Virtual War Character List Mark 2

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Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Lordxana0 on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:03 pm

Post character sheets here. All discussion on characters should be done in the Observation Deck. Remember this please or else punishment.

Username: (your username for the website)
Build: Small (like tinkerbell small), small 2 (like dwarf small), medium (average human), medium 2 (tall human), large(small house), large 2 (big house)
Weapon: (limit one handheld and one ranged)
Abilities: (not powers but rather perks, like excellent fighter, really fast, hard to hurt) pick two
Powers: (anything you can imagine so long as it doesn't break the system, so no powers that would result in instant win as soon as the fight began) pick three

Date Created:
Battles Fought:
Date Destroyed:
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Endless Sea on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:09 pm

Name: Alaki
Build: Medium 2 (two-ish meters tall, I guess)
  • Power-amplifying blaster (plus bayonet and laser scope!): can fire bolts of raw elemental energy with effects similar to a weak Special Beam Cannon; can amplify blasts/beams of elemental energy up to tenfold; can be Summoned to Hand
  • Power-manipulating spear: used for greater ease of manipulating elemental powers (although strength of powers does not require spear); extremely durable; can be Summoned to Hand
Abilities: Extremely agile (especially on icy ground!); fair durability due to magic-resistant metal plating as skin
Powers: Elemental Ice (average control), Elemental Psionics (low-level; mostly stuck to average-strength Mind Over Matter stuff and crude mental techniques), Elemental Plasma (low-level, due to its hard-to-control nature and extreme destructiveness, but control increases with user's anger and power increases with user's injuries)

Appearance: Two meters tall, with humanoid proportions. Entire body is covered in platemail with a smooth, curved aesthetic; most of it is painted white, but sections with heavier armor are colored in standard metallic tones. Within small gaps in the armor can be viewed more mechanical-looking stuff, such as pistons and servos and such. Eyes and some armor highlights appear to be made of transparent light blue metal and glow with internal light. Face appears entirely human below the nose, although colored the same as the heavier armor sections; the rest of face and head is covered by a domed white helmet, with eyes hidden behind a visor/HUD-looking thingamajig. When summoned, blaster is metallic-colored with white highlights, a core and emitter made of the same light blue metal-glass as above, and sports a bayonet and a tube connected to Alaki's back. Spear is white with metallic-colored blade, which also has a core of the light blue metal-glass.

Date Created: 1/11/13
Battles Fought: Two
Date Destroyed:

(NOTE: I was hoping to include something about his near-death-induced super form, which essentially gives a very brief but drastic boost to all of his elemental powers (especially plasma) and healing factor (which he has, but it's too slow to register as a power and doesn't affect combat normally), but given that it would invariably result in a mutual kill (his injuries reappear after running out of power) due to the broken-ness of plasma powers, among other things, I just decided to go with the minute power increases with failing mental and physical health. He's probably already kinda broken anyways.)
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Sicon112 on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:09 pm


Username: Sicon

Build: Medium (Medium two upon full shift. See powers.)

Weapon: One hand and a half straight sword with a double edged blade.

Soulblade: His sword. A construct formed of the core concept of his existence, its structure reacts to his own powers and outside forces as his body does, and is, for all intents and purposes, and extension of such. Is very hard to actually damage, and damage to the blade can be repaired through his magic with little trouble. The blade has no powers of its own, and when his magic is dormant it is merely a strong, sharp sword. However, when his magic is active it responds accordingly to outside forces.

Eye for Destruction: A strong combat amplification ability. It allows him to grasp and understand his opponents' weaknesses and how best to use them to his advantage, even in the midst of a fast paced battle. He can see the ebb and flow of combat with ease, allowing for superhuman feats of awareness, reaction speed, and skill by predicting and anticipating moves so that it almost seems like he can see the near future. This is possible to partially counter directly via a superior active ability, if someone has such a thing, but as it comes from the core concepts of his existence, all of its effects cannot be removed. (Example: Even if you manage to obfuscate your weaknesses, he will still continue to be a supernaturally good combatant.)

Conceptual Awareness: Though a weak one, due to his partial humanity, he is still an avatar of a concept, and can therefore 'see' other concepts, though this ability is less sight than it is a mere awareness of their existence, type, and effect.

