Chain Wars Character Sheets

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Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby Lordxana0 on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:39 am

Copy paste them from the discussion here. New people also post them here. I will pick after about a week from now and start it up.
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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:43 am

Character Sheet
Name: Daniel Renoue
Age: 16
Class Level: Junior
Desired Spirit: Hare of Eternal March
Bio: Daniel's an anti-social coffee addict with serious anger issues. He's a year younger than his classmates, on account of having started kindergarten a year early (he was born in January, and big for his age, so everyone figured he might as well), but who needs age when you can be physically intimidating?

After he sent a kid to the hospital for bullying his little sister, Daniel's parents decided, rather than a pointless conversation trying to convince him that Elise can take care of herself, to send him to boarding school-- the assumption being that without his Big Brother Instinct as a motivator, he'd stop getting into violent fights. They were wrong.

However, when the March Hare bonded with him-- attracted by that very hair-trigger temper and easy rage that so put off other people-- it was the best thing that could have happened to Daniel. While rage he already had aplenty, the Hare taught him to laugh, to take a joke-- and make one. His sense of humour may be twisted at times, but at least he's got one now.

The only real drawback Daniel can see to this arrangement-- not counting the Queens' armies after him, since he's confident he can take anyone who comes-- is the Hare's insistence that he switch from coffee to tea. It's never a good idea to bother Daniel first thing in the morning, when he's sipping Earl Grey instead of the espresso he really wants.

Physical Description: Daniel's about 6'10" tall, and built proportionately (i.e., not the tall-but-horribly-skinny build). So he's... kinda huge, and most of him is muscle. He has straight brown hair which is short but seems to perpetually need a haircut; his eyes are a light brown-shading-to-orange.
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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby Sicon112 on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:49 am

"Tick-tock tick-tock. The sound of a perfect rhythm. Time, marching inexorably onwards, second by second. That never-ending beat waits for no man... me."


Name: Lawrence Kewell

Age: 17

Class Level: Junior

Desired Spirit: The White Rabbit

Bio: Aloof and sarcastic, Lawrence was often accused of being the stereotypical model student who considers himself superior to everyone else. He grew up with little interaction with the rest of his small family, who were usually away. As a child, he was filled with a great desire to learn, and, while he was not unnaturally intelligent, he displayed an uncanny talent for memorization. However, the more he learned, the more separated he became from the world. He had no real friends to speak of, and he didn't particularly want any, and so he lived his life with very little human interaction outside of his schooling. This situation fostered a strange mindset within him, and the more he grew and learned, the more he felt himself merely a distant observer studying his subjects.

As he became more jaded, his eccentricities began to increase as well. In private he became more and more obsessive, seeking an elusive goal of flawless efficiency, planning out everything to get the maximum amount of work done in the smallest amount of time. In his eyes, his grades were either flawless or total failures, though more because he desired perfection than because he really cared about such things. It was a testament to his ability that they were almost always the former. He got a reputation for being a cold, calculating machine that always completed any task given to him with perfect accuracy and always arrived exactly on time, to the second. That was when the Rabbit found him.

At first, he didn't see much of a change, but his dreams began to shift; images of a strange clock tower that defied logic and the constant ticking of clocks. His mind sharpened to physically impossible levels, making even his previously uncannily accurate memories seem foggy by comparison. His spirit soon contacted him, and it became obvious very quickly that in this case, being similar was not a particularly good thing. However, during a 'vacation' where his parents pulled him along with them on a business trip, the forces of the Red Queen found him when he accidentally crossed paths with them as they returned from a skirmish with the White Queen's minions. In order to save his life, the Rabbit acted and brought out his true powers. Even though he was able to defeat them before they could relay information of his presence, the battlefield was discovered shortly and both sides traced it back to him. After that, the two minds within the same body agreed to begin afresh, and though their day to day arguments changed little on the outside, the relationship between them was much less hostile than before.

When his high grades drew the attention of a certain private school, Lawrence, wishing to escape the area before attacks began in earnest, convinced his parents to send him there to further his education, though not much work was needed on his part in order to make them acquiesce. His cold nature made even the smallest of interactions awkward for others at best. After arriving at the school, he soon became the head of his class, which also included a certain mad magician, whom Lawrence made it a priority to summarily ignore. So far, he has devoted his days first to his classes and second to work with his contracted spirit, since he cannot bear the thought of not having total control over powers that are already at his disposal.
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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby Guyshane on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:50 am

Name: Shane
Age: 18
school level: Senior
Spirit: White knight/Knight of the Vorpal blade
Bio: Shane is a laid back guy, however since he got the Knight of Vorpal Blade spirit one night Shane has been having some problems. The knight keeps forcing him to do something about every damn thing, every little "injustice" has to be rectified. On top of that the Knight is OCD as all hell. So now Shane has to contend with the difference in his natural personality traits and the ones the knight forces on him. Also he's still working on ways to use the vorpal blade without seriously wounding himself each time. He has not been discovered by either side...yet
Physical description: Slightly above average height with brown hair and grey eyes. He isn't out of shape but he's isn't well built either.
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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby AMimsyBorogove on Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:30 am

"Wir sind eine lustige Gesellschaft, die sich zufaellig auf einer Wuesteninsel befindet."
"We are a merry crowd which is, by chance, stuck on a desert island."


