Godsfall Character Sheets

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Godsfall Character Sheets

Postby Lordxana0 on Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:12 am

For character sheets having to do with Godsfall.
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Re: Godsfall Character Sheets

Postby agoraoptera on Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:51 am

Character Sheet

Name: Astreya Xue Tianzhen 雪天貞 (I put the Chinese characters there because of wordplay. Tianzhen (天真) means naive, but this zhen (貞) means pure and chaste. Hence, her name is literally Snow Sky-Pure.)

Age: 23

Divine Parent: Zorya Utrennyaya http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zorya

Appearance: Slightly taller than an average woman, pale skin dappled irregularly with bright red threads of Litchenberg figures, long white hair flowing down to her back. Lean as a result of physical training. Pale green irises that may expand and change colour such that her eyes become completely black when in stressful situations; there is a faint hint of a distant sparkle in the depths of her abyss-like eyes. Has a sharp horn atop her head about the length of her middle finger to her palm, angular and straight with a diamond-shaped base. Her clothing is generally pure white, save for a monochromatic black skirt. Her pilot helmet is minimal, covering only the top, back and partially the sides of her head and also has a long horn to accommodate her horn.

Personality: Astreya tends to be sweet and charming, open to people and generally pleasant. She has moments of awkwardness when she accidentally speaks out a piece of information regarding her conversation partner, but after some embarrassment, recovers without too much trouble. She relishes missions and food, having a huge appetite despite her slender size. When she steps onto the battlefield, despite retaining her cheery nature, Astreya can become exceedingly violent, utilising her weapons and star-fire to destroy buildings and objects superfluous to the task at hand on a whim. This, in addition to some slight post-traumatic stress disorder she suffered very early on in her career, has resulted in regular appointments with the resident military psychiatrist for about seven years, though now its more of keeping tabs on her mental state than trying to return her to equilibrium. As of the beginning of the RP, Astreya is perfectly sane.

Special feature: Nano-infused

Job: Mecha Pilot

Mecha Name: Starfall

Mecha Type: Leviathan

Mecha Description: The most striking thing about this pearlescent mecha is its horn, a mechanical mimicry of its pilot. While seemingly for aesthetic purposes, the horn crackles with bright blue arcs of electricity, connected to Starfall's reactor. The reactor itself is partly driven by nuclear fusion to supply the great energy demands of the mecha, but the process is only able to be self-sustaining thanks to a motor within which accretes atmospheric static, an ubiquitous power source. Excess amounts of atmospheric static gathers at the horn, to be used in the event of an abrupt and massive surge in power requirements or to be discharged at foes in desperate situations.

Starfall itself is streamlined and deceptively slim. Though it appears to lack major armour plating apart from the narrow tower shield attached to its left arm (the shield can be detached and used as a handheld shield, but is generally attached to free up the other arm), the body of the mecha is composed of an alloy of Corinthian bronze and sky-iron. This allows Starfall to withstand incredible trauma and, due to being forged by Astreya and steeped in a saturation of her eldritch star-fire, is almost entirely heat-resistant.

Starfall's speed , while decent enough in terms of agility and movement to dodge enemy fire, is not as quick on its feet as other melee-oriented Leviathan-class mechas. In the air however, its unique reactor allows for unprecedented speed. With a greater speed of air intake, more energy becomes collected from atmospheric static, allowing for Starfall to speed across the sky even more rapidly. The increased speed leads to a further increase in air intake, creating a powerful self-sustaining cycle of energy gathering which allows Starfall to either achieve atmospheric re-entry speeds past Mach 25 within half a minute or to utilise the gathered energy for other purposes.

There are thirty-five bits located in Starfall's frame; for those who don't know, bits are remote-controlled parts that detach from slots and fly out. They are controlled by the mind (in this case thanks to the direct cortical interface provided by superfine hair-like mechadendrites which slip into the sides of Astreya's eye-sockets. Prolonged use results in eye irritation and abrupt disconnection results in a highly disorienting experience wherein Astreya struggles to focus back on her own body, after being as one with Starfall.) and have their primary function grounded in their laser weaponry. Bits can also align together to form a lattice through which beam weaponry have their efficacy amplified or scattered to provide greater coverage with a proportional decrease in damage and can also create a deflective force-field (the tower shield can produce a similar force-field as well). The bits can be utilised as mid-ranged weapons able to engage the enemy before visual sight is gained or as personal protection against melee combatants since Starfall lacks melee weaponry. The bits have a limited power supply and must dock with Starfall to recharge after an average operation time of ten minutes. Hence, less than half the bits tend to be used at any given point of time; only desperate situations call for usage of all thirty-five bits.

