Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

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Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby Lordxana0 on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:20 pm

A thousand years ago a great explosion rocked the world and released a pure energy known as Magic. The Magic rained down over the world shifting it and making it anew. So began

Age of Discovery 0-200 A.B. (After Blast)
People begin to get used to the Magic altered world
Kingdoms spread
Elves born
Dwarves born
First Mages introduced

Golden Age 200-500 A.B.
Magitech conceptualized and created
Mage Colleges open to teach people of their power
Harmony reigns between the kingdoms
Clockwork people created

But then came something that no one could have predicted. The monsters known only as Jackals. They were beasts whose bodies were made up of pure dark energy. They spread across the land devouring and eating and destroying without a single care for anything. Nothing that had been created could stop them, they were undying, unkillable, monsters in the purest sense of the word. So began

The Dark Age 500-600 A.B.
Jackals begin to systematically destroy everything in their path
Kingdoms fall
Diseases spread on the wind and kill thousands of people
The sun is covered by the pollution that the Jackals bring with them

But then a miracle happened. Nine hero's appeared with Magic the world had never seen before. A Magic that allowed people to destroy the Jackals. Where the hero's lead the Jackals fell, and the people of the world began to push them back to the Badlands, where the final battle against the Jackals hive took place. During this battle the Nine hero's gave their lives to create a seal around the hive stopping any more from getting out. This era was dubbed in their honor

The Age of Heroes 600-655 A.B.
The Nine arise
Jackals pushed back to the Badlands
Jackal Hive sealed

Age of Rebuilding 655-780 A.B.
Seven Kingdoms are created in honor of the heroes
More Mage Colleges are created to deal with the increase of magic users
Goblin Kingdom, Elven Kingdom, Dwarvern Kingdom, Human Kingdom, Clockwork Kingdom, Dragon Kingdom, Glutton City, Valcium Alliance, and Grand Capital secure an uneasy alliance

Age of Balance 780-1000 A.B.
Magitech available to almost everyone
The kingdoms begin to grow jealous of each others power or standing
A new Darkness is rising
A new Nine are chosen by destiny to wage war against evil

Welcome to R.A.H or Rebirth of the Age of Heroes, in this RP you will become one of the new Nine Heroes chosen by destiny to defeat the evil in the world. Choose your class, your background and other things and then jump into a world of magic and adventure.


Swordmen: Masters at the art of swordplay. Almost no Magic ability but what they do have of it allows them to enhance their swords strength or project a layer of energy over their armor. They can also project energy in a ranged weapon using the spell Slash Wave (a blade of energy projected in a slash) or Stab Arrow (A piercing blast of energy sent at the enemy using a stab).

Ranger: When it comes to bows no one can beat a Ranger at it. Quick moving and intelligent rangers use magic through their bows and arrows to add elemental power behind them, usually Fire or Wind, although some Rangers have found ways to make other Magic work for them. In a close battle a Ranger will normally flee due to having little training in upfront combat and knowing that at close range their bow is of little importance.

Mage: Masters of the mystic arts. A mage will spend their entire lives focusing on one area of Magic and might only learn a few spells from another area. Magic for Mages can be learned from the following types: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark.

Fire: Offensive Spells and Boosts (Offensive)
Earth: Defensive Spells and Control
Water: Healing Spells and Boosts (Defensive)
Wind: Offensive Spells and Defensive Spells
Light: Healing Spells and Miracles (destroy undead, banish death, cure disease, etc.)
Dark: Death Spells and Curses

Each mage must channel their Magic through a different device (wand, book, deck of cards, a human skull etc.) in order to get it through. Each Mage at the completion of their training will know twenty spells and have one familiar from their domain (fire might have a Phoenix and Wing might have a giant Eagle, if you need help with ideas PM me)

Alchemist: Masters of Creation. Alchemists use magic in a way different then others, they use it to fuse different elements together to create something knew, and often times explosive. They can create remedies from plants as easily as they can create poison. They normally fight using a combination of mixtures they have created and a subtle knife to the heart. They are most dangerous due to their unpredictability. You never know what is up an Alchemists sleeves.

