an enemy for long enough he will find a way to kill it, one way or the other.
      Completed Quests:
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby IslaKariese on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:49 pm

      Well, Pixie, you've got me. I caved. ;) Here we go:

      Name: Pan, aka Timpani Aria Saterne
      Guild: Solo
      Role: Mage
      Weapon: Staff
      • Lightning
      • Healing
      Appearance & Personality: Pixie-like in stature, with a tendency to wear more masculine outfits simply because it's far more practical than what women are expected to wear back at home. She'll wear more feminine clothes if she must, but for anything that's not a special occasion, you'll see her in boys' clothes. It doesn't help that her blonde hair is cut in a boyish cap, that she wears bulky goggles that tend to hide her bright green eyes (the only obviously feminine part of her face), or that she keeps her chest wrapped. For practicality.

      She is a very hard worker, and is very physically fit. Her small stature leads other to underestimate her even when they think she's male, but one of her favorite things to do is show off her fluidity in fighting, the power behind her moves, the strength that she can display, and generally anything that leaves nay-sayers with their jaws hanging open.

      Her weapon of choice is also a family heirloom, a hooked shepherd's staff given to her by her father years ago. Its age is obvious, but the wood is the strongest they could find and has lasted for centuries. There were very few magic-users in her family and she is in fact the first mage in about five generations, but they had used the staff as tools in their spellcasting as she does now.

      She is headstrong, stubborn, and quick to lose her temper, but she is also rather smart and can be quite diplomatic when the situation calls for it. As a magic-user in a magic-less family, she is quicker to use physical means of fighting than magical, but her lightning spells most definitely pack a punch, and she is a gifted healer, though she works hard at becoming even more proficient.

      Completed Quests: Rampaging Beast

      Collected Rewards: Behemoth Horn

      OOC ~ Preferable Pairings: Here's lookin' at you, Pixie. ;)
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby JackAlsworth on Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:20 pm

      Name: Genevieve Hunter

      Guild: Solo [potentially LFG]

      Role: Scout

      Weapon: Kobold Blackwood Bow

      Appearance & Personality: A lightly-built woman, with shoulder-length dark hair that she keeps tied back to prevent it interfering with her vision. She spends most of her time listening and thinking. A lifetime spent near the edge of the society has made her uncomfortable around other people; she prefers to be alone, but understands the value of loyalty and companionship. While her self-confidence occasionally wavers, she is persistent to a fault, and rarely shifts her goals once she sets her sights on a target.

      Completed Quests:

      • The Floor is Lava (Quest 5)
      • Don't Rock the Boa- Er, Castle (Quest 13)
      • The One who isn't my Ally (Quest 20)
      • Kindergarten (Quest 35)
      • Floor 3 Boss Fight
      • Freaky Friday (Quest 43)
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby RationalThought on Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:38 pm

      Name: Lovia Tevinter
      Guild: Solo
      Role: Mage
      Weapon: Longsword
      Powers: Ice, Healing
      Appearance & Personality: Image
      (But with more human-like eyes and lips)

      Lovia is a shy, quiet girl who usually has her nose buried in a book. She generally keeps to herself, and dislikes loud and obnoxious behavior that disrupts her focus. She speaks little, and is sometimes thought of as 'cold' - this is untrue, as anyone who actually gets to know her can attest. Born to a family of mages, Anastasya quickly absorbed herself in her studies. She has few freinds (largely due to her quietness and lack of self-confidence) but is fiercely protective of those who she genuinely cares about. She prefers to think before committing to any long-term goal.

      Completed Quests:


      Preferrable Pairings: Tohrinra (Mirae) if it's at all possible. :)
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Duke_Vulberon on Sat May 04, 2013 11:58 pm

      Name: Victor

      Guild: Solo (but looking for employment)

      Role: Mage (Lightning and Ice)

      Weapon: A sturdy steel staff 5 feet in length. Two copper weights cap either end connected by a line of the material running the length of the staff.

      Appearance & Personality: Victor is an ex military general who despite his age (51) still holds a strong presence and good posture. He keeps his silvery grey hair well groomed at a few inches in length and combed back with the back barely brushing the top of his collar. He’s commonly known to wear his old generals coat, a dull green jacket adorned with once bright embroidery and leather bracers incorporated into the sleeves. Being rather fit and fairly active due to his proud nature, he regularly injures himself in the midst of actions better suited for younger men. He enjoys playfully arguing with anyone who doesn’t get overly offended and will accept any proper challenge. Tactically he is almost always able to gain the upper hand, whether in battle or in conversation, and hates when he is out played.