Starfall wields two unique guns, apart from the mass-produced 'fire-and-forget' armaments that regular military forces have. The first, the primary weapon, is a positron laser rifle with three modes. Its standard mode sets its rate of fire to be that of a regular assault rifle. The extend mode, as its name suggests, extends the rifle to its full length and enables the particle condenser, allowing incredibly powerful beams to be fired. While the extend mode beams are many times more powerful (capable of punching through at least two digit metres worth of reinforced rockcrete), the beams also take a few seconds to charge up and after the shot, needs a few more seconds to cool down. The half-extend mode is a hybrid of both modes, giving the rifle the function of a sniper rifle instead of particle cannon. The sniper rifle mode is used most frequently, particularly when Astreya is covering her teammates from a distance.

The second weapon is a much more passive tool. It has an incongruously bulky appearance. Its primary function is to drain the ambient heat; in essence, it freezes the environment after being activated for at least fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the environ. This firstly acts to incapacitate enemies and secondly to remake the battlefield to Astreya's own personal taste: the cold winters of her youth have always been a comfort to her. The secondary function of the weapon is to rapidly recharge bits with this stolen heat energy or redirect said energy to the reactor whereupon it is redirected to the horn, increasing the deadliness of the lightning discharge. The weapon has also been used in conjunction with Astreya's star-fire as well, amplifying its already soul-searing lethality.

Starfall also has kinesis modules in its palms. These function as 'gravity guns', allowing the mecha to lift objects far beyond its size and pulling in objects out of its reach. Though generally used in rescue missions to shift away dangerous debris, they can be used in last-ditch situations to push an enemy away so that its bits are able to fire at the foe without fear of hitting itself.

Demigod power:

Star-fire- Being born from the Morning Star, Astreya has within her the star-fire from which her mother is made of. She can manifest the star-fire as she wills. Apart from close combat and typical fireballs, she can infuse her mecha with it, resulting in a) a mecha that burns people on contact, b) star-fire-powered projectiles that can be shot through her weapon or anything vaguely directional, ie, the horn or a limb, and c) a very flashy mecha. The star-fire burns in excess of fifty thousand Kelvin but her control over it ensures that it burns nothing of her own unintentionally. A strange thing to note is that the star-fire has been known to warp objects and distort them in a fashion unrelated to its extreme heat, but this rare phenomenon is uncontrollable, nor is there any known explanation for it. The only observation one can make is that this occurs when the star-fire blazes strangely purplish-blue as opposed to its typical azure.

Revelation- A passive power, it kicks in often, frequently for trivialities when Astreya is not engaged in battle. When it does, she suddenly knows things, whether it be about a person, a thing, what happens in the immediate future, etc. For plot-important things, the power for some obscure reason remains dormant. Example of what I mean by trivialities, she'll know the number of hairs you have on one eyebrow but won't know your backstory. She may suddenly realise that your name contains a certain number of letters upon looking at you, but not know your name. In essence, nothing story-important, except in special situations, with the permission of the party in question. The power's main strength is in that it activates with regards to anything directly concerning Astreya's safety and survival. For example, she may know that a person is going to attack her from the right in forty-eight seconds, but she might not know who. She may realise that somebody is about to backstab her, but won't necessarily know why. It is possible for her to receive this knowledge, but the most immediate knowledge that will come to her is that which directly related and most relevant for her continued well-being. Other significant pieces of knowledge include enemy locations around her, as well as that of incoming projectiles, etc. The knowledge ranges from fragmented portions to full and coherent rationale.


The dawn Astreya was born, the Morning Star aligned with the constellation Monoceros. When she was born, hair white as her family name, her mother confessed her divine identity to her mortal lover and vanished. Her father wept with sorrow and christened the child Astreya, the innocent, the pure, perhaps hoping that her bloodline would never trouble her. They lived quietly, father and daughter, leading a normal life. She went to school, made friends, but never knew what that expression of sorrow on her father's face meant.

Then, on his deathbed, when she was merely fifteen, he croaked with his dying breath the truth of her parentage. Like any other healthy young teenager, she would have disregarded his words as the product of a fevered delirium, but death had a way of lending gravity to words.