Duelist: Masters of the art of Gunplay. The gun may be a knew idea but it is one people took quickly to. A ranged weapon that fires out a small metal ball that is almost impossible to remove, much more deadly then any arrow. But at the same time much more difficult. It takes time to reload a gun with powder meaning that Duelists have to carry multiple guns on their person. If they are magically inclined they could always use a gun and force their magic through it, but that is extremely taxing and can exhaust a strong person quickly. Their two most dangerous weapons are the Rifle (for long range) and the Blunderbuss (a short range spread shot).

Assassin: Masters of the art of Stealth. These quick fighters rely on stealth and quick thinking to outwit stronger enemies. They only use knives, finding that swords aren't really their thing when it comes to fast fighting. An Assassin will use any magic they have to speed themselves up or cloak their position from the enemy. In a straight on fight you have a chance, but if one of these quick fighters comes from behind then you have already lost.

Human- A human, normal speed, normal height, and normal intelligence. There are two things that sets humans apart from other races. Their high speed of adaptation to new environments and their bodies ability to adapt to Magitech prosthetic, but like all races if you have a Magitech limb or organ then your ability to use your inner Magic disappears.

Dwarves- Short but strong you don't want to get in a straight fight with a Dwarf unless you don't mind losing. Their pride is only outmatched by their strength. Magitech takes badly to them but the Dwarven race has some of the strongest Mages in the history of the world.

Elves: Of high intelligence and speed are the elven race defined. They are not quite as strong as other races but make up for it with being able to outrun any of them in a foot race and out learn them in any subject. While the Dwarves have the strongest Mages the Elves have some of the best. Magitech takes normally to them but most would rather die then be cut off from their Magic

Goblin: A race of people that are believed to be a genetic offshoot of the dragons. Small in size but big on just about everything goblins are not people to be messed with. They are born with skin covered in armor like scales. They are unable to take Magitech because without their natural Magic they would die. But in return they are very powerful fire Mages no matter what class they pick, and if in true danger they can breath fire much like a dragon can but twice as hot.

Dragon: Once great beasts some of them decided they would rather live among people and took on human like forms. They put a veil around themselves but when battle comes they drop it an reveal their wings, claws, horns, and rows of sharp teeth. They make great fighters but find magic more difficult. Because they are immune to all but the most deadly diseases they don't never take Magitech.

Clockwork People: Once another race these people have forsaken their bodies in favor of a body made completely of Magitech parts. They only have their brains left in their metal bodies. They became known as Clockwork people because the earliest Magitech worked with gears and like pocket watches. They can't use magic but make great swordsmen and rangers, and with the right body type they can also be Assassins.

Character Sheet

The Chosen discover they are Chosen by a symbol appearing on their hands and an order entering their heads telling them to go somewhere. That place will be revealed once I have picked 9 players. Post characters here and then we will move the 9 picked to another topic afterward.
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:50 pm

Character Sheet
Name: May Olivier
Age: 20
Race: Human
Appearance: Long brown hair, Blue eyes, average height. Normally wearing street clothes, glasses, and an aviator jacket.
Class: Alchemist
Weapon: All of matter.
Backstory: Born and raised in a rural town, May taught herself Alchemy from a young age, after accidentally transmuting a flower into a miniature horse shrubbery. Her hometown does not encourage the study of alchemy, preferring to focus on other pursuits, like banking or accounting. May is definitely the oddball of the town, preferring to spend her days deep in study, or trying to increase her alchemic abilities.
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby Pixelmage on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:11 pm

Name: Rissien
Age: 23
Race: Elf
Class: Swordsman
Weapon: Dual swords.
Backstory: Born as an Elven noble, received martial training from a young age. Once aware of the outside world he deserted his empty and meaningless nobility to roam the land and hone his skills, perhaps to return one day and actually do something of worth to his race.
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby Guyshane on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:15 pm

