R.O.H. Bestiary

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R.O.H. Bestiary

Postby Lordxana0 on Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:06 am

Danger Ranking: SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,D,F

Section 1: Monsters

Entry 1: Beta Jackal
The lowest form of the Jackal race but also the most common. They are used as advanced soldiers and by themselves they don't appear to have much intelligence and will fight like a common animal with tooth and blade. They appear to be made of a pure black energy, those who have touched them and lived have described it as grimy in feeling. Much like all Jackals they only have one large eye on its head. Their mouth seems to blend in with the rest of their body when closed, but when opened it reveals three rows of sharp teeth and a 3 foot barbed tongue with venom that can paralyze a man coating it. The most disturbing thing about them through it their human like shape. They have four limbs which can either be hands with five fingers or blades depending on the situation. Their blades are part of them and very sharp, it is known to cut through wood but can't cut through any metal. This Jackal has almost no resistance against magic and can be killed with a strong enough spell. Their most powerful attack can only be performed when a group of six is gathered. They will stack themselves in a row of three, a row of two, and the final one on top. They will open their mouths and fire out a dark spell known as Hell Laser. It is a piercing ray of dark magic that can burst through stone. It can fuse together with other Beta Jackal's to form a Muscle ]Jackal or fuse together with a larger Beta Jackal group to form a Alpha Jackal. They can also force other creatures to hold their forms and create Infected Beasts. Danger Level: C (would be higher but after the hero's revealed the power to destroy them they have become less of a threat)

Entry 2: Jackal Wanderer
Normally appearing as a rather large man who is completely covered by a light brown coat the Jackal Wanderer is a rather dangerous being of their race. It is created by a Jackal Priest binding the existence of twenty to thirty Beta Jackals into the space of the coat. If damaged or willed to by the Jackals inside the coat will explode out and release the Jackals into the world. They take on the appearance of a large man because the first race the Jackals destroyed was the Malarks whose bodies were abnormally intolerant to the sun. In their society it is considered the gravest offence to harm their coats, and being very powerful Alchemists it was ill advised to cross one. By itself a Wanderer posses no ability's to defend itself. It can only follow one set of orders such as "Go to this place and sit there and release when the target shows up". It couldn't be asked to "Go to this place and sit there and release when the target shows up" and later be orders to "Leave the place". Danger Level unreleased: F Pack release: C+

Entry 3: Muscle Jackal
The result of a fusion between two Beta Jackals. These creatures stand a about seven feet tall and are bipedal unlike the normal Beta Jackal. They have the strength to lift boulders by themselves and can preform a powerful Hell Laser without the assistance of others of their race. They can take lots of damage without going down and must have their eye destroyed in order to kill them properly. They will regenerate their bodies quickly if they take damage, their eyes also have a minor shield spell built over them in order to protect it. When they are around Beta Jackals they become slightly more intelligent and seem to do whatever is needed to protect them. When they fuse with a Alpha Jackal they become an Elite Jackal
Danger Level by themselves: B- Danger Level with Pack: A-

Entry 4: Jackal Warbeast
These dangerous creatures are created from the power of a hundred Beta Jackals fused into a small orb. When they are thrown they become a form that fits well with the environment. Their entire body is covered in a poison that can cause immediate pain and vomiting. Their eye can release either a Mega Hell Laser which is a hundred times more powerful then a standard hell laser and the Bullet Hell Laser which releases hundreds of smaller hell lasers all around the field at the expense of the maximum amount of damage. They can regenerate and have a shield protecting their main weak point the eye. They can not fuse with any other Jackals but can be greatly strengthen by being in the proximity of an Alpha Jackalor an Elite Jackal.
Danger Level: S Danger Level with Alpha or Elite S+