Four days later, when the funeral had been settled, Astreya stepped out of her house for the last time. It was a warm and sunny day. The people from Social Services were coming within the hour. Yawning lazily, she began to lay herself down at the field by her house. Without warning, a singular dark thunderhead formed directly above her and an incandescent bolt of lightning struck her. Pain flooded through her body, impossible heat surging and rampaging through her petite shell of a body and in the midst of her deafening screams and agonised convulsing, two thoughts appeared in her mind. The first was that she was not going to die. This she knew with complete certainty. The second was that her great-granduncle had done this and his name was.. was..

Perun. A family tree blossomed in her mind's eye. She was.. Astreya Xue Tianzhen, daughter of Zorya Utrennyaya, daughter of Dažbog, son of Svarog, brother of Perun. The names would have meant nothing to her, except that Zorya Utrennyaya was the name her father had whispered at the last. Mother.

She collapsed, limbs still twitching. There Astreya lay for precisely thirteen minutes and eight seconds at the centre of a twenty-four-point-three-three-two-metre radius of complete and utter devastation, unable to move. She knew it would be so, even as she tried to move her unresponsive body. It was a funny thing; whether by some occult hand or sheer coincidence, there was absolutely nobody in the immediate vicinity. There would be people approaching soon enough, but not until she'd returned home. Then another piece of knowledge entered her mind: though Perun's motive had been to kill her, wipe out the blotch upon his immortal legacy, it had only caused her divine genetics to surge to the fore. Her once-pristine body was blackened by the ash of the once-extant field, strangely uncharred but marked with a spider-like web of crimson tracery. It was called a Litchenberg figure, the thought came to mind, which were supposed to fade but this one wasn't going to fade. Parts of it would over time, but never completely.

As she stood, bringing her hands to her face, she felt something strange. There was.. a horn atop her head. A seventeen point-one-centimetre-long horn with a tip that was eight times sharper than the end of her white hair-strands. Somehow, the lightning strike didn't seem quite as important in the face of this new discovery. No other pieces of knowledge came to her.

Only later, when she returned home and redressed, did she feel the next call. She was going to the military. She would.. be a pilot. She would drive a Leviathan. All this was a certainty and despite all that had happened in the past half hour, she felt only a cool hate and an absolute sense that everything was happening as it should be. The taxi driver's smirk when he saw the horn atop her head was wiped off when he caught her gaze, the two seemingly endless pits that sparkled in an infinite distance away, the two pits that were her eyes.

They marked her down immediately as a demigod and she began training, throwing herself desperately into it with the knowledge that her skills as a pilot was going to be absolutely vital in the future, though what for, she knew not. Now, eight years later, Astreya Xue Tianzhen, half-Slavic deity, half-Chinese mortal, call-sign Unicorn White, ace pilot, has thrown herself into the war against the deities above, ready to hunt down her mother and kill her.


Instance 64-2:


ADDENDUM: Who the hell thought it was necessary to watch a teenage girl sleep? I want a review of our psych tests done ASAP. -Overseer of the Chains of Heaven Project, [REDACTED].

Physical Testing 64-1: Subject Monoceros, designation number 64 undergoes physical testing to determine nature of body. Subject 64 is 173 centimetres tall, weighs 56 kilograms. The horn brings her total height to about 190 centimetres, variable due to slight incline of horn. Subject 64 remarks in surprise at her height; if her words are to be believed, her height ought to be 161 centimetres. Seemingly distracted, she proceeds to remark that Dr. [REDACTED]'s body contains 53.21 litres and will contain 52.4 litres when we try to test later. Later testing shows Dr. [REDACTED]'s body to contain 52.4 litres. According to Subject 64, her blood-type was O+. However, when attempts were made to extract blood for testing, what appeared to be blue liquid flames spurted out and melted the needle of the syringe. Subject 64's skin remains cool to the touch. When scanned by an infrared thermal imaging camera, the screen simply failed to display any image. After Mechanic [REDACTED] recalibrated the device to as wide a range as possible (from absolute zero to 30000° Kelvin), the subject glowed completely white, indicating that the upper range of the device was still unable to properly analyse the temperature. After Instance 64-5 (attached below), Subject 64's internal temperature has been conjectured to be in excess of 10000000°Kelvin, ie. the average core temperature of a standard main-sequence star. It remains a mystery how her skin is able to hold in such heat, nor how the thermal imaging camera can detect the heat despite her skin being cool to the touch.

When analysed by a mass spectrometer, the horn does not match any known spectra for atoms and all attempts to obtain a sample of the material has been met with considerable resistance. See Instance 64-6 (attached below). After Instance 64-5, the horn has been determined to be heat-resistant.