Name: Gux Clayhand

Age: 30

Race: Goblin

Appearance: About half the height of an average human, green scales and a pointed nose,wears mad scientist smock over a suit (going for the classic look here)

Class: Alchemist

Weapon: a human sized scythe and several pre-perpared explosives

Backstory:(Note: This bio is best read with a Dr.Insano voice)
Call me mad will they? call me crazy? I'll show them whose insane!!! Ever since I was growing up in my volcano outpost of a town I have been interested in magic. But those fools at the mages school denied me entry they said that experiments on cows was "inhumane". Well you know what I called them? Pansies! (In retrospect this probably did not help matters). In any case found another alchemist willing to teach me the basics but then he left before I could continue lessons, something about me not having enough money. So I taught myself through a time honored tradition: Trial and Error. Sure there were somethings that happened which I would call..mishaps (others would call them explosions) but I have the hang of it now. Now I experiment with my alchemy trying to create free energy (since the zombie factory workers turned out to be a dead end). Now if you'll excuse me its time for me to put the sulfuric acid on ice.
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:57 pm

Name: Alina Iver
Age: 27
Race: Elf
Appearance: Albino, with silver-white hair well below her waist; elven features.
Class: Light mage
  • Channel: A multifaceted glass flame-shaped charm, which she wears around her neck.
  • Familiar: Caranor, a radiant pure-white unicorn with a narrow, 3.5-foot-long horn
    Image (image not to scale)
Weapon: Though she rarely uses weapons to fight or defend herself, relying instead on her magic, Alina carries a small, magically-reinforced dagger.
Backstory: Alina's family was overjoyed when she showed signs as an infant of having magical proficiency; they sent her to an academy to study the craft of magic as soon as she was old enough to go, where she remained for many years-- though she returned home many times over the years to visit. She maintains a cordial relationship with her family, though in many ways, the teachers who raised her are far more like family to her. She had only been in the academy for a year when Caranor, her glowing unicorn familiar, "found" her, as she meditated in the forest on the institution's grounds. It was then that she knew that her focus would be on light magic.

A strong believer in Fate, Alina has always followed the path that seems to be laid out for her. When a strange symbol appeared on her hand, accompanied by thoughts that were not hers telling her where to go, she never experienced a moment's hesitation about the mysterious orders. This was her destiny; she would live up to it.

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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby Sicon112 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:28 am

Character Sheet ~ Sicon112

Procyon.png (253.17 KiB) Viewed 2195 times

  • Name: Procyon
  • Age: 193
  • Race: Dragon
  • Appearance: As pictured above, Procyon, while he maintains the shape of a human, does not look like a natural being. This is due to the manner in which he took up this form, specifically, by force. His impossible white hair and unnatural gleaming yellow eye are off putting at best, and downright creepy to most, to say nothing of the black void in his mask where his other eye should be. The chains around his neck hold an ancient magic that contains him in this form and removes his natural shape-shifting abilities.
  • Class: Mage - 'Light' Focus. Through the power of light based magic, his art realizes miracles either through superimposing imagined objects over reality or drawing on the imagination of the entire population of the world to realize far more powerful legendary and fantastic events.

    Familiar: Procyon channels his magic through the chains binding him where his own magical energy resonates with the ancient spells that make up his bonds. Due to the fact that he is channeling magic through the item that is containing his innate dragon-magic, his familiar spirit appears in the shape of a glowing, blue, phantasmal dragon that contains some of the power that he has lost within it. In effect, due to this fluke, he is his own familiar.
  • Weapon: He does not use normal physical weapons, however he wields the chains that bind him to his form as his main defense. The massive amounts of innate magic within them, enough to easily seal some of the greatest of dragons, makes them nigh indestructible, and doing so would only release him from his seals, so he sees no harm in utilizing them in such a way. Two of the chains have dagger blades attached to them, and the magic inherent in the chains makes them be as long as they need to be without visibly seeming to change at all.
  • Backstory: Procyon is a rarity among his kind, an aberration that is so uncommon as to be almost mythical even among such a long lived species. That does not, however, mean it is a good thing. He is, in his true form, a grey dragon; a dragon who lacks the colorful armored scales of the rest of his race, and instead only has a thick leathery hide to protect him. Grey dragons are far inferior to any other kind of dragon physically, excepting in speed, at which they excel due to their lighter weight. Still, they are regarded as not only weaklings, but as a disgrace.