Entry 24: Gluttonous Overseer
The high priests of the Gluttonous race Overseer's are known for their mastery over the element of fire. They normally stand about nine feet tall and weigh in at a hideous 800 pounds. It is unknown how these creatures move under the pressure of their own weight but they can move at the same pace as any human could. They are known to carry around golden scepters to channel their magic through. Most Overseer's use enormous Fire Geckos as familiars, although the most powerful in their ranks can summon the Demon Goddess of Fire Stafia and bind her to their will for short amounts of time. They are well protected and you will never see an Overseer by himself. A normal guard for him has ten Gluttonous Monks, five Gluttonous Knights, and a Gluttonous High General. Like other Gluttonous creatures its stores of fat serve as a protective shield to it. Danger Level: B Danger Level High Overseer: B+ Danger Level Overseer+Guard: A

Entry 34: Ghosts
The soul of a person who couldn't pass on. Ghosts come in different levels, ranging from echo's to full on wraiths. If a ghost is an echo then they are unable to effect the world around them. There is debate in many Mage colleges whether or not these are really peoples souls or just a image of the person that stays in place. Wraiths are a bit different. There are full on souls of the dead who can move around and interact with the world. They are mostly stuck do to spells or their bodies where eaten by a Demon God and they are unable to pass without it being released. They can summon weapons and call on other wraiths near by to assist them. A wraith can be killed like any other creature but will regenerate as soon as their soul remembers what it is. The can become completely incorporeal for short periods of time. Those who don't go crazy are known to assist the innocent and help Heroes on their journeys. Those that do go crazy are the biggest threat. You can seal a spirit by dragging it onto holy ground which will shatter their power and turn them into full minded echo's. If their bodies were created by a spell it should also destroy them. If the souls body is caught within a Demon Gods stomach however the only way to allow them to pass on is to get their bodies out. Echo Danger Level: F- Wraith Danger Level: B-

Godly Strength: Omega, Beta, Alpha, Halfblood

Section 2: Gods

[u]Entry 1: Lumeria Goddess of Light and Joy

One of the first thirteen Gods. She is known for giving birth to the sun and giving people freewill so they may live their lives in anyway they please. She was married to Vectoran the God of Death and Sorrow. When she found out her husband had created monsters to torment humans she went to war with him and the thirteen Gods went to war with each other. She lead five of them and her husband lead the other five, with one God who remained detached from the battle. After many a moon she killed her former husband and cast his ashes to the wind. She banished the five gods who supported him to the Earth to live their lives among those they had sought to destroy. She is the Queen of the Gods of Heaven and has been known to appear in front of the brave and give them strength in their times of need.
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Re: R.O.H. Bestiary

Postby Lordxana0 on Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:14 am

A brief discussion of Gods and Demi-Gods.

As known by most there are Thirteen Gods and Goddesses that ruled over creation from the start of time. These thirteen were divided in the first Celestial War, and one was even said to have disappeared. This lead to their being two groups of Gods. Those we commonly call Gods, and the Demon Gods, cast away from the Heavens and stripped of most of their powers, forced to live upon the world in twisted forms.

The Seven Gods
Amon- God of Sun and Valor
Piom- God of Subtly and Wit
Chime- Goddess of Music and Art
Lucia- Goddess of Death and Rebirth
Kran- God of Birds and Mountains
Makim- God of Choice and Luck
Pakir- Goddess of Pleasure and Joy

The Six Demon Gods
Kumika- Goddess of Decay and Pain.
Stramas- God of Warfare and Violence
Strimar- Goddess of Entitlement and Paranoia
Ladium- God of Drowning and Burning
Grandian- God of Madness and Nightmares
Liuna- Goddess of Children and Life

However the Gods aren't the only divine forces in the world. Every once and again a child is born of God and another race, and these become Demigods. While not as powerful as their parents Demigods who are worshiped are still quite powerful and can grant boons to those who serve them. It is said that for everything on the planet their is a Demigod who rules over it. So there might be a Demigod of Earthworms with his own shrine found tucked away in an out of the way shrine. Demigods are not good or evil, as they have those who worship them that praise them in different ways. Say a follower of a Demigod of ice wanted to show loyalty to his Demigod. He might do this by cooling down a hot area or freezing an entire town and its people. Either way the prayer and the power flow into the Demigod and in return the person might gain a boon from it.

For more information on the various powers and a list of the names of more Demigods please go to page three thousand.
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