Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

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Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby TheJester on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:11 pm

Sheet is right here, you can check stats and information at the discussion topic.

  • Name:
  • Kingdom of Origin:
  • Primary Weapon (Not required if Olympion):
  • Secondary Weapon (Optional):
  • Power (Only if Olympion):
  • Looks (Optional. Required if Olympion):
  • Backstory (Optional):
  • Age (Optional):
  • What Nation will you be starting out in? (Just because your country of origin is in *Blank* does not mean you can't be in *Blank*
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Sicon112 on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:22 pm


    Setsuna Nishikyo.png
    Setsuna Nishikyo.png (317.07 KiB) Viewed 3463 times

  • Name: Sestuna Nishikyo (Can be read as "Instant Death")
  • Kingdom of Origin: Sparton
  • Primary Weapon: An unremarkable katana that he always has at his side. However, it is sealed with a "peace knot", a bit of cloth that ties the guard of the sword to the sheath so that the blade cannot be drawn. It was sealed some time before the story began, and he does not mention the reasons behind it. Since he never draws his blade, it is unknown how skilled he actually is with it, though his martial abilities make him dangerous, so it is likely that he was once a strong fighter.
  • Secondary Weapon: He carries a tanto, a small, straight knife of Japanese origin inside his clothes, but usually does not use it in combat. Unlike his katana, this blade is much more ornate and seems to be worth a lot of money. However, he does not elaborate on where he got it.
  • Looks: As shown in the picture above, Setsuna just wanders across the world wearing an old, tattered, brown and black haori (think knee length coat) and a straw hat that looks like it's seen better days. Like days when it didn't have a large chunk torn out of it.
  • Backstory: Setsuna likes to refer to himself as a ronin, a wandering, masterless samurai. However, if he really IS, he sure isn't a very good one, seeing as he never seems to actually look for work, and even if he got some, what good is a samurai who never draws his sword? Instead, he merely drifts from place to place, stopping here and there telling no one who he is or where he is from. He may be a Sparton, but he is often seen very far away from their lands, and it is extremely odd indeed for a Sparton to do something as pacifistic as seal his sword.
  • Age: Setsuna doesn't tell anyone anything else about himself, so why would you expect him to reveal his age? He appears to be perhaps in his late twenties, but he never confirms any such guesses.

Current Location: Athenon
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Guyshane on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:44 pm


Kingdom of Origin: Athenon

Primary Weapon: Bolt- action rifle

Secondary weapon: lever action shotgun without a stock

Look: A tall, lean man with longish blonde hair and grey eyes. Wears an old leather duster with bandoliers for bullet magazines and shotgun shells (his main ammo holder though he has others). Other than that wears fairly standard fatigues

Backstory: Azir is an amazing marksman. Originally he got his start in the riflemen corps of the Athenon military. Everyone who initially met him found him extremely friendly and easygoing. However it became quickly apparent to everyone involved that he was not only skilled with a gun but that as soon as he was involved in a battle he would become extremely ruthless. While in the military he served admirably and grew to become the shot he is today as well as learning survival skills and a small amount of hand- to-hand combat. However he resigned after a mission went wrong and an Olypion killed his oldest friend. He left the urban area of the country and settled in the wilderness. He stayed there until a government messenger contacted him and told him that the government was funding an expedition to a lost island, while they would be sending him over with everyone else but the government didn’t want him as part of the main expedition instead they wanted him to be on the island as their wild card. What sealed the deal were intelligence reports suggesting the man who had killed Azir’s friend was already en route to the island.