    When he was born, he was thrown out and left in the wilderness to die before anyone could figure out that he existed to bring shame upon his family. However, through luck, speed, and the slight chameleon effect of a grey's hide, he survived in the depths of the woods as he grew in size and strength. Once his wings had well and truly grown and he gained the ability of flight, he began to slip along the edges of dragon territory once more.

    Still, over the space of years he plotted his revenge in secret, and finally realized a plan that he hoped would bring chaos and death down upon those who had thrown him out. He failed. He was overwhelmed in power by the great dragons of that territory, and as punishment they sealed him in his twisted mockery of human form, cursed to walk the earth without access to his own abilities as a dragon.

    And so he became a wanderer, bitterly resigned to walking the earth. Shunned by the people of the world, even the more fantastic ones, he lived his life on the edges of civilization, barely getting by. However, one day he met an old man traveling on a forest road far from the rest of the world. Thinking to rob him for supplies, Procyon attacked, but sealed and weakened as he was, he was beaten by the old man's strange brand of magic. However, the old mage took pity on him, and set him up with a small house in the woods, keeping him supplied and spending much time with Procyon as he regained some amount of his former strength. At Procyon's request, the man began to teach him the magic of light, or at least, the old man's strange brand of it.

    However, as a dragon, Procyon was a very poor pupil, and while they tried many things, he could not even find a focus to channel his power correctly. That is, they could not until one day he accidentally began to channel power through his chains. As their target, he could not damage or release the chains himself, but they were only meant to seal his dragon powers. Therefore, a more common thing such as magic was unaffected by them. Realizing that this mean a sufficiently advanced mage could probably unlock his chains, Procyon begged the old mage to free him, but the old man, knowing why the chains were there, refused, though he admitted that he might have been able to. Furious, Procyon left left the old man and went wandering once more. When he returned, his anger slightly cooled, it was only to find that the old man had been killed in an uprising in a nearby city. Enraged for a different reason, Procyon assaulted the city personally, wielding his chains as his weapon. When the army arrived to fight the revolt, they found only burning ruins and corpses.

    Procyon fled once more into the woods, and gathered supplies from the old man's hut, where he found the magic books the man had left behind, and some notation saying that the man had discovered a way to free him and hidden it within the books. To reach it, he would need to master the magics hidden within. And so, Procyon set out on a quest to free himself, wielding the magic of his own bonds and his teacher's strange spells...

Procyon2.png (82.01 KiB) Viewed 2195 times
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby agoraoptera on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:46 pm

Character Sheet
Name: Eslai Varvarus
Age: 20
Race: Clockwork
Appearance: A body-frame cast of dark iron, lined with gleaming silver. Slightly taller than the average human. Vents steam from a grille where a mouth ought to be. His legs operate by a series of archaic pistons and pumps. The few gears he has on his frame, clanking and creaking, are for merely aesthetic purposes, a nostalgic memento of the older forms of Magitech. His face is a simple dark mask with dispassionately yellow machine-eyes and his vocaliser is positioned inside the mouth-grille, just under the exhaust piping. His voice is deep and mellow, another affectation he enjoys.
Class: Duelist
Weapon: Two rifles and several pistols stored within the hollow components of his body, as is ammunition.
Backstory: Once a human, now a living engine, Eslai occasionally regrets the choice that he made. As a young boy, he had lived in a rural town and hated its backward and, so he perceived, unsophisticated culture. Running away with a caravan of Clockwork people, he became alone and uneasy in a Kingdom entirely filled with people who, generally speaking, had no expression. Though his desire to return home grew, even more so did his desire to fit in. Working as a gunsmith's apprentice, he eventually gained an entirely new body and devoted himself to the arts of the duelist in the hopes of forgetting his past. Now discharged of his contract, he wanders across the lands, having forgotten where his old home was, forever trying to find a clue to his past. Though he knows he can never go back, Eslai wishes to at the very least find out whatever happened to his family and childhood friend, May..
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby AMimsyBorogove on Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:04 pm

(Qara, how dare you use Mokou before I could. T_T No matter! I shall not be prevented from making my Touhou reference!)