Oh, you don't very well say, after determining that her body temperature is hotter than a brothel full of prostitutes! -Overseer of the Chains of Heaven Project, [REDACTED]

The horn is white and smooth with a kite-shaped base, completely unlike the mythological representations of a unicorn's spiral horn. It is still very sharp and very dangerous. Caution is advised: do not provoke Subject 64 into attempting a headbutt.

When Subject 64 requested a nanobot infusion, Doctor [REDACTED] hesitated, considering it a waste of resources to implant robots that were simply going to melt in her bloodstream. Subject 64 insisted and Doctor [REDACTED] stated clearly for the record that it was entirely her fault for the waste of resources. Another syringe was melted, and the nanobots were destroyed as well. Subject 64 paused and asked to handle the nanobots before a second attempt. Again, Doctor [REDACTED] stated clearly that he is in no way responsible for the destruction of medical equipment and absolved himself of all responsibility, particularly that of paperwork. Subject 64 looked intently at the serum and swirled it a little, then gave the go-ahead. The syringe melted again, but the nanobots entered the subject's bloodstream and become active, transmitting Subject 64's biometrics without any interference. Only Subject 64's temperature was absent; presumably the magnitude caused the sensors to shut down. Further nanobot infusions were carried out periodically to enhance her piloting performance.

Instance 64-6:

02:00 - Subject Monoceros is asleep. Vital signs indicate that Subject Monoceros has been asleep for over three hours.
02:02 - Ibex Squad enters the room as quietly as possible. Subject Monoceros' vital signs remain constant.
02:03 - Ibex-1 activates a mono-molecular cutter. The low hum makes Subject Monoceros stir slightly and turn over.
02:05 - After waiting for the Subject to settle, Ibex-1 applies the cutter to the tip of the horn. There is a soft screeching but no samples are obtained. Subject Monoceros frowns in her sleep and curls up to a fetal position, presumably disturbed by the vibration of the cutter.
02:06 - Ibex-2 activates a fusion cutter. The heat fails to do anything, not even leave a black mark on the horn.
02:07 - Ibex-3 takes out a spindle of monofilament and wraps the monofilament around the horn several times. Engaging the spindle to retract the monofilament fails to cut it. Subject Monoceros begins to be agitated, bear-hugging her bolster and tossing about.
02:08 - Ibex-4 takes out a sonic cutter and activates it. Though the sonic frequency is too high for human ears to detect, Subject Monoceros' eyes flash open. Her eyes are completely black and her mouth is open as if to scream. Ibex Squad immediately put their hands up to show that they mean no harm, acting in accordance with Protocol 38b. A blue glow shines from Subject 64's throat.
02:09 - Star-fire spills out from her mouth and Subject Monoceros heaves as if vomiting. A hole is burnt through the floor. (The star-fire burnt all the way to Terminal Dogma. The damage has since been repaired.)
02:14 - Subject Monoceros stops puking star-fire. Wiping away the star-fire-spittle, she glares at Ibex Squad; her eyes are now normal. Ibex-2 says that he heard her say "Stupid pervert poachers."
02:15 - Ibex-1 tries to explain but he stops as she glares at him.
02:16 - "I do not appreciate my horn being finagled with. So help me, I'll burn you lot next time."
02:17 - Subject Monoceros heads to the cafeteria and proceeds to eat ravenously, about three adult men's portion.

Who authorised this? It defies common courtesy and we are most certainly NOT savages. -Overseer of the Chains of Heaven Project, [REDACTED].

Instance 64-1:

No, really. Find me this pervert who decided to film her in the shower and then demote him to feed the Kraken. The other one, not the one Subject Gilgamesh destroyed.

Instance 64-5: The subject displayed great enthusiasm for piloting mecha. A War-Walker class mecha was issued to Subject 64 after she clocked 96 hours straight (the subject sealed the simulation chamber from the inside and refused to leave.) within piloting simulations. Suffering from severe sleep-deprivation (the subject had stayed awake for the past week before locking herself in the simulation chamber; sedatives are ineffective) and slight anxiety disorder, Subject Monoceros began babbling incoherently.

ADDENDUM: It wasn't so much incoherent babbling as spilling everybody's secrets out. I found out that Sergeant [REDACTED] was actually [DATE EXPUNGED]. -Lieutenant [REDACTED], Training Officer of the Mecha Division.