Age: 26

Starting Nation: Athenon
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Blurred_9L on Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:34 pm

Name: Devin Azurewind
Kingdom of Origin: Athenon
Primary Weapon: Athenon Longbow
Secondary Weapon: Poison Darts
Looks: Tall and slim. He's got brown eyes and light brown hair. He wears his best friend's leather jacket. His clothes are usually full of pockets where he stores stuff that might come in handy.
Backstory: Devin lived in a small village in Athenon. His friends, eventually tired of the carefree passing days in Athenon, decided to leave the village and look for riches and adventure in the outside world. They invited him to go with them, but he declined, for he was to content with what he already had. And so, his friends parted, leaving him behind. 5 years passed and he received no word from the adventures his friends set out to have. Fearing for their wellbeing and casting aside the most likely idea that they were all dead, he decided to go look for them. He started practicing with the bow and arrow every night until he reached what he thought was an acceptable level of skill and aim.
Determined to know the fate of his friends, he sets out on his own journey. After travelling the lands, he finds himself in Sparton, with the news of the expedition to the Fallen Kingdom. Convinced that Sparton won't be the only one to make their move towards the island, he plans on tagging along. Perhaps one of his friends, that is, if they're still alive, will make it to the island too...
Age: 24
Starting Nation: Sparton
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby AMimsyBorogove on Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:40 pm

rsz_untitled.png (178.6 KiB) Viewed 3441 times

- Name: Neiross Alamarck Dunoir

- Kingdom of Origin: Olympion

- Primary Weapon: Neiross wields two swords, both pictured here. The black sword, Colada, is his usual favorite, and so would probably be considered his primary weapon. It, like its sister sword Tizona, is of the finest quality, forged from an unknown material and bearing a strong affinity for magic. Its blade never dulls, and its edge does not have a single crack on it for all its many years of use.

- Secondary Weapon: Tizona is the lesser used of the two blades. This white sword, however, bears a much stronger power than its darker twin, as well as having the same flawless craftsmanship.

- Power: Neiross has, quite simply, the power to control the air. His energy reserves are almost boundless, making it near impossible for him to tire from using magic. However, on the flip side, his control is absolutely terrible despite his tremendous power, making the most he can do be to cause a random explosion of concussive force in all directions indiscriminately around himself. Thus, he requires a means of channeling his power for it to be effective, and that's where his twin swords come in. Each bears a slightly different enchantment, each focusing on a different strength.

His preferred weapon, Colada, focuses entirely on amplifying his control, but only within a limited range. When he draws Colada, he is only capable of manipulating the air reliably within a radius of five meters of himself. Within this radius, however, his control is peerless, and he can compress and control the air to a tremendous degree. Because of this, with Colada drawn, he always has a very durable magic barrier around him, passage through which he can allow things or deny them. If an enemy falls into his barrier, however, he can wreck untold damage on their body, literally tearing them apart or banishing the air from their lungs until they asphyxiate. It's very difficult to get inside his barrier, however, so this isn't so much of a problem. In this state, he can also solidify the air around him, allowing him to carry himself into the air and to defy gravity, although precise flight is an impossibility for him. He can super-jump, though, and, if he needs to, his movements in this mode are reinforced by air to the point of being ridiculously fast. His offense is rather weak, though, in this mode, in exchange for truly ridiculous speed, defense, and agility. His only real method of ranged attacking is to condense the air around his sword, compressing the entirety of his barrier down onto a single plane, which he then releases, causing a sword arc that explodes into a violent, concussive burst of air across a full 180 degrees. This does knock out his defenses, though, so he generally doesn't use it.

Tizona, meanwhile, goes to the opposite extreme. It focuses largely on range and not so much on control. With this blade drawn, air within any area in his sight can be manipulated. He can't, however, manipulate the air inside of people - as he can't see their lungs - nor can he simply asphyxiate them very easily, as he lacks the control to do so. He can, however, rain down ranged attacks with impunity, although his defense and speed is much less significant in this form.

Naturally, when he draws both blades at once, things get a little crazy. He can control any air within his line of sight to a pretty absurd degree, making him incredibly dangerous when he actually gets serious. Fortunately for his enemies, he's... well... really, really, REALLY lazy.