Name: Asterus Xerxes Rysell
Age: 17
Class Level: Junior
Desired Spirit: Hatter of Madness.
Bio: Born into an ordinary family - albeit one with a rather unusual taste in names - Asterus was, from a young age, fascinated by the somewhat outdated art of stage magic, almost to the point of obsession. Saving his money, he purchased one kit of trick items, then another, continually expanding his collection until it became quite considerable. Soon growing tired of the tricks of others, Asterus then began to attempt to learn and create tricks of his own. Various illusions, puzzles, seemingly impossible feats of dexterity, all sprang to life from his imaginative mind, continually growing in audacity and complexity until even he had trouble keeping track of them all.

This obsession, however, rather annoyed his parents, who thought their child was neglecting his studies and wasting his time on pointless things. Consequently, he was arranged to be sent to a boarding school once he reached high school age, and that was that. This did not, however, stop him from smuggling as many of his favorite trick items with him as he possibly could.

He managed to fit in rather well as the boarding school, being jovial and kind in nature, if a little strange at times. He made friends with several of the students there - unbeknownst to him, some of them being former friends of the spirit he housed within him - and, although he ended up getting them into trouble quite a few times with his antics, most of them ended up on fairly good speaking terms, although none of them know him very well, a relationship which has been maintained up to the present.

To be honest, however, Asterus has never been quite... normal. His mind works in strange ways, and although he always seems to know what's going on, there's never any logical reason why. In truth, his obsession with tricks that defy logic ended up drawing some attention to him: that of the Mad Hatter, fugitive from Underworld and jovial guardian of the spirit of Alice in Chains. From the moment he began inventing his own magic tricks, some of which subtly violated certain laws of logic in their execution, the Hatter of Madness took a liking to him and his little tricks, and, choosing him as a Contractor, soon merged almost seamlessly into his own mind, giving him the creativity he needed to continue with his elaborate stage magic, up until the present day. During this time, Asterus has constantly practiced the powers of the Hatter, fascinated by their impossible and yet wondrous nature.

At this point, one might say that Asterus and the Hatter are less two separate entities than they are two halves of the same mind, with Asterus appearing as the public face, and the Hatter serving as the shadowy man behind the scenes. Whether Asterus has become the Hatter, or the Hatter has become Asterus can no longer be told. They are, in effect, one and the same.

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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby agoraoptera on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:42 am

Name: Calarine Algrim

Age: 17

Class Level: Junior

Desired Spirit: The Invisible Death

Bio: Tip tap, dear me, what's going on? Calarine used to be quite the active and outgoing sports-girl, until the Cat crept into her life unknowingly. An urge to claw at things that irked her, a sudden craving for fish, she didn't realise what exactly was going on until she caught sight of her tail in the mirror.

The spirit made itself known to her even as she began panicking and, with a few angry arguments that drew her parents' attention, convinced her that she wasn't crazy. More or less. Ever since then, Calarine began withdrawing from her friends, suddenly feeling incredibly self-conscious whenever they paid attention to her, hating herself for it but unable to stop the admittedly unnatural tendency. Attention was.. strange.
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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby Scarab on Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:09 pm


Name: Akahana Sato
Age: 17
Class Level: Junior age, but studying and attending classes at the senior level.
Desired Spirit: Alice in Chains

Bio: To call Akahana quiet and reserved would be an understatement along the same lines as 'the Library of Alexandra was a little bit charred by the end’. In fact, some people at the school barely even knew she was there, since she spent half her time in the library, hiding out between shelves, or wandering the grounds, seemingly happy with a complete lack of company. Raised by kind, but extremely strict parents, Akahana has spent much of her life absorbed in books, partly for entertainment, and partly to escape from the demands of her parents and three older brothers, all of whom seem to be infinitely more talented than Akahana herself felt. In spite of her crazy high grades, the pressure from her family to do better was constant, and Akahana never felt like she was living up to their expectations.
While her initial... arrival came as a shock to the private and antisocial Akahana, Alice soon wormed her way into the girl’s heart and mind. Summoning the spirit of Alice gives Akahana something she had never before experienced: self confidence, the ability to rise above her own mental limits, and the chance to exercise her intelligence for something other than getting top marks... not to metion the chance to have a little fun. She spends her days searching the libraries of the school for something. Even Akahana herself doesn’t understand exactly what that something is, but it calls to her like an incessant voice in the back of her mind, something deep and just a little bit frightening. Akahana always figured that all human beings feel that kind of emptiness deep inside of them, forever scratching at their minds, but perhaps she was wrong... maybe this darkness is something entirely Akahana’s own.
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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby IslaKariese on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:35 pm

Cheshire Lorelei.jpg
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Name: Lorelei Willow Reinalyn

Age: 18

Class Level: Senior

Spirit: The Invisible Death - Cheshire Cat

Bio: A very small and quiet girl, she is often underestimated. She is much stronger, faster, smarter, and older than she looks. Having been the partner-host of the Cat's spirit since she was very young, she was alienated from her peers since she was a toddler. The Cat had offered to be her friend and over time, told her of the war and why he hid. He taught her how to think like a Cheshire Cat, using a mixture of stealth and cunning along with her ever-increasing skill with a bow and rapier. Due to a lingering depression, she's often tempted to simply disappear, though the Cat never lets her.

Appearance: Strawberry blonde, lavender eyes. Just barely taller than 5 feet. When utilizing the Cat, her eyes glow violet and her hair bleeds red.
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Re: Chain Wars Character Sheets

Postby Lordxana0 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:39 pm

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