Sergeant [REDACTED] began yelling at the subject to shut up, but then the Challenge Course began and the moment shots began firing from the combat robots, a single loud scream was heard. It is unclear what actually happened, but the interior of the War-Walker glowed blue and then melted from within. It can be inferred that Subject Monoceros, already under high levels of self-induced stress, underwent a mental breakdown and lost control over her star-fire. From the subject's own account, the melting of the War-Walker that collapsed over her as a metal goop "scared the shit out of [her]" and resulted in a second explosion of star-fire, destroying most of the beginner's training course and severely damaging Reactors C-1 through C-18.

ADDENDUM: We blame the almost-successful escape of Subjects Gilgamesh and 66 on the failure of Reactors C-1 through C-18 for being unable to provide additional power.

Which idiot wrote that Addendum? The Reactors were repaired years before Subjects Gilgamesh and 66 were even retrieved! -Overseer of the Chains of Heaven Project, [REDACTED]

ADDENDUM: After Subject Monoceros' breakdown, the subject was recommended for counselling. Weekly sessions are still being conducted. As of 1st January 3212, Subject Monoceros is entirely sane. A kitten 'specially engineered to make your sad go away' was given to Subject Monoceros.

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Re: Godsfall Character Sheets

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Subject File

Name: Vincent Marquess-hereafter referred to a Subject 50

Age: 30 years old

ADDENDUM: Subject has not shown any overt signs of aging in five years, Additionally he apparently does not require constant effort to maintain his physique, apparently only doing so out of a sense of pride. It is theorized he has gained some small measure of longevity from his divine heritage.~Doctor [REDACTED]-Observatory Medical Officer

Divine Parent: After observation of subject's abilities, family history, and significant amount of mythological research, it has been determined that the Subject's father is most likely Moros, the greek personification of impending doom.

Special feature Normal

Job: Soldier, one of the best the program has ever trained.

Appearance: Scarred face which is otherwise pleasant-looking, brown hair, tall. His eyes glow green when using his power. Wears a hooded long green coat over his BDUs. The hood is constantly up to hide his scarring.[i]

Weapon: [i]Modified arc rifle:A large rifle that fires a focused beam of electrical energy, along with an underslung flame unit.

ADDENDUM: You idiots mention the rifle is modified but didn't mention who did it?!? Remind me to find and reprimand whoever left that out. The subject modified a piece of tech in a way we didn't even think was possible and as an encore, decided a death ray wasn't enough and added on a flamethrower!- Overseer, Chains of Heaven Project, [REDACTED].

Demigod power: Subject 50 has two inherited abilities from his father:
1) Ability to observe how someone can potentially be killed or destroyed by outside forces, or as he terms it: “See their doom.”
2) He can with power and focus cause said events to occur, the power and focus required depends on the difficult of causing the event.

Research and observational data: [i]Subject was born in Europe where he lived with his mother. At this time we were unaware of the subject. The subject's mother became part of a semi-peaceful protest group which was eventually put down with violent force over a confrontation which was arguably wasn't their fault. We became aware of the subject due to large power surges indicating the presence of a deity. Follow-up research and interviews with the subject have given credence to the thesis that the subject's father was present that day. Interviews with the foster home staff indicates that the next day Subject 50 watched the news for a long period of time without moving, significance of this reaction is unknown. Subject subsequently received high honors in every school attended before eventually joining the military. Where he openly admitted to being a demi-god. He subsequently passed with flying colors on all examinations. He was wounded in a training accident, resulting in his scarring. He has reacted badly every time he has discovered observatory agents. No manned observation after incident 50-L(incident report attached). He is currently working for the military task force organized by Project Chained Heaven. His skill at strategy and tactics may make him a useful squad leader.

Log of observation incident 50-L attached

3:05- Situation normal inside observation base

3:07-Several military units move around the base subject 50 can be glanced among the units

3:10- Military units pass, Subject walks up to the base. Observatory agents are apparently unaware of his approach.

3:11-Subject places a small device on the entrance to the outpost

3:15-Device explodes, blowing the door in. Two agents go to investigate.

3:16- Subject breaks a window and enters observation room, subsequently being surrounded by agents

3:17-All agents surrounding subject 50 are suddenly killed by various accidents or roof collapses

3:18- The two returning agents are killed by blasts from Subject 50's weapon

3:20-Subject types out commands on the computer and leaves

3:25-Message overrides video feed. “I have warned you time and again to stop these superfluous observation attempts. You already know everything you need to know about me. Do not attempt this again, I will not be so merciful.”
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Re: Godsfall Character Sheets

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Name: Raithrus [LAST NAME UNKNOWN]

Age: Unknown. Subject only has memories dating back to approximately a year ago, but has the physical appearance of a young adolescent.

