Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

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Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:46 am

Right, so there are three kinds of characters:
  1. NPCs-- pretty straightforward
  2. Player Characters-- also straightforward, the characters you create and make character sheets for, which can happen soon but not yet; and
  3. what I'll call Named Characters

What are Named Characters? Like NPCs, their existence is necessary to the story. Unlike NPCs, however, their choices, and in some cases their backstories, are flexible enough that I don't need to be the one who writes them.

As such, instead of writing your own Player Character you may apply to write a Named Character. PM or email me the Named Character application (explained below), filled in to suit your Named Character of choice. If your application is accepted, I'll speak with you to work the "necessary" part of the character's backstory in with what you've got, and to create a working character sheet (which you'll post with the Player Character sheets when that opens).

A few things to keep in mind:
  • Not all the Named Characters have to be on the ship; in fact, some of them are mutually exclusive, where if one of them is on, a different one will be evil, or dead, or something. As such, don't take it personally if your application is not chosen.
  • Regular Character Sheets are only going to open after Named Character applications have closed. As such, if your application is not accepted, feel free to create a Player Character, even recycling information you used for this one.
  • This goes for regular characters, too, but even more so for Named Characters: I reserve the right to give you infodumps to relay to the rest of the "cast" during the game, on account of it being information your character would have specific reason to know. I might also ask you to reveal/not reveal specific facts about the character's identity at specific points in the story (how you do so is, of course, up to you).
  • Any Named Characters who get no applications will just become dead or NPCs, so... no worries.
  • You can feel free to apply for MORE than one Named Character, if you so wish, though keep in mind that you can only be selected to *write* ONE of them.
  • The deadline for Named Character applications HAS NOW PASSED. Regular Player Character applications will open soon.

Named Character Application Sheet:
  • Character being applied for:
  • Age: Each character has an age range from which you can choose
  • Appearance: (Keep in mind that there may be some aspects of the appearance which I will dictate)
  • Nation (if applicable)
  • Backstory/motivation: This is basically your chance to tell me how you would play the character and why I should totally give the character to you, since there are some aspects of the backstory which I have planned and others for which I will offer you choices based on what you've already got.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:30 pm

Hmmm... Okay. I'm now instating a deadline of April 23 for Named Character applications. Remember, if that feels soon, don't worry, because regular Player Character applications will only open after that point. That said, if you're dead set on writing one of the Named Characters but can't write something up by the 23rd, speak to me, and I can work something out. I can be super-flexible about deadlines when they're not being applied to me.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:59 am

Named Character Applications are now closed. Probably. I mean, if you desperately want one, I can see what I can do, but why would you need to that when it's...


Okay, I'm making this a tiny bit complicated because so much of the intrigue revolves around the potential for characters having secret identities and information as a commodity. SO every character sheet is split into two parts, one which you PM/email me, and one which goes on the forum:

Forum character sheet:
  • Character name/alias
  • Age/apparent age
  • Nation/ apparent nation
  • Appearance
  • Weapon(s) (optional-- don't go overboard)
  • Backstory/alleged backstory
  • Requested position on the ship-- Go wild; you can basically be anything but Captain. Don't worry about overlap, sure, I can't have EVERYONE be First Mate, but I don't mind, for example, having a cook and assistant cook, doctor and assistant doctor, etc. Likewise, don't think you've got a better chance by filling a position that's empty; I can always fill it with an NPC if you'd rather be a merchant or a guard or the guy who sweeps the decks (yeah, that one should be popular). NOTE: Preference for "doctor" will go to characters with magical ability.
  • Is your character joining the ship now, or was he/she already a part of the crew?
  • Requested roommate (optional)-- All cabins on the ship are two-person; you can list someone here who has a shared backstory with your character, or someone who, OOC, you think you can write interesting roommate interactions with, or just "someone female", or leave it up to the Captain (/me) to decide whom to put you with.