Concept Bearer - Destruction: His existence is fused with the concept of destruction. This does not mean he has total manipulation of it, as he was originally human and thus cannot reach that level currently. However, he still wields significant power, and is able to use his concept on nearby matter. His range is short, and mostly relies on physical contact to first release the concept. The maximum range of the effect is limited by the state of the matter he releases it into. Gaseous matter is too spread out to transmit an attack far, while solid matter can carry the power with comparative ease, allowing him to, for instance, detonate the ground around him in a large explosion. Speaking of which, the effect of his concept usually results in large explosions, as his favored method is inducing instability into a substance by inserting large amounts of energy into it. (Example: A small scale nuclear fusion reaction initiated by using large amount of energy to hurl molecules into each other with the force necessary for fusion.)

Conceptual Defense: Obviously, detonating large explosions that you are literally in physical contact with is a really stupid idea... for most people. However, due to the concept he bears, his body can absorb harmful energy, such as the thermal and kinetic energy released from his explosions. This cheapens the cost of his powers somewhat, and stops him from being damaged by his own attacks, as well as providing a tough defense against outside assaults, such as projectile attacks, which stop instantly upon contact as their kinetic energy is drained. (This does not refer to 'magical' energy exactly, but it can take action against the effects of such if they are physical, such as the heat generated by a magic laser. This doesn't help much blocking the actual magical force behind the attack, but only mitigates side effects. The only exception is if the spell in question is also inherently linked to the same concept as him, though it them becomes a matter of relative strength.) Note: This is considered a passive ability normally, but he can actively choose to partially disable it, if for some reason he wants it to be so, for instance, to be propelled by an explosion.

Avatar of Destruction (Sealed): A super form of sorts. As he draws further and further upon his power, he begins to transcend a human state and become an embodiment of his concept. It begins as an almost not-there aura shaped like his fully released form overlayed over his physical form, that cannot quite be viewed in its entirety. His Conceptual Defense and the destructive power/range of Concept Bearer - Destruction are enhanced, as are his physical abilities and Eye for Destruction. Can be enhanced to Avatar of Destruction (True) if doing so will not break the match. This is a built in balancing move via purposely nerfing an ability, not an attempt at a fourth ability.


Avatar of Destruction (True): As it gains power, it begins to encroach upon sections of his body. As these sections are no longer human, his Conceptual Defense ability for those pieces is increased massively, and their own physical properties make them much stronger than fragile human flesh. Once this stage begins to set in, His state as a concept bearer is enhanced much further, allowing him to, with effort, wield his concept against things that are not necessarily "matter". However, this effect is not very strong, and while he can destroy artificially imbued concepts, he cannot reach the level of actual reality warping while in this state, though he can preform minor and temporary breakages of physics by removing some natural concepts for a short time, such as attacking the distance between points a and b, allowing for a very short ranged instantaneous transportation with much effort. As his body becomes more transformed, his power rises until it is entirely engulfed and his true form is revealed. This encroachment can be sped up by the loss of sections of his body, which can be replaced with his true form, should he have time to do so. This form does not carry over between battles, and he will begin every battle with his human body.

Date Created: 1/14/2013
Battles Fought: 0
Date Destroyed:

Other Notes: I would like to request that you PLEASE avoid matching up myself and Mimsy. The results will not be pretty, and one of your domes is very probably going to be utterly annihilated in the process. Plus, whichever one of us dies will probably just get more broken next time around...
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby AMimsyBorogove on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:21 pm

Username: Borogove
Build: Medium 2
Weapon: Anything created by his powers. Generally favors the bow and arrow, but can also wield swords - usually curved, single-edge weapons such as falchions or katanas - and lances.

Legendary Weapon 1 - Sword of Hisou: The weapon is described here, and pictured here. A relic of the celestials, gained by Borogove after he destroyed Gaia and sealed its power into a permanent weapon, it has many variations on its basic set of abilities. Foremost is its power to draw out a target's spiritual nature, giving it the form of scarlet mist and absorbing the concepts within it. While this doesn't adversely effect the target, as a living being's soul regenerates much too fast for Borogove to simply drain someone out of existence, it does slightly disrupt the use of magic, prolonging the charge time of enemy attacks so long as they remain in its presence. Additionally, ghosts or other such spirits are actively damaged on a spiritual level when cut, as the area the blade comes into contact with turns instantly to scarlet mist. Any enemy with a combined Dimensional Hole/Energy Absorption phenomenon, will, naturally, be immune to this effect, as are soulless beings such as zombies.