      Completed Quests:
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby Krika on Sun May 05, 2013 10:07 pm


      Name: Fern (It's not his name, but it's what he goes by)

      Guild: Loreknights

      Role: Mage

      Weapon: Staff - kinda. He doesn't have combat training, so while he nominally has one as a tool, he doesn't really know how to use it in combat.

      • Summon: He has two creatures whose essences he has made bargains with, and that he can summon with an appropriate ritual, generally taking about 10 minutes to perform, while the creatures stick around for a couple hours before leaving (their bodies fall apart), and can only be summoned once per day, and Fern can only have one summoned at a time.
        • Mandora: A humanoid plant-like creature about a yard tall, with several long fronds that it uses like whips. It can exude a hallucinogenic substance from it's fronds, which also function as decent grasping tools. Summoned creating a small figure out of poisonous plants, and fusing it with his blood.
        • Nethis: A fiery bird-like creature, whose feathers appear to always be burning. Downside is it can't actually touch anything without risking setting it on fire (and it burns a bit hotter than normal flame). Upside....it sets stuff on fire. It can expend all of it's energy in a burst of fire, but that automatically ends the summon. Summoned by burning bird bits (beak, feathers, bones, the easily preservable things, so not organs or anything disgusting) in a fire.

      • Faster Casting
      • Basic Hand Signs

      Appearance & Personality: He has dark hair and blue eyes, and is of medium height without much muscle in his frame. Fern is a pretty laid back person, pursuing various pieces of knowledge as he finds things interesting. His current kick is the odd environs of the Floating Castle, so he doesn't exactly have any specific goal aside from researching into the odd latent magics floating around. He wears fairly standard robes, although ones that are actually practical, and don't restrict his movements. They do, however, have pockets. Lots, and lots of pockets, most of which are filled with things (and this is on top of his satchel). He doesn't even remember what's in most of them, he just picks up stuff that catches his interest while investigating things, and then either researches it more or forgets about it.

      Completed Quests:
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby SpiritfChaos on Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:39 pm

      Name: Nicholas Keyes
      Guild: Solo
      Role: Scout
      Weapon: Short sword
      Powers: N/A
      Appearance & Personality: A young man with short black hair and green eyes, Nick is rather average of height and gangly of stature. What he lacks in strength and intimidation, he compensates for in speed and an uncanny ability to go unnoticed in even the smallest of crowds. Despite his tendency to avoid people, he's a very friendly person who tries to make friends with just about everyone who doesn't try to kill him.
      Completed Quests: N/A
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby RussetDivinity on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:06 pm

      Name: Likovya
      Guild: Solo
      Role: Scout
      Weapon: Throwing knives - A few along her belt (she always tries to save at least one for a melee) and a small one strapped to each ankle for emergencies.
      Powers: N/A
      Appearance & Personality: Small and young, with short black hair. She is short and slender and tends to dress in dark, tight-fitting clothes so she doesn't stand out too much in the shadows. She is quiet and quick, but her personality sometimes gets in the way of stealth. She can be overenthusiastic in joy, despair, and anger alike, and while she is generally a good person, she has her own code of honor. If it clashes with another's, she will value her own above theirs.
      Completed Quests: 25 - Rite of Passage
      31- From the Frying Pan to the Fire
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      Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

      Postby JRPictures on Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:43 am

      Figured I could finally sign up and do something. so here it goes.

      Name: Butch Advent (OOC: I'm never gonna stop using that name)

      Guild: Solo.

      Role: Fighter

      Weapon: A sword and shield.

      Powers: Unknown at the moment.

      Appearance & Personality: A fairly tall and buff figure with dark brown hair and eyes, with goggles to look cool. Butch is a mercenary first and foremost but he still has a conscience regardless, choosing his bounties carefully and killing those he feels deserves it. Outside of that, he is fairly anti-social and does his best to keep to himself at times, if you ever get to know him he will turn out to be a rather nice guy. He is also a bit of a weapons buff, choosing his sword and shield because they are simple yet practical.
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