Private character sheet: (Send this to me via forum PM, email, or chatroom PM, though if you use the chatroom make sure I acknowledge I've received it, since they're not logged there)
  • Character name
  • Character alias
  • Age (if different from apparent age)
  • Nation
  • Actual backstory (where different)
  • On his way to board the ship, your character is waylaid by member's of the King's intelligence forces, asking you to write periodic reports on any suspicious activity aboard (and particularly if you suspect anyone of being the missing crown prince). Yes/No? (keep in mind that you can lie to them and plan on sending false information, or change your mind later; I just want to know the answer the intelligence agents hear)
  • Loyalties (laconic)-- basically, is your character fiercely loyal to the king? Part of the Order of the Axe, a secret society dedicated to toppling the king and replacing him with his more just son? A Sarpaian or Aggalaelian who's Not In It For Your Revolution because she's only concerned about her own national interests? Something else?

NOTE about Nation: I have said before that I don't want a surfeit of Rakaian characters. HOWEVER, if you can justify in the backstory how he's even here, and justify a way of keeping his powers down to Rakaian+insulator levels at MOST so that you don't have Story Breaker Powers, then feel free to have that Rakaian. :)

SECOND NOTE: if your character genuinely has nothing to hide, you can just put up the public sheet, with the last two answers from the other one tacked on.

THIRD NOTE: The deadline for character applications is currently the end of May (if you really want to join but won't have time by then, just speak to me and don't worry; I can be flexible about deadlines if necessary).

FOURTH NOTE: Please keep any comments on the character sheets to the discussion thread, so this thread can be an easily-navigable compilation solely of character sheets.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby JackAlsworth on Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:24 pm

  • Character name/alias: The Captain
  • Age mid-50s
  • Nation/apparent nation: Human
  • Appearance: Tall and mildly imposing. Black hair with grey streaks in it, full beard. Has a mild limp.
  • Weapon(s): A rapier and a small, one-handed crossbow.
  • Backstory/alleged backstory: The Captain is a lifelong sailor, a veteran of both the Raiser's War (a short but bloody revolution about 20 years ago) and the trade lanes above Ascarthea. His commanding presence and stately demeanor cover a shrewd, calculating mind. He has tried to keep himself away from the politics and general skullduggery of the kingdom below, but recent events have warned him to keep on guard.
  • Position on the ship-- Captain. You can tell by the sweet hat he wears.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Guyshane on Sun May 05, 2013 2:58 am

Character name/alias: Gandal Crowar

Age/apparent age: 30

Nation/ apparent nation: Human

Appearance: A very slightly overweight long-bearded man of average height, with dark eyes and hair although grey has started to creep in on his hair and his beard

Weapon(s): a standard crossbow

Backstory/alleged backstory: A fairly-wealthy merchant who has had good business in every nation. He has a strong loyalty to King Jervoam, but if he had to leave the kingdom behind he wouldn't mind overmuch as he loves seeing the world and all its different people. However Gandal is no fool and knows that not everyone shares his enthusiasm others, hence the crossbow.

Requested position on the ship-- Just a traveling merchant
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby AMimsyBorogove on Fri May 17, 2013 10:28 pm