Once a target's spiritual nature has been absorbed and analyzed, the sword will instantly assume a suitable concept to counter the target. For example, if Borogove were to fight a construct made of ice, the sword would assume a fiery property to exploit the enemy's weakness. The sword's power also takes the form of weather, causing it to seem to blur and bend when swung via a sort of mirage.

It's a peerlessly crafted weapon, capable of channeling immense amounts of power without weakening. As its power takes the form of weather, by expending some of the scarlet mist it gathers, it can actively exploit the weather, allowing Borogove to immunize himself against adverse environmental effects, and actively use the environment to assault an opponent through earthquakes and other such geo/meteorological phenomena.

Its scarlet mist can also perform several other feats. By condensing its power, it can create blasts of pure, scarlet power for massively destructive storms of attacks. Or, by channeling its power into the user's body, it can provide a burst of intense physical reinforcement, allowing the user to survive tremendous damage, and to temporarily move at a rate far beyond normal physical capacity. And, finally, by using its scarlet mist, it can actively engrave Borogove's runes upon what it cuts without having to break the blade to do so, replicating the weapon's full power and then detonating it. But, by doing any of these things, Borogove will swiftly exhaust his supply of scarlet mist, and will need to drain more. This absorption goes at a rate of 10% of the weapon's capacity for each turn it remains drawn, with an added 10% any time it cuts a spirit or ghost. Utilizing its power in one of the above three forms, meanwhile, takes up a full 25% of the weapon's power for each turn it's deployed. Without scarlet mist, it loses its ability to control the weather, along with its power to launch special attacks.

Finally, the sword has a few special rules regarding certain concepts. Being a weapon that is divine in origin, it is unable to assume demonic or cursed aspects, such as Muramasa or the Lance of Longinus, along with the void element. However, even without Muramasa, it maintains a power-tripling effect thanks to the influence of the scarlet mist. Divine, life-based, or holy concepts, on the other hand, such as Masamune or the aether element, for example, have their effects doubled.


Master of Weapons: Borogove can use just about any weapon with a tremendous level of skill.

Battle Sense - High End: Borogove's reaction times are tremendously quick, and his senses are honed, making him incredibly aware of both his enemies and surroundings. Furthermore, as an expert combatant, he is incredibly good at predicting his enemy's moves just on the basis of experience, and can stay cool even in the middle of a fight.


Wielder of a Thousand Swords: Borogove has the power to turn anything he is touching into whatever weapon he wishes. There are a few details to this power. Firstly, the requisite material cannot come from a sentient being, as their soul will naturally resist his magic. Secondly, he must maintain contact with the object to be transformed from the beginning of the process to its end. Thirdly, the weapon's durability, cutting power, and over all craftsmanship are directly proportional to how long he spends creating them. For example, a sword created in two seconds would probably bend or break after a few attacks, while one on which he spends several minutes would be so sharp it could cut the air so cleanly as to create razor wind, or to perform impossible feats of swordsmanship with. Finally, he can actually move around while creating a weapon, but he must still remain in contact, and must focus to properly create something. However, if he, say, opts to turn "The ground" into a blade, then so long as he remains in contact with any part of the ground, he can still continue to create a given weapon. Finally, there is no limit to the number of weapons he can create at once, but, as he must focus to create each weapon, it's a given that, in mass quantities, the weapons will be inefficient and weak, and will take longer to create.

Spirit Forging: Borogove's second power is the ability to change the attributes of a given weapon he owns - either one of his creation or one looted in battle, but not one, say, wielded by an enemy - as he sees fit. So long as he is in contact with it, directly or indirectly - for example, he could warp the attributes of a sword planted in the ground several feet away from him so long as he himself is standing on the ground - he can alter several things about it. These include physical attributes - shape, size, density, mass, composition, sharpness, and other such things - conceptual attributes - cannot miss (homes target), one of many (copies itself), etcetera - and elemental attributes. These "elements" work on a system of ten basic elements, namely Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Lightning, Light, Darkness, Aether, and Void. These last two elements are both concepts from alchemy, the former being the essence of life itself (creating effects such as a healing shiv or a sword that slowly heals the one wielding it, or otherwise strengthening the body of its user) and the latter being the essence of pure destruction and non-existence (taking the form of explosions of arcane power, or spacial warping such as teleportation.) By adding elemental attributes, a variety of effects can be achieved. For example, a sword enchanted with water might release jets of high-pressure water with a similar effect to sword beams, or it might manipulate the water in its user's body to increase speed, strength, and endurance. Clashing elements - fire and ice, for example - can be combined in a single weapon, but, if they have effects that are too similar, it becomes somewhat pointless. For example, if our water sword also had the power to release blasts of fire when swung, the water would just extinguish the fire. And, as with the above ability, attribute alteration isn't instantaneous. Rather, the longer Borogove takes to modify attributes, the more powerful they are, but the less time he takes, the weaker they are. In addition, he can only add one attribute to any given weapon at a time, making the process much more time consuming to actually create a powerful weapon. However, given enough time, some combinations can be truly staggering in their lethality.