Divine Parent: Speculated to be the Sumerian goddess Ninsun, and the deified Human Lugalbanda. If this is the case, then the subject would be roughly 3/4s deity, not to mention being somehow a reincarnation of the legendary figure Gilgamesh. If this is the case, however, the subject doesn't seem to remember his past life.

ADDENDUM: "Speculated?" He calls his sword "Enkidu," says it talks to him, and refers to himself nigh-constantly as "The King." Either he's Gilgamesh, or he's delusional, and given the amount of damage he's shown himself capable of dealing, I'm personally leaning towards believing the former. - Overseer of the Chains of Heaven Project, [REDACTED.]

Special Feature: Normal.

ADDENDUM: Following the events surrounding the subject's capture - see the logs below - the subject has created for himself a prosthetic right arm to replace his original limb. Although it appears to be made of some sort of dark purple crystal, inside this solid outer shell it seems to be made of some sort of madder fire. Investigation into the subject's many breakout attempts has yielded the details that this limb possesses strength and durability roughly on par with our best cybernetics. - Chief Researcher [REDACTED] of the Chains of Heaven Project.

Job: Soldier, technically. Given his penchant for melee combat and hyper-enhanced physical abilities, he's closer in fighting style and effectiveness to a Special Agent.


Demigod Power: Raithrus possesses a rather unique ability with a plethora of applications. His power, is, quite simply, the ability to manipulate his own soul, which, due to his divine origins, is evidently large enough to constitute its own dimension. This ability has quite a few applications. First and foremost, the overflowing amount of divine energy flooding his body at any given moment has given him very formidable levels of strength, speed, and endurance. In addition to this passive enhancement from his abilities, however, Raithrus can also actively utilize his soul for his own purposes. His most common use of his powers is to open what he calls a Hollow Gate, a hole in space time leading directly to his soul. By opening two of these gates, he can bridge two unconnected points in space with a portal of sorts. Or, through a single gate, he can release the energy of his soul in either a physical or a kinetic form, or, most commonly, a form somewhere between the two: madder red crystals filled with a searing flame. These crystals, being made of his own soul's power, vary wildly in durability. In the case of the projectiles he usually deploys them as, they are rather fragile, shattering on contact with a surface and exploding violently into madder flames. In the case of his arm, however, the crystals are stronger than diamonds. Naturally, to increase the durability of crystals, he has to take longer preparing them. The same principle applies to his flames, which, although varying in heat, all share one thing in common: they're nigh impossible to put out naturally, and notoriously difficult to extinguish even with magic, until Raithrus himself should pass out.

To open a Hollow Gate, Raithrus needs to actively speak the words "Split, Hollow Gate," so it's not a power he can just use without preparation, not to mention without revealing to his enemy his intents, should they know of his abilities. However, this principle only applies to gates opened outside of his own body, as, using the pooled energy within himself, Raithrus has been known to briefly phase out of corporeality, using this as a form of dodging attacks by allowing them to simply pass through him. Similarly, Raithrus also spawns energy attacks from either himself or his weapons without calling his attacks, based on the same principle of using his own body as a gate. Most commonly, these attacks take the form of long range flying and exploding copies of his crystalline fist, explosive punches from his crystalline fist, storms of fire-lasers and/or crystalline lances, or sword beams. Or laser eyes, as his visor, pictured above, is made from the same crystals as his arm. For the most part, however, his visor seems to serve the purpose of using his soul as a sort of sonar to ping a target's soul, determining where his enemies are concentrating their energy and granting him insight into the attacks they plan to use, if these attacks take on a magical nature. This self-Gate ability also serves one more purpose, as his soul uses it reflexively, thanks to his overwhelming will to live, to reform his body in the wake of severe damage to assume the same shape and functionality as it once possessed, if not the same composition, as replacements for destroyed body parts are made exclusively of crystal, although they somehow work identically to flesh and blood, even to the point that it is entirely likely that, if he had enough power at the time, Raithrus could replace damaged internal organs with inexplicably functioning crystal replicas. He's certainly been able to replace a lost limb, at the very least.