  • Character Name/Alias: Leonhardt Kanra Weissman
  • Age/Apparent Age: 24
  • Race/Apparent Race: Human
  • Appearance: Tall, lean, and excessively fabulous. His pale complexion, long, blonde hair, and somewhat ridiculous choice of attire make him a bishie of the highest calibur - and cause him to be occasionally mistaken for a woman. Being as affable in demeanor as he appears, however, he rarely minds. Another odd feature to note about Leonhardt - or Leo, as he is more commonly called - is that his eyes are two different colors, one being a bright gold, and the other being a wine red. This latter eye is actually made of glass, as his right eye was lost some time ago.
  • Weapon(s): A hard cane of black wood, reinforced with a steel core and a sharp steel spike for a base for self defense, and several pieces of fanciful engraving and ornamentation done in silver up and down the haft of the accessory, as well as a masterfully crafted head made from the same precious metal, done in the shape of a one-winged eagle with spherical rubies for eyes. To the probable surprise of many, it's surprisingly durable, capable of standing up to cuts from the average sword without sustaining much damage, and its heavy spike has tremendous piercing power.
  • Backstory/Alleged Backstory: The nephew of a rich merchant, he inherited this man's vast fortune upon his uncle's death, and, after growing tired of living in luxury, bought himself an assortment of weapons and hired skilled teachers to train him in the art of combat, then proceeded to hire himself out as a mercenary. Somehow, he ended up as partners with a rather sociopathic and hyper-competent man named Xerva, although how exactly this occurred is anyone's guess. After Leo lost an eye on one of their jobs, the two agreed to take on a more relaxing job. Getting out of country just in time to escape from the impending unrest was just a bonus. And so, here they are. On a boat. And going fast.
  • Requested Position on the Ship: Mercenary Marine Guard, along with his partner Xerva. He's much less active than his partner, however, and generally seems more like a passenger than an actual member of the crew.
  • Time of Boarding the Ship: Joined only fairly recently, shortly before the current voyage.
  • Requested Roommate: Xerva, once Sicon gets his bio up. This is probably for the best, seeing as Leo is the only person, perhaps, that Xerva actually tolerates.

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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Lordxana0 on Sat May 18, 2013 1:06 am

Character name/alias: Kiva Lonldon/Silver Tongued Devil

Age/apparent age: 26

Nation/ apparent nation: Aggalaelians


Weapons: His silver tongue and good looks. Also a mass amount of magical runes he can write on papers and feed energy into to perform spells. He keeps then tapped along his body. They require no energy to use and can be activated by thought. His main spells are protection, healing, a force blast, and noise canceling.

Backstory/alleged backstory: Kiva was once a man of great standing in his village, but was quickly thrown out when he was seen seducing the village chiefs daughter. From there the legend of Kiva Lolndon grew in terms of infamy, not due to any sort of combat ability or magic, but because wherever he went stories of his legendary indiscretions became known across the entire land. When he was seen entering a town guards would warn the men to lock up their non-married daughters and even those who were married. But he became well known for something else, tricks. He could perform magic that had nothing to do with the elements such as making things disappear, pulling small animals out of hats, and guessing what card someone picked out of a perfectly normal deck of cards. He was also known as one of the greatest chefs that had ever been known, creating recipes that brought tears to the eyes of nobles. The only thing he desires is his freedom, and if anyone tried to do anything to take that away from him... well just because one is not famous for his fighting skills does not mean one is without them.

Requested position on the ship-- Cook/Entertainment

Is your character joining the ship now, or was he/she already a part of the crew?-- He is just joining the ship due to some... financial decisions that might come back to bit him if they are not paid off.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Sat May 18, 2013 1:19 am

Character name/alias She goes by Cheol.
Age/apparent age 25
Nation/ apparent nation Sarpaian
Appearance- she looks like your average unicorn shapeshifter, with the exception being that a scar crosses the right side of her face from an unknown accident. this scar is noticeable and nicks her horn.
Weapon(s) (optional-- don't go overboard) Just a simple sword, and some smaller blades she keeps on her person at all times.
Backstory/alleged backstory- A navigator. One of the best. Worked for the navy, until one day, when a terrible accident occurred that cause the death of all those on-board her ship. She was removed without honors, and is disgraced in all the realm(s).
Requested position on the ship— Navigator
Is your character joining the ship now, or was he/she already a part of the crew? She applied for the job after her scars healed, 5 years ago. She’s been a faithful, if quiet, member of your crew.
Requested roommate (optional)—you know who :P
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby agoraoptera on Sat May 18, 2013 3:10 am