Broken Blade: Borogove's final power is very simple, and very dangerous. Namely, any time one of his weapons is broken, whatever surface that touches the fragments of the item as it shatters - but only as it shatters, not after it has already finished breaking apart - is engraved with a glowing magic rune. Each one of these runes contains the full power that was put into the weapon, and, at will, he can invoke one of three effects for this power - destroying the rune in the process - by activating a given command word and snapping his fingers. The first command word, "Shatter," does what you'd probably expect it to do: causes an explosion of power proportionate to the power of the weapon that created the rune. For a hastily created weapon, this would be a blast on the level of perhaps a firework. For a weapon crafted carefully and with much power put into it, this explosion could become truly massive. The second command word, meanwhile, is much more direct, and, perhaps, more dangerous. By declaring "Sever" instead of "Shatter," Borogove can concentrate the full power of the rune upon a single area, creating a single, condensed burst of energy that more cuts like a blade than it does destroy like a blast of power. This ability is again proportionate to the power of the rune, but more power does more to increase the range of the ability than it does its power. At low levels, this ability could only really damage someone standing right on top of the rune in question, or someone with a rune carved onto their body. At high levels, this could probably slash a target from a distance of a few meters, at most. However, due to the ultra-dense nature of this direct attack, what it lacks in range, it makes up for in penetrating power, being capable of cutting through just about anything, even magic defenses. Taking a somewhat different tack from these lethal abilities is the final command, "Bind." By declaring this, Borogove can manifest the power of the rune briefly in a field of pure energy. This can serve either of two purposes: first, to create a protective shield of varying power and size, with power growing weaker as the barrier grows larger, but stronger with increasing strength from the rune in question, and secondly to create a snare of energy that can either slow a target's movements with a weak rune, or entirely immobilize them and even begin crushing down on them with a more powerful rune. Whenever Borogove activates any of these powers, he can sacrifice as many runes as he wants from however many he has at a given time, and can select which runes he uses. However, these runes also come at a cost. Counting as active weapons, they drain his concentration and make it increasingly more and more difficult to create or modify weapons. Because of this, he can't stack runes too much, or else he'll be entirely unable to create new weapons for himself.

A final rule: Borogove CANNOT enter a fight with a pre-made weapon unless it's one he has looted in a previous battle. He will also begin with NO pre-owned weapons. However, looted weapons will carry over effects added to them from previous fights, making named weapons his most powerful items. But, if one of these weapons is destroyed in a fight to create a rune, it's lost for good, and cannot be retrieved - although it can be replicated once inside a battle. Also, pre-owned weapons will be stored in a sort of hyperspace arsenal once gathered, and can be summoned by declaring their name. Just to make things a little more interesting, most of the weapons he loots will actually be from various video games, anime, or other such media. See his first sword for an example.

Date Created: January 11th, 2013.
Battles Fought: 1
Date Destroyed: Still Alive. This was a triumph, incidentally.

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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:30 pm

Username: (The) Duck
Build: Small 2
Weapon: A frisbee (This doubles as a ranged weapon-- by throwing it-- and as a handheld weapon-- by smacking people with it. He holds it in his bill.)
  1. Straight Man-- Takes events in stride, no matter how shocking or absurd.
  2. Captain Obvious-- Is able to notice and point out the glaringly obvious, when it passes everyone else by (or even when it doesn't).