- Name: Mokou Suzaku (Name Notes: Mo can mean "Mourning," while "Kou" can mean "Female Phoenix." It also doubles as a reference to the character from Touhou, whose name means "Paint Me Red." Suzaku, meanwhile, is a legendary phoenix god.)

- Age: 98, but seems to have abruptly stopped aging around 19.

- Race: Formerly Elf. This is complicated, somewhat, however, by the fact that she's now simultaneously a full-blood Elf and a full-blood Phoenix, with a pure Elven body with elements of a pure Phoenix body superimposed over it.

- Appearance: Mokou has a very... bizarre appearance. Standing at the average height of five feet, nine inches, she has a very thin, light build clearly slanted toward her limbs and mobility. Almost unhealthily slender - why eat when you're on a tight budget, and can just go without nutrients altogether and substitute FIRE? - with pale, smooth skin - it's hard to get a tan when you're immune to adverse effects from most forms of heat and light, and continuous regeneration makes acne an impossibility - she maintains the appearance of her late teenage body despite all the years that have passed since then. With rounded, petite features that clash with her clearly pointed ears, she has generally elfish features, yet her eyes and hair are completely dissonant from these. The former being a bright crimson and the latter being a three-toned, alternatively straight and unkempt mess of silvery white, sky blue, and even two crests of vermillion feathers, it's... pretty clear that she's not an ordinary member of any species. Just in case it wasn't, though, her broad, vermillion and white feathered wings are sure to tip you off.

Her general outfit is the sort of thing that went out of fashion several decades ago. A white silken blouse, over which she wears a black, white, and blue dress with accompanying white tights for the sake of modesty - considering how much she flies rather than walking on the ground - makes up her ensemble, only further accentuating her odd appearance.

- Class: Mage - Phoenix Fire Focus. This works more like a combination of Fire and Light, however, as it has a more balanced offense/defense - I.E., more defense, less attack - than ordinary Fire, as well as a powerful healing element, as opposed to attack buffing.

Familiar: The phoenix, Suzaku, who is now a part of her own existence. This grants her several abilities, both active and passive, but there are several downsides as well. Firstly, her already formidable Elven agility and speed is vastly increased by her wings and the reinforcement of her body by her familiar's very existence, and her physical strength is similarly boosted, compensating somewhat for her lightness. This also makes her very resistant to magic due to the inherent magic flooding her body at any given time. Secondly, in battle, she can actually manifest either more or less of her Phoenix body over her Elven one, essentially converting herself into a being of flames temporarily for even more potent physical boosts, as well as power boosts to her magic by actively deploying a piece of her body in an attack, and passive regeneration due to the nature of her Phoenix side. But, her flames have no physical form, so although she becomes capable of using this to dodge physical-based attacks, she can also have parts of herself literally ripped away or wiped out by powerful wind spells, or extinguished by powerful water-based abilities. In addition, the physical increases to her normal body come at a cost. Her body, being considerably lightened by nessecity for flight, and reinforced only in the offensive strength department by her magic, becomes incredibly susceptible to damage. Just a few good hits would probably be enough to kill her, and if she so much as moves too fast, the force of the air resistance would literally be enough to tear into her body. So, for example, she might start flash-stepping, but at that point, even something like rain would be enough to literally pierce her like an arrow, much like the fate suffered by poor, poor Soviet Burger-Flash. And, as she can only sustain her Phoenix form for a short time, she can't exactly cope with the strain of moving at her full speed for very long. But the most pressing weakness of her abilities is that, as her Phoenix flames come from her own existence, were she to overuse them, she'd probably suffer Critical Existence Failure, burning down to a tiny spark and then burning out. This comes with its own upside, though. Namely, after fusing with the Phoenix, her Human body has become unable to permanently change so long as her flames continue to burn, being tied in its current state to her Phoenix existence. So, for example, she might preserve her life in the form of a single, burning torch, and reincarnate from the flames. So, essentially, it's really easy for her to die, but she can come back if she's prepared for it. Resurrecting herself takes some time, though, and a massive amount of power, so were she killed, she'd need to have someone keep her remaining flames lit long enough to revive herself, and after coming back to life, she'd suffer from several magical depletion. She doesn't have to die to heal otherwise permanent damage, though. For example, if her arm was torn off, she could cauterize the stump and have it grow back later, or even immediately, given enough power. But, again, this depletes the energy of her existence, so it's not something she can simply do continuously.