- Looks: Standing at a little over six feet, Neiross is rather imposing. With a formidable, albeit somewhat thin build, broad shoulders and a fairly muscled physique, if he ever held his head high, quit slouching around, and actually stood up to his full height, he'd probably be a very intimidating individual. But, contrary to what one might expect... he never does. He's just too lazy to. Consequently, he usually just strolls around, his hands in the pockets of his trademark completely ridiculous three-tailed black, gold, and crimson trench coat with ENTIRELY too many belts attached, his face an expressionless mask over which he wears an ACTUAL mask for no real reason besides "It looks cool," looking like he's asleep on his feet and, at the same time, going to the most absurd costume party of the century.

His most distinguishing feature would, without a doubt, be the fact that his hair is inexplicably BLUE. Because, you know... You gotta have blue hair.

- Backstory: Neiross is, and always was, a very lazy person. Born into an aristocratic family, his tremendous natural talent for magic probably could have been cultivated from a young age, but, as studying and practicing it was boring, Neiross decided to take up swordplay. He was a natural master of this, which was fortunate, because if he wasn't, he probably would have given up this, too. But, after a while, he became such a skilled swordsman that it began to lose its charm. So, at last, reluctantly, he turned to the art of using his powers. But, unfortunately, he was so inexperienced with them that all he could really do was make random explosions of brute force, and he didn't really feel inclined to learn anything more. So, he decided to take a more expedient route. Carelessly spending his lavish allowance as a nobleman, he simply commissioned for a set of enchanted swords that would do all the controlling for him. But, once he got these, he realized he was bored again, as nothing was a challenge when you could tear up a target almost instantly with just the power of your mind. So, in search of a more amusing life, Neiross one day spent a small, pointless fortune purchasing an equally pointless - not to mention ridiculous - outfit, just because he could, took his swords, and hired himself out as a mercenary assassin. Well, he was actually pretty good at this, too, but eventually somewhere along the line "assassin" turned into "one man army." After a rather troublesome incident - of which he refuses to speak to this day - involving a Sparton civil war, Neiross eventually abandoned this profession, too, and went back to assassination and bounty hunting. He became a rather infamous presence, but never really did anything purposefully to either enhance or diminish his reputation. Too much of a bother, in his opinion.

- Age: 26

- What Nation will you be starting out in?: Like Sicon, I'll be wherever I need to be.

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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:03 pm

Name: Raivisa Kuravit
Kingdom of Origin: Sparton
Primary Weapon: Naginata
Secondary Weapon: Shukusen
Looks: Raven-black hair and almost colourless blue-grey eyes, very slim and lithe, about 5'5 tall. Raivisa is not above using her good looks to get the advantage in a situation.
Backstory: Raivisa has had a proper Sparton (read: military-oriented) upbringing; from an early age, she learned to snap to attention at her father's voice. She began training with the naginata when she was almost four, and by the time she was seven, she was able to defeat her older brother in the practice courts. As for the shukusen, almost as soon as she was old enough to be permitted to handle the fan she had so coveted for its loveliness, she gained a mastery of it, inventing her own patterns of attack with it. A shy young woman, Rai had a habit of hiding her face behind her deadly fan whenever she found herself attracting admiring looks, which was often enough.

Shortly after her nineteenth birthday, though, she learned of her father's intent to marry her off to an Athenon nobleman in order to forge a diplomatic alliance. Infuriated by this betrayal of Sparton values-- and, even more, enraged by his betrayal of [i]her[i]-- this time, instead of snapping to attention, Rai just... snapped. She swore to herself that never again would she allow herself to become someone else's pawn; if her world was to become a chess game, then she was determined to dominate the board herself, through force of combat for preference. So swearing, she took the family's ceremonial naginata from the wall brace where it hung-- its heft was more perfectly balanced, and its blade more true and sharp, than her own practice weapon--, tucked her shukusen into her belt, dyed her black hair blonde and, carrying little more than a few changes of clothes and a month's provisions, she set out to forge her own destiny.