  1. SEP Field-- Although the Duck cannot become actually invisible, people find it incredibly difficult to convince their minds to acknowledge his presence. (See Douglas Adams' explanation of the Somebody Else's Problem Field.)
  2. Weirdness Magnet-- When afraid or endangered, the Duck subconsciously summons absurd events and/or persons, which tend to distract and/or amuse whatever is threatening him. (Because he himself IS the Weirdness Magnet, the Duck himself is immune to the brunt of this absurdity.)
  3. Internal Retcon/Laser-Guided Amnesia-- The Duck is able to retcon events from his life such that he (and, presumably, he alone) will have absolutely no memory of these events.

Date Created: Mon Jan 14 [revived Wed March 6]
Battles Fought: 1
Date Destroyed: Tues Jan 15 [revived]
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:14 pm

Username: eli
Build: medium
Weapon: none: see powers

Intelligence: State-certified Alchemist, has studied from an early age to reach certification

Agility: Alchemy requires physical skills to properly work; is in excellent shape.


The Gate: has looked into the gate and can now transmute without a circle

Water-based transmutation: can transmute and use any form of water, from solid to liquid to gas.

Basic alchemical training: has a generic knowledge of all alchemy, but limited skills in those areas. this is included, but not
limited to the bending or reshaping of earth and metal. and the ability to induce basic changes in the air and creating small blazes.

Date Created: 1/14/13
Battles Fought:
Date Destroyed:
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Scarab on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:55 pm


Username: Gallium (Scarab)
Build: Medium, edging towards small, really.
Weapon: Piano Wire
Abilities: Knows some degree of hand to hand combat and gymnastic skill, mostly ad libbed. Also possesses a high pain threshold thanks to training, which was necessary just to make her powers usable.
Powers: Has the ability to manipulate the vibrations caused by sound. Not just her own, either: she can read the field of battle via soundwaves even if you compromise her sight, and she is able to capture, reform, and amplify the sounds both she, her opponents and the environment around her make and reflect them back on her opponents. One way to avoid her ability altogether is to fight silently and even then her singing carries a severely detrimental effect because it actually effects the environment, causing severe quakes and other assorted effects.
She can also use her singing ability and any consistent surrounding noise as shields or projectile weapons, although the strength of these abilities depends entirely upon the source of the noise. A shield generated from the vibrations of a crackling fire for example would be a much more fickle, tricky shield to control than a constant droning musical bass.

Date Created: 15/01/2013
Battles Fought: 0 by the new Tally, 1 by the old one.
Date Destroyed: Still kickin’
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Guyshane on Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:17 pm

Name-Subject U-235
Build- Medium 2
Power gauntlets: Metal gauntlets which help him regulate his power. Also gives him a strength increase
M41A Pulse Rifle: an air cooled, fully automatic, short- to mid-range combat rifle. Fires 10mm armor piercing rounds. has underslung grenade launcher. 100 round magazines for the main gun, grenade launcher holds four shots. Digital readout round counter.

Rad field: Emits low-level radiation when not focusing on containing it
Flight: He can fly using his powers. This in no way makes it a good idea

Radiation manipulation: can control all forms of radiation
Radiation immunity: Is not harmed by radiation. a side effect of this is a near total resistance to heat.
Star creation: Given enough time and focus the subject can literally create a star with his powers.

Date created: 02/09/2013
Battles fought: None
Date destroyed:
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby JRPictures on Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:01 am

Carrying over from the previous thread:

Username: Butch Advent (P.I. also a Bounty Hunter)

Build: medium 2 (tall human)

Handgun: A Smith & Wesson Model 29 specifically. Very powerful. Since it's essentially a hand cannon and chambers .44 magnum bullets.
Knife: A large knife used for cutting, slashing and what ever else you do with a knife.

Excellent Fighter: Can deliver well some placed and powerful punches and kicks to opponents.
Improbable Aiming Skills: Can aim and shoot well at most target regardless of the distance and/or range

Psychic Powers: Has telekinesis and telepathy at his disposal.

Super Strength: Can lift and throw objects twice his own length.

Super Speed: Can move quite fast towards enemies or away from them.