Character name: Kasid Onehand
Age: Approaching 40 or so.
Nation: Aggalaelian
Appearance: Short, stout, swarthy. Close-cropped black hair, little more than stubble. Bushy eyebrows, regular brown eyes. Pretty much a regular swab. Only distinguishing feature would be that his left hand is chopped off and a thick steel rod juts out of the stump about twenty centimetres long.
Weapon(s) (optional-- don't go overboard): Whatever the ship's crew have at hand in the event of pirates, which I take to be swords. If the ship's armoury only has bows, then he has a simple shortsword because he's not proficient at bows. What deckhand would have a weapon anyway?
Backstory: Kasid's been on the ship for just about as long as he could remember. Nothing too fancy: he's just another sailor. In a pirate attack long time ago, he lost his hand- and so his shapeshifting powers- and gained a name, but in all honesty he doesn't actually care. Before the doctor cauterised the wound, Kasid insisted on jabbing a spar of metal in so that at least he'll feel a little more balanced. Despite his handicap, the captain still treats him as part of the crew, so all's well there.
Requested position on the ship-- Deckhand
Already a part of the crew? He's been there for too long, really. He'd joined when he was in his teens; he's not too clear on that, foggy memory. He interacts as much with the crew as, well, a crewmember would.
Requested roommate (optional)-- Anybody's fine. Since he'd be a deckhand, he'd room with another deckhand? Or an NPC?
Loyalties: No particular ones, but if any, to the Captain.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Adell on Fri May 31, 2013 2:30 am

  • Character name/alias Sea Bronco (or just Sea, please)
  • Age/apparent age 21
  • Nation/ apparent nation Sarpaians
  • Appearance A relatively averaged sized young man, he stands at roughly 5’ 8” not counting the horn. His appearance is far closer to a more human side, and if it weren’t for the 3-inch horn on his head you’d probably think he’s completely human. Messy brown hair curls around his forehead and horn and lies over the tan man’s face. His ears are adorned with several multicolored jewel earrings, matching the gold bracelets on his wrists and tacky looking necklace he wears. His chest is exposed to the elements while he wears an open red coat and black cloth pants. His body is fairly tan do to all the time he spends in the sun, and its muscles fairly toned, though nothing above average.
  • Weapon(s) A simple curved sword, otherwise known as a Scimitar. He also wears a clawed gauntlet on his left hand, though this is more to grab onto things than fight.
  • Backstory/alleged backstory: Sea is a treasure hunter who wants on the boat with hopes of getting some money and a few bags-o-money and some big chests-o-money. He’s not interesting in stealing money or possessions of those around him, he’s more interested in finding those really cool one of kind lost treasures that are possibly cursed or magical but look shiny. He’s a ‘pirate’ who "pillages the past" because, as he puts it, “Most of the time dead people don’t get as pissed as the living ones do when you steal from them.” Had his own boat for awhile but the thing sprang a leak and sank to the bottom of the ocean. He was rowing for a few days on his life-raft when he bumped into the king’s ship (at port or at sea, your choice) And offered aid in return for some food (and a chance to get back out on the sea with an actual boat again)
  • Requested position on the ship— Treasure Seeker/Merchant
  • Is your character joining the ship now, or was he/she already a part of the crew? Joining now-ish?
  • Requested roommate (optional)—"Someone not Sarpaian. It’s bad enough having one horn cut through your furniture let alone two."
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby narrativedilettante on Fri May 31, 2013 4:00 pm

Character name/alias: Susan Vertue

Age/apparent age: 30

Nation/ apparent nation: Human

Appearance: Susan has dark, almost black, hair and freckles. She bears a continually serious expression, which some find off-putting.

Weapon(s) (optional-- don't go overboard): She has a saber, with a steel blade and a copper handle. She's been trained in its use and is proficient, but has never really had a chance to use it in actual combat.

Backstory/alleged backstory: For Susan's entire life, she has wanted to heal people. (Well, when she was VERY young she just wanted to heal cats.) She studied the medical arts and became distinguished in the field. For the past two years, she was the solitary practicing doctor in a small village. The villagers were unhappy, though, and felt that Kind Jervoam was treating them unfairly... a sentiment that grew to a head when the King required the villagers to provide accommodations for his army as they were traveling. The ensuing riot destroyed Susan's office. With nothing left to her name, she sought work wherever she could find it... and this ship is where it was available. She's bitter about the loss of her practice and blames the King's government for her situation.