Age: Probably 20 by now.
What Nation will you be starting out in? Athenon
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby JRPictures on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:46 am

I like this RPG concept very much. Hope you like my character.

Name: Jack Shepphard

Kingdom of Origin: Olympion

Primary Weapon (Not required if Olympion): An average Sword colored blue by his own preference.

Secondary Weapon (Optional): None

Power (Only if Olympion): Can control and manipulate water to his own liking. And can even form water in his hands when he is not near a source.

Looks (Optional. Required if Olympion): Very human looking, glows blue when using magic. Dark brown hair and eyes.

Backstory (Optional): An averagely raised Olympion who grew up wanting to be a hero and do what he believes is right. This often results in him acting like a vigilante and stopping crime. After finishing his magic training, he read up on Olympion's history and the fallen kingdom of Unigarond. When he found out that the fog in the fallen city had gone, he realised that the power and riches of the kingdom could be exploited and misused horribly. As a result he decided to set off on a quest by himself (with the missionary force as a cover) to the kingdom to help.

Age (Optional): 25-30. He'd like to stay ambiguous on that.

What Nation will you be starting out in: Olympion but my introductory post will have him leave for Unigarond.
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby agoraoptera on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:29 pm

•Name: Malafortion

•Kingdom of Origin: Olympion

•Primary Weapon: A large bastard sword

•Secondary Weapon: Creations from his magic, ie. ice claws. Nothing too powerful.

Nerve-twitch magic
-It takes the notion of mystical handmotions to the next level. Each nerve has been attuned to a different element and facet of magic, requiring but a twitch and the mental intention for the spell to be cast. Entirely silent, requiring a comparatively high level of concentration as opposed to regular spell-casting, but the pay-off is that spells can be cast quicker and several spells can be cast in conjunction or with combined effect.

•Looks: Large, bulky, muscular. His skin appears stony and bluish, almost as if cyanosed. Inky black hair and eyes lit from within with an azure flame. Due to energy being manipulated through his very nerves, his skin is almost constantly flaring up from within in strange patterns tracing muscles and blood vessels.

•Backstory: Originally a quiet scion of one of the leading Olympion houses of nobility, that of the Thunderhawk, Malafortion was banished from his homeland by the king after the events of 'that night'. Wielding his innate powers of magic control, embedded within his very muscles, Malafortion swore to return and rectify the events of 'that night'.
Originally, he roamed the realms with his cousin and accomplice, Alia, as well as Natalya Armis in search of power that would restore them. Natalya had been Malafortion’s bodyguard for barely a year, but when the pair were banished, she followed along out of what he assumed to be a sense of duty. In the adventures that followed, Malafortion gained a new respect and sense of friendship with his former bodyguard. The revelation of the Fallen Kingdom's continued existence, and rumours of power and wealth, drew them like moths to a flame. They both know that if they can pull this off better than 'that night', 'that night' will be little more than an anecdote in the annals of Olympion history.

•Age: 25

What Nation will you be starting out in? Independent Party. Supports Olympion but is not affiliated with it.
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Pixelmage on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:36 pm

Name: Natalya Armis
Kingdom of Origin: Athenon
Primary Weapon: Oak Longbow
Secondary Weapon: Two short swords
Backstory: Born as a commoner and raised as a mercenary, Natalya managed to acquire reasonable renown of her own. Shortly after being old enough to go off in works of her own choice she was contacted in regards to escorting an Olympion. Accepting the position, at first simply to leave her homeland, she quickly grew fond of her new employer, Malafortion. After his banishment, along with Alia, his close cousin and also a friend of hers, Natalya dismissed the contract terms of a mercenary to follow her friends out of her own choice. To help them overcome the events of “that night” and earn their place back home.
Age: 22
What Nation will you be starting out in? Independent Party. Supports Olympion but is not affiliated with it.
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:40 pm