Date Created: 23/1/2013
Battles Fought:
Date Destroyed:
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Genndy Oda C.O.G. on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:25 am

Gennflats.png (215.36 KiB) Viewed 2581 times

Username: Genndy Oda C.O.G.
Build: Medium (Medium 2 in Tier 3, Large in Tier 4.)
Weapon: Ω-Mallet, a 4-tiered weapon. Each tier must be reached before ascending to the next.
  • Tier 1- Ω-Mallet: It can release shockwaves by kinetic energy.
  • Tier 2- Gatling Mallet: It can fire anything as ammunition, albeit of only one kind at a time.
  • Tier 3- Ω-Tron: A suit of Powered Armor that seems to be made out of barrels.
  • Tier 4- 0HM-317: A mech with an Omega motif and a metal replica of the Tier 1 Ω-Mallet.
Abilities: None.
Powers: None
Date Created: 1/19/13
Battles Fought: 0
Date Destroyed: Unknown
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby KagiyaLawCorp on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:29 am

Username: Syl, Warrior of the Trees
Build: Medium 2
Wood- If it's made of wood, he'll form it.
Sight of the Forest- Syl can see through plants.
Regeneration- Given time, Syl can restore all of his battle wounds.
Wood Manipulation and Creation
Date Created: January 15th, 2013
Battles Fought: 0
Date Destroyed: ???
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby Victin on Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:53 pm

Username: Ava
Build: Medium
  • BlastBursters: A pair of gauntlets which are bigger than her normal fists, which can become a pair of bursters (which essentially are her hands). Usually go around strapped on her back, but can be stored in hammerspace and don't need to be physically worn (i.e.: when they are in her back, they can become a "white light" and install themselves on her hand). She calls it her "fistguns". [see more info on her power list]
  • Helium: A katana of silver white blade and pitch black handle. Stored in hammerspace and summoned to hand whenever needed. Can control wind to some extent, as its tech was copied from one of Ava's enemies, them modified to properly serve her techniques. [see more info on her power list]
  • Cycle: Model: Pyrospark "is" her armor, which can be summoned from hammerspace. In her picture the physical raw version can be visualized, though in battle she summons her armor as fully worn, as its raw version would only be wanted by her engineer/programmer or a thief (which happens to include most Cycle users). It provides her high resistance, if not outright immunity to fire, eletricity, heat, etc. As any Cycle, since they are made to be battle gear it is also "resistant" to "environmental" conditions, such as radiation and water, though its technical or physical system may be impaired, in different levels. Also her Cycle display other small tweaks, as some analisys on her enemy (not any kind of super duper ultra mega analisys, just a normal analisys anyone could do with time, but faster and maybe with minor extra details, both because it's a computer analisys), wireless accessibility to computers (doesn't work everytime) and others.
  • Motor: Of course she needs a power supply. Her drive can go on for a very long time before needing to re-fuel, and even day she would have up to a day of her emergency reserve, which results in one week, more or less. Her megadrive would spent her energies at least twice as fast, while her overdrive goes at least four times faster than her drive. She can slowly convert environment energy, be it magic or not, to her fuel reserves, albeit she could only user abilities stronger than her drive if suddenly a huge power were applied to her, otherwise it would take a long time to do so.
  • Drive: Ava's Drive is Firestorm, which gives her power of fire and lightning. Since it is a drive, of course it grants her basic powers such as fireball, eletroball, stream of flames, arc lightning, pillar of fire, thunderstrike, etc. It is straightly connected to her bursters. Her fire powers deal more damage to living beings and organic matter in general than her lightning attacks, which deal more damage to mechanical beings and similar. Both attacks can deal critical strikes, which causes a "burning" effect on living beings and organic matter in general (her fire attacks) or a short stun effect (on mechanical beings and similar), asides from their normal effects. The lightning deals sligtly less damage than the fire, but moves much faster. Also has a sub-drive, Summer Breeze, which leaves Ava use a few wind powers to support her attacks, with small critical tweaks.
  • Megadrive: Her Megadrive is Plasma Arc, which act as a combination of her fire and lightning powers to create plasma*. It usually results in explosions, combinated with burns and eletrical shocks, albeit without the critical effects they would have alone. Its sub-drive is Solar Wind, which is roughly a combination of Firestorm and Summer Breeze, albeit stronger.
  • Overdrive: Gomorrah is Ava's Overdrive. It greatly improves the power of her Plasma Arc by combinating it with her wind powers, but of course spends more energy than the previous -drives.
Date Created: March 7th 2013
Battles Fought: -
Date Destroyed: -
Inspired by: Megaman (which since I have no drawing abilities provide me with pictures), BlazBlue (which I have never played or seem playing nor anything but read the Character page in TVTropes), Ava's Demon (in name only)