In addition to his manipulation of his own soul, Raithrus' rather potent divine blood and nature as one of Humanity's first legends has given him dominion over other legends, and the power to actualize them as weapons. So far, he only has enough strength to manifest his loyal companion Enkidu in the form of his trademark sword, shown in the picture. However, other legends and/or weapons will most certainly come with time. Much like his crystals and flame blasts, however, Raithrus can only pull these weapons out of a Hollow Gate, or draw them one at a time from his own body.


Backstory: To give the short version, Raithrus is, in fact, the reincarnation of the soul of Gilgamesh, re-emerging into existence through his sheer determination to achieve immortality. However, the strain of forcing himself back into the world, creating a new body for himself in the process, was such that his soul changed greatly under the strain. As things are, he's more of a remnant of the epic hero he once was than a full reincarnation, bearing only a fraction of his old power, and none of his memories. His pride, however, remains unchanged, as evidenced by his tendency to refer to himself as "The King" and everyone around him as "Inferior Human" - or, in the case of non-humans, whatever they happen to actually be. To give the long version... well, read the dossier.

Acquisition and Containment Data: Subject Gilgamesh - henceforth to be referred to as "the subject" - was located approximately a year ago in the town of [REDACTED], where, according to what we've determined, is the place he himself first recalls finding himself. Upon entering the world, it seems that his first instinct was to try to take it over, as he destroyed half of the town almost overnight, and claimed absolute rulership over the remains.

A task force consisting of the Nu squadron of special agents was sent to investigate his appearance, in the hopes of subduing him and recruiting him to the force, as well as covering up his existence. Sadly, this proved to be impossible, as he outright refused to "be reduced to a servant," and was evidently angered enough by this that he attacked the three agents on the spot. Agent Nu-3 attempted to restrain the subject, only to have the subject evade him and impale him from behind, apparently only using his right arm, and no weapons or tools to do so. The lower left side of the Agent's body was severely damaged, although due to his cybernetics, he thankfully survived the wound. However, he was immediately incapacitated.

Agent Nu-1 attempted to intervene and save the life of his comrade. However, the subject abruptly projected a sword, and dealt a series of severe slash wounds to the agent, evading the agent's attempt to retaliate with an arm-mounted vulcan cannon. However, before he could finish off the second agent, Agent Nu-2 ambushed him from behind, severing his right arm and knocking away his weapon in one blow. Both the sword and his arm vanished into light, and the subject himself promptly collapsed. Strangely enough, an after-action scan of the target showed no blood escaping his system, with the stump of his arm instead being immediately covered by a thick layer of crystals that slowly expanded over the next twenty four hours to form a new prosthetic limb, even while the subject himself was unconscious.

Following a nearly-successful breakout attempt at his original site of containment, the subject was moved to a more secure location, a facility specifically designed to contain dangerously unstable demigods as part of Project Chains of Heaven. Located on the ocean floor within a heavily reinforced bunker, it allowed our defense forces to keep the subject from simply using his Gates to warp himself out of containment, as long-distance teleportation seemed to strain him, and any attempts to move to the outside within [REDACTED] leagues of the facility would only result in flooding his own containment chamber, killing the subject should he attempt escape. Consequently, during his subsequent breakout attempts, his only path to the surface would be to navigate a maze of long security corridors filled with defense emplacements and guarded by our best agents, exhausting him long before he could escape the compound via the single, sealed elevator to the surface. And, even should he escape, he would find himself on a desolate island in the middle of the [REDACTED] ocean, which would serve to trap him until our agents could retrieve him and return him to custody.

Following Emergency Occurrence 12-B and the containment breach of Subject 66, it was proposed that we assume a less aggressive stance towards his containment, in the hopes that, without the challenge presented him of overcoming our defenses, the subject would become more docile. Approval was granted to this project, and the subject was released from containment onto the deserted island of [REDACTED], being told that it was to be his new domain. Although attempts to exploit his pride through these means were futile, the subject did agree to stop assaulting our containment facility in exchange for a cadre of our most dangerous assassin and soldier machines to be released onto the island every week, set to try and hunt him down and kill him, so that he could destroy them as practice, or sport. Deeming these losses acceptable compared to the destruction he otherwise caused, the project was deemed acceptable, and the subject was released.