Name: Alia
Kingdom of Origin: Olympion
Primary Weapon (Not required if Olympion): Katana
Secondary Weapon (Optional): Throwing knives
Power (Only if Olympion): Can control the element of lightning and call its servants to her will. The lightning spirit has granted her great speed, in both fight and flight. She can conjure bolts of lightning appear at will; and use them in various ways, from lightning whips, to knives, to a storm that can tear down small forests.
Looks (Optional. Required if Olympion):Image
Backstory (Optional): Former nobility of the house of the phoenix. She convinced her cousin, Malafortion, to attempt something that was henceforth referred to “that night”. Needless to say, the King was furious and banished Alia and Malafortion immediately, stripping them of their titles and telling them to never return “unless you find the fallen kingdom”. Though it was a rhetorical sentence for nobody had ever expected the fog to lift, Alia and Malafortion have spent several years searching for the key back home, in order to repay the corrupt monarch for his crimes.
Age (Optional): 23
What Nation will you be starting out in? Independent Party. Supports Olympion but is not affiliated with it.
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Victin on Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:41 am

  • Name: Malagi
  • Kingdom of Origin: Olympion
  • Primary Weapon: A large hammer, to which Malagi can add concepts.
  • Secondary Weapon: A large kusari-gama, to which Malagi can add concepts.
  • Power: Concept-based magic: Malagi can create energy spheres with different effects, and he can combinate these effects, theoretically with any part of his body, but he can only make them swiftly with his hands. He can quickly create a small sphere (that would fit in the hand of a normal person), and he can create a hand-sized shere in less than 30 seconds. So far, he can use the powers of:
    • Fire: Generates a ball self-sustaining fire. Upon impact, it loses self-sustenace and will only keep burning in case there's a fuel. He can also use it to generate heat, but in a way that underpowers this ability.
    • Lightning: Generates an orb of eletricity. It glows in a pale blue color.
    • Cold: The power of cold lets him create spheres of... Cold. A small one will only hurt a living being, but a big one can freeze one's blood and tissues.
    • Null: The power to nullify other's magical abilities. A small one lasts for one minute, while the big can last up to 10 minutes if it was concentrated into a specific person, but it usually is an area-based attack, so it is about 5 minutes in the center, up to a 5 m radius, with one minute at the edge. When combinated with other concepts, the results varies. If combined with fire, for example, it creates a power-nullifying fire (a fire that fuels on magic).
    • Healing: The power to heal damage. Can be used in both organic and non-organic materials, but works much better in organic ones.
    • Boost: Raw energy, that boosts the power of other concepts, or even from people and artifacts.
    • Force: Raw kinectic energy. He can use it by turning the sphere into a shockwave before it hits a target or during the impact, creating an explosion. Can also be added into objects to speed them up or to add an explosive effect.
    • Harm: Differently than it seems, harm works better in non-organic materials than into organic materials. Either way, harm causes more structural and internal damage than external damage. When used into living beings, it causes an awful lot of pain, much more than the real damage it causes.
  • Looks: He looks like a huge, fat lizard humanoid. He's 5 m tall, an enormous belly and his skin is covered in green scales. His head looks like that of a lizard, with a dog-like snout, multiple rows of razor-sharp shark teeth, ruby red eyes and pointy elven ears. He has six fingers in each hand, with two thumbs, one at each side of it. His two feet are like those of an elephant, but with eight tentacle-like fingers all around it. His blood is thick, black and highly flammable, on the other hand, his sweat (both in liquid and gaseous state) isn't flammable, and work as well estinguishing fire as a stream of carbon dioxide. Although he doesn't looks like it, he's very flexible and can take heavy impacts without suffering much damage, but swords, spears, etc. hurts him as much as it hurts anything else. He also can regenerate any damaged body part, but he takes the same amount of time anyone would take if everyone else coudl regenerate lost body parts. His red eyes can see more colors than humans, being able to see from Ultraviolet to Infrared wavelenghts. He can smell and hear better than normal people.
  • Backstory: Malagi lived many, many years alone in the nature. He doesn't remember when he started living. He wandered from east to west, from south to north. He wandered until the day he found an Olympion city. Nobody seemed to mind Malagi wandering around. He quickly befriended some heavy workers, some of which worked as guards to the nobles. He easily learned their language, as he was interested into learning them, but he didn't pay much attention to most of their habits and such. He lived happilly until the events to which some refer as "that night". Malagi gladly remember the event because of the tasty beverages, but also because he met Malafortion, Alia and Natalya, and now he wanders around the world with his friends.
  • Starting nation: Independent Party. Supports Olympion but is not affiliated with it.
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Lordxana0 on Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:19 pm