*Picture plasma as a blob of a semitransparent semiliquid or very thick liquid colored this color: ████; with yellow lightning current on it (looking like a plasma globe, when it is spherical in shape). It can burn or even melt flesh with touch while dealing a powerful eletric shock, though it usually explodes before dealing any other kind of damage. It isn't real plasma, I'm not even sure if it behaves similarly. To examplify better, take a look at Kirby's plasma, while not similar to mine in any way, not only shows you something with a name which isn't exactly like its IRL counterpart, but also is called plasma and isn't like IRL plasma.

Pic gallery:
  1. She using a prototype of her cycle, combined with her "fistguns" in its "gun" modus. Notice the waste of energy by the BlastBursters and the design differences.
  2. Realistic concept art to display Model Pyro in action, developed in a "programmer's" simulator.
  3. Ava using with her guns in hand, during a training session. Notice the difference's from her prototype's photo.
  4. Conceptual drawings of her cycle appearance, access and drives while it was in prototipal phase. Drawings are similar only in visual to her actual cycle, as her "transformation" is quite different and she was given the "lightning" element.
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby RationalThought on Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:21 pm

Username: Mephistroth, the Demon Sovereign
Build: Medium 2
Weapon: Angel's Lament, a sword that provides Mephistroth with a focal point for his dark magic, as well as providing Mephistroth with a direct link to the Demon Throne, a massive repository for demonic magic and a portal to the Lower Realms. As an infernal weapon, Angel's Lament cannot be destroyed, nor can its power be used by anyone that is not the Demon Sovereign. Physically, it is a black, straight knight's long sword with inlaid rubies and a demon's face adorning its hilt, with black wings forming the guard.

The weapon doubles as a ranged weapon due to its properties as a magical focus.


Infernal Might: Mephistroth is incredibly tough and physically strong, due to his demonic nature.

Imposing Presense: People near Mephistroth tend to find their will weakened, due to the power of the Demon Throne granting an aura of domination and power to the Sovereign.


Dominate: Mephistroth calls forth the power of the Demon Throne, and directly assaults the mind of his opponent with dark power. Mephistroth can use this to cause pain, fear, doubt, and other things, while he sweeps in for the kill.

Infernal Mastery: Shadow energy attacks come easily to Mephistroth, and he has a great deal of mastery over other branches of demonic magic.

Void Power: Mephistroth can use his power to open portals to the Void, creating miniature black holes where he deigns - though these are unstable and will close unless held open by Mephistroth consciously, with an influx of energy.

Date Created: 01/27/13

Battles Fought: None

Date Destroyed:

Backstory: In his youth, he was an upstart, invading the Upper Planes on a whim - rather successfully. After bringing home and corrupting a few angels, he destroyed the former Demon Sovereign with his trickery, and assumed control of the Lower Planes. Now that he has united the demons under one king, by bullying, power, and manipulation, he now plots to increase his power.
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Re: Virtual War Character List Mark 2

Postby narrativedilettante on Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:14 pm

frostfairy.gif (11.51 KiB) Viewed 2602 times

Name: Snowflake

Build: Small


-Poison rapier: To medium or large opponents, this would be equivalent to being stabbed with a poisoned needle. Unlikely to produce an immediate effect until the poison starts working its way through the bloodstream, causing sluggishness and disorientation.

-No permanent ranged weapon, though she may on occasion create spears out of ice.


-Flight: This is her main means of transportation. Due to this ability and her small size, there are very few places she can’t reach.

-Agility : With quick reflexes and excellent physical control, she can dodge and twist herself out of most situations.


-Frost: Can freeze water when in proximity, including that water inside an opponent. She can control the shape the frozen water takes, and over time the effect can spread quite far, freezing water in contact with water that has already been frozen.

-Healing – can easily recover from minor injuries, or even major ones with sufficient time and energy. This balances her frail physique, as it is easy to injure her, but said injuries are rarely permanent.

-Misdirection: Through a combination of talents, she can remain hidden while leading an opponent to believe she is in a different location. The effect only lasts until the opponent realizes she is not there, and is not typically useful more than once against a given opponent, since the opponent is likely to catch on.

Date Created: 03/11/2013
Battles Fought:
Date Destroyed:
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