Another random perk of her Phoenix form is that she can manifest her feathers, then manipulate their form to change their appearance. For example, her overly-fancy clothing is actually just made from a coat of shed feathers which she makes appear like clothing. She can't exactly change their properties, though, so you actually touched her garment, you would feel it as though it was made of feathers. And possibly on fire, depending on how much power she happened to be letting out at the moment.

- Weapon: Her flames. Her method of channeling magic is actually through her own feathers, which she seals into the form of Ofuda charms and then uses to store magic power. Essentially, she can summon an almost infinite supply of Ofuda, light them on fire, and throw them at people, or use them to create barrier charms or even healing charms.

- Backstory: Born into a family of powerful Elven mages - a fairly prominent family in the nobility, at that - Mokou was conceived by an arranged union of two high-powered spellcasters for one purpose, and one purpose alone: to be an incredibly powerful fire mage. Her parents were both renowned pyromancers, and both had the same goal in mind when they entered into the engagement. Although they were hoping for a male heir with more power than either of them, what they got was... something of a disappointment. True, Mokou did have enough latent power to be called a prodigy, but she still paled in comparison to their ideal child. And, of course, there was the small issue of her being female. Although her parents tolerated her, she always ended up being measured as inadequate, continuously compared to the child her parents couldn't even conceive. Always being second best to an individual who didn't even exist wasn't exactly the best thing ever for her self-esteem, and so her mind became focused on one goal and one goal alone: grow stronger. Continuously become more powerful until she dwarfed even her demanding parents' expectations. She became a social recluse, always practicing her magic and expanding her talent, and, eventually, when she thought herself ready, she took it upon herself to gain a familiar. Suffice to say, the way she went about this was probably not the smartest of ideas.

The main goal of the family in birthing her had been to create a fire magus powerful enough to subdue a legendary phoenix which, being of a free-spirited, proud nature, had challenged any magus of his own element to defeat him in battle. If someone could survive even his power, they would be allowed to become his master. Of course, he, being immortal and vastly powerful, wasn't exactly easy to defeat. Her parents had both tried, and failed, to overcome him, and, not wanting this blemish upon their family's honor, and wanting the status that the conquest would bring, had tried to sire their ideal heir for the express purpose of claiming this legendary familiar, Suzaku, for their own. With such a powerful tool at their disposal, they'd then be able to vastly increase their own standing, and, by keeping their heir bound to their will, they'd be able to use "him" as an incredibly powerful pawn.

Mokou, wanting to prove her parents wrong and to grow in power, figured that one of two things would happen. Either she'd lose and be killed - she refused to even consider running away in disgrace - or she'd win and become more powerful than either of her parents. And so, she challenged Suzaku fearlessly, bringing with her an arsenal of powerful magic artifacts and doing whatever it took to win.

The battle went on for days. Mokou, with her vast reserves of energy, finesse with magic, and ridiculous determination, somehow managed to survive even the phoenix's most powerful attacks and, in a last ditch effort to claim victory before she passed out and then was killed, she fired off every last bit of power at her disposal. The attack was enough to completely overwhelm Suzaku, mortally wounding him through sheer force. However, it was also enough to kill Mokou through energy depletion. The phoenix, although he could have simply reincarnated and continued his life, was impressed by her determination and skill, and so, instead of resurrecting directly, allowed her to use her last breath to enter into a familiar contract with him. Then, as he, too, died, he used this connection to transfer his soul into her own, tethering her existence to her soul's recollection of herself just before the battle. And so, as the phoenix burned down to a single spark, he fused himself with Mokou, creating a completely new being.