Name: Maliborn Adgex

Kingdom of Origin: Sparton

Primary Weapon: God Slayer Kusinagi http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/1899 ... 3zjtv5.jpg

Secondary Weapon (Optional): Neverending Flask and matches

Looks: He stands about 6'6 and there isn't a inch of his body that isn't covered in muscles. His face has been devastated by scars and one of his left eye has had the eyelids fuse together do to a wicked burn he received in his training. He has short raven black hair and a constant nine o' clock shadow on his face. Each of his teeth have been carved into sharp points. He wears a long set of black pants and nothing else. He considers those who use armor to be cowards hiding behind metal. He always carries his prize blade over his shoulders.

Backstory (Optional): Maliborn has been tested and trialed since the day he turned six. His father place a heavy rock on him and told him he would remain there until he was strong enough to push it off. After three days of misery and pain he finally did force it off of him. But that was only the beginning. Everyday was a constant battle for survival. If he wasn't pinned under a new and hevier object he was fighting for survival as his father tested him with blade and fury. By the time he was 14 he was stronger then a charging bull and faster then a cheetah. His father enlisted him in the army where he became known as the "Demon of the Red Sea" on account of all of the blood he spilled in the battlefield. One of the most famous stories about him was that one day he broke rank from the main attack force and was shot at with a cannon ball. They say he caught it and threw it at the wall so hard it created a massive hole which he charged through and took the entire fort by himself. Seeing him as a danger the nobles put him in the bottom of a great dungeon where there was rumored to be a great demon. After a month he came out of the dungeon wielding a blade unlike any other and covered in blood. Out of fear the king sent him to the island to do as much damage as he could and take the island for their nation. Despite his blood thirstiness he is highly loyal to his kingdom and other soldiers.

Age (Optional): 35
What Nation will you be starting out in? Sparton
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby Endless Sea on Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:57 pm

Name: Edmund Bryant.
Kingdom of Origin: Sparton.
Primary Weapon: Sniper rifle.
Secondary Weapon: Billhook.
Looks: Male; ~1.5 meters tall; looks like an average human male just entering his teenage years, except for some facial wrinkles and greying hair; pale blue eyes, short brown hair with aforementioned streaks of grey; relatively weak build.
Backstory: Born with an odd genetic defect that affected his aging, Edmund was often treated as physically handicapped well into his adult years, and so decided to convince his peers of his capabilities by training in the art of the shortsword. Now, seeing the first signs of the passage of time exacting an early toll on his body, he’s taken up the sniper rifle of a foreign kingdom and set out for Unigarond, hoping that plumbing the ancient city’s depths would prove a suitable last adventure.
Age: 42
Starting Nation: Athenon
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Re: Fallen Kingdom RPG Character Sheet Topic

Postby H22 on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:44 pm

Name: Publius Kyron
Origin: Athenon
Primary: Longbow
Secondary: Sword
Backstory: Publius was born in Olympion, and led a rebellion against its dictators. He was sentenced to death, but managed to escape to Athenion, where he became a diplomat, currently stationed to Sparton. He has been seconded to the team of exploration to help the explorers with his exceptional intelligence and remarkable cunning. He hated fighting, but took up archery to help with this. To his astonishment, he proved brilliant at it, and at swordsmanship.
Age: 44
Starting Kingdom: Sparton
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