Requested position on the ship: Doctor.

Is your character joining the ship now, or was he/she already a part of the crew?: Just joining now.

Requested roommate (optional): Preferably not some King Jervoam-loving goons.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Sicon112 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:07 pm

Forum character sheet:
  • Character Name/Alias: Xerva
  • Age/Apparent Age: Early 20s
  • Nation/Apparent Nation: Human
  • Appearance: Shorter than average, he wears a heavy concealing coat, a headband, and carries with him, usually hidden beneath his coat, a katana sheathed in its saya, which is strangely covered with ofuda as if sealing some great evil power.
  • Weapon: He carries the aforementioned katana, but makes no attempts to draw it. If attacked, he defaults to using his fists and shows no signs of thinking of utilizing his sword.
  • Backstory/Alleged Backstory: A mercenary hired to protect the ship in case of pirates as an on deck soldier. While he has a reputation for being skilled, not much is known about where he came from before he was a fighter-for-hire. He is known in the underworld for taking jobs and missions widely considered impossible and/or suicidal almost exclusively, but somehow mysteriously pulling victory from the jaws of defeat. On most missions he appears working in tandem with his partner, Leo, an eccentric member of the higher class. He is widely considered to be the hypercompetent member of the duo, compensating for the foppishness of his companion.
  • Requested Position on the Ship: As said above, a fighter on payroll to protect the ship from pirates and other hostile boarders of any sort.
  • Is your character joining the ship now, or was he/she already a part of the crew?: Been part of the crew for a little while before the start of the story maybe, but I have no real preferences.
  • Requested roommate (optional): Mimsy would work, sure, but I have no real preferences, so select whoever you want.
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Re: Ship of Spies-- Character sheet stuff

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:16 pm

  • Character name/alias: Jonathan Seraia
  • Age/apparent age: 21
  • Nation/apparent nation: Human
  • Appearance: Slightly above-average height, fairly muscular. Dark brown hair which is starting to get long (i.e., approaching his shoulders), dark brown eyes. Some whip weals visible on his arm, though he tends to cover up.
  • Weapon(s): He has a sword, but he doesn't like to publicize that.
  • Backstory/alleged backstory: He was an indentured apprentice to a tanner; ran away from his harsh master, found work on a boat which didn't ask too many questions about his legal right to be there.

Note: I know what you're thinking: why the heck is Qara listing a character if she's the GM, that's totally cheating!
So here's the thing: Jon is kind of halfway between a PC and an NPC. He's on the boat because you're an odd number otherwise; since he's on the boat, I anticipate he'll be interacting enough that I should put this info up, so you know as much about him as you do about each other. He probably won't, however, get to do as much of the fun stuff as you guys will do, because my purpose with him is not to get to play. Just to make sure the character's around.

As for the second part of what you're thinking, "but if you know all our characters' secrets, how is this fair!!!": This is a good time to establish this rule for ALL the characters, no matter how much you feel like telling each other or brainhaxx about your plans. Regardless of what I know, or what anyone knows, characters can only find stuff out about their fellows, whether they get told in a conversation or they find it out by snooping around, by mutual agreement. Even if it's listed right in the public sheet, if it's not obvious to the character, they shouldn't discover it until you've PMed the other person's writer to make sure it's okay.

(A prime example is Jonathan's sword: yes, I listed it in the sheet in the name of full disclosure. But since he's not broadcasting that, if you want your character to see the sword, you would check with me first.)

On the personal level, I don't want this guy to know all your secrets. If a character tells him something, great, he'll know it; otherwise, he'll have to find things out the hard way. Again, he's not here to be "my" character. He's an NPC who will be getting unusually involved.

Another note: As of this post, Ship of Spies is closed to further characters until further notice. Of course, if someone comes to me with a brilliant idea, I may choose to convince the Captain to sign on some new crew, so it's not completely closed... Bottom line, I won't say out of the question, but anyone who wanted to come in after this point would have to speak with me first.
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