MOUZAKU- Erm, no, wait, this isn't Dragonball Z. Actually, the combined being identified itself by the name she uses to this day: Mokou Suzaku. Their personalities blended, as well, causing Mokou to gain a sense of pride for the first time, a dignity that was greatly insulted when, upon returning to her family, she was cast out as a freak who couldn't even be used to form a marriage alliance due to her "deformities" - read: wings and freakin' wierd hair. Almost universally shunned by most races as a freak of nature, Mokou ended up getting tired of being stoned by angry mobs of torch and pitchfork wielding peasants wherever she went - or, alternatively chased by mad magical scientists as an interesting specimen - and so decided to abandon civilization, wandering through the wilderness and surviving using her powers to sustain her body, simply re-animating herself whenever she died of starvation or thirst because she couldn't get enough to eat/drink. For a while, her life went on like this as she lived in the wilds, alone save for the occasional gullible person who tried to fight her. But abruptly, everything changed when a strange mark appeared on her hand, and an odd compulsion told her to seek out a certain place...


(Because let's face it. None of my characters thus far have been Touhou references. Obviously, that needs to be rectified.)
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby Victin on Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:05 pm

  • Name: Christine "Chris" McUrist
  • Age: She prefers not to reveal her age to anyone, but she seems to be in her twenties.
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Appearance: Short, stout and chubb- *writer was killed by an arrow* Short and stout, she has a shoulder-high red hair. She has brown eyes, and usually wears a dark outfits with light armor, to blend in the darkness. She also has a very pale skin. She is hot-blooded and an adventure seeker.
  • Class: Ranger
  • Weapon: Oak Longbow
  • Backstory: A long time ago, when only Chris and a small group of people know, she lived in a "small" dwarf settlement at the edge of a mountain, close to a forest. Actually, most of it was hidden underground. Of course, she and her friends would go off-limits, into unexplored caves and such. Since then she started to learn the basics of adventuring and dungeon-exploring. And this was how she lived until her adulthood. She and her friends joined the police force of the city, scouting mining explorations, patrolling the forest around, drinking ale, protecting random citizens, drinking more ale and getting paid. It was during her training that she learned how to use the bow and arrow, but she had only learned basic magic. Until the day her home was attacked. The Pyromancers, they called themselves. A dragon, an elf and a goblin. They burnt the city down. Christine didn't want to simply kill them. She wanted to kill them, slice the bodies, flech the pieces, burn the leftovers, put the ashes inside a chest and throw it in the river. Or the so called ocean, she had never seen one. She learned dark magic. Her arrows poisoned the Pyromancers from far away, as they thought they had left the city an empty amount of ashes. Since them, she wanders the world, seeking the destruction of the evil and unjust. With her deadly arrows, dark smoke and a burning arrow spell.
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Re: Rebirth of the Age of Heroes (concept for RP)

Postby Endless Sea on Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:04 pm

Name: Julian-914
Age: 218 years old (although most of his parts have been replaced over the years)
Race: Clockwork
Appearance: Mostly humanoid, but with a smooth look reminiscent of SPI armor from the Halo EU, with the exception of the head, which resembles that of Kopaka Mata, albeit with the lens apparatus on both eyes. Colored gunmetal gray. Stands about 1.85 meters tall.
Class: Assassin.
Weapon: retractable Blade Below the Shoulder on each arm, sound mufflers and cloaking field installed in armor
Backstory: Even before his conversion to clockwork, Julian was an avid reader of historical texts depicting the battles against the Jackal hordes. He joined the Clockwork Army’s intelligence division out of obligation to his race, but isn’t quite as much of a patriotic zealot as many of his contemporaries.
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