Following the emergence of the deities, due to the lack of capable demigods in our own force, it was agreed to contact the subject via the scheduled squadron of assassin droids, asking for an audience with him. The subject was evidently pleased by our ego stroking, as he agreed to this audience and met with our representatives, who begged in a suitably humble fashion for his assistance, rather than his service, and promising glorious battles against gods, something which evidently appealed to him. Once again, the subject at last agreed to our terms, under the condition that he be given the "Right of the King," to use his own words: to act freely and as he saw fit, working as an agent outside of our administrative hierarchy as an ally of our forces rather than a member of them, merely accepting or declining our "requests" as he saw fit instead of being ordered onto missions. Under the designation "Project One-Man Army," these measures were approved, and the subject became an official ally of our field agents.

ADDENDUM: Due to the subject's unpredictable nature, he is only to be allowed to carry out class-4 priority and above missions, and only under supervision from our forces. This is to be done ostensibly because lesser tasks are beneath him, and because he is to serve as an example to our men, so as to keep him both on a leash, and in the dark. - Director of Project One-Man Army, [REDACTED.]

Emergency Occurrence 1: Following Event OMA-1-3, where a few hotheaded rookies thought it was a good idea to mock our branch for its inability to contain the subject while in the subject's presence, it has been approved for the following transcripts to be listed publicly on the subject's data file, so that you agents will actually get a feeling for what exactly you're dealing with. After the damage he did last time, we DO NOT need a repeat incident. So, before any of your cocky grunts get it into your heads that it's a good idea to test the subject's patience - or lack thereof - read the enclosed files and think again. - The Director.

The following is a transcript of a video surveillance log taken during the first of many major incidents following the subject's capture.

12:01 - Subject, previously unconscious after acquisition, abruptly awakens.

12:02 - Subject stands and begins examining his right arm. Light is observed to flare up from the crystals composing the limb. Subject's visor flashes, and he abruptly turns to face the camera.


12:04 - The door of the subject's sealed containment room is torn violently apart. Subject emerges, wielding broadsword. Lockdown initiates, sealing the corridor. Security team [REDACTED] arrives on the scene. Subject is ordered to surrender. Subject does not comply.

12:05 - Security team opens fire. Momentary heavy visual distortion. Security team is somehow killed with their own weapons, and the subject vanishes from camera.

12:07 - Subject abruptly appears in security station Gamma-19. A surge of flames wipes out the guards stationed there.


12:09 - Heavy combat unit Juggernaut is deployed to counter breakout. Subject does not move. Juggernaut opens fire with 12 Tempest-class cluster missile batteries, backed by fire from four Eradicator-class heavy vulcan cannon emplacements.

12:10 - Subject unaffected. Visual distortion returns, as well as a faint shimmering around the target. Juggernaut continues fire with two Dynamo-class superlasers. Subject unaffected. Subject begins walking down the corridor, methodically destroying all four gun emplacements one by one with blasts of flames.

12:11 - Juggernaut runs out of ammunition. Subject still unaffected.

12:12 - Subject reaches end of corridor, rips Juggernaut in half with his crystalline arm. Juggernaut initiates self-destruct.


12:17 - Subject appears in corridor 7, appears to walk directly through the wall, and ambushes Agent [REDACTED] on route to the scene of the breach. Agent engages subject in close quarters with twin Ripper-class vibroblades.

12:18 - Subject causes Agent's strike to collide with the wall, momentarily stunning him. Subject impales Agent's arm with broadsword, pinning him, then leaves weapon in place, shattering Agent's remaining arm into pieces with a punch.

12:19 - Subject disintegrates Agent with a blast of fire, blowing apart the wall and entering this opening to reach corridor 8. Subject encounters further resistance.

12:20 - Resistance neutralized. Subject continues walking towards the facility exit.

12:23 - On-site security activates Absolute Territory-class containment field, floods chamber, and releases Subject designation "Kraken" from Containment.


12:25 - Facility is shaken by a violent explosion. Subject emerges from containment chamber. Aside from visible fatigue, subject appears unaffected. All water in containment chamber found to have been instantly vaporized. Subject Kraken nowhere to be found, presumed disintegrated.

12:27 to 12:29 - Subject reaches facility exit, encounters agent squads Delta, Beta, and Epsilon. Subject begins fistcuffs with all three squads simultaneously. Epsilon squad incapacitated by several crystalline fists, Beta squad disintegrated when Beta-4 broke subject's visor, releasing a violent explosion of flames from subject's eyes. Delta-1 impaled in similar fashion to Nu-3, killed instantly.

12:30 - Subject transforms crystalline arm into a rough blade, cutting down Delta-2 and Delta-5. Subject is then struck from behind by a fully charged energy blast from Delta-3's buster cannon. Momentary visual distortion at the moment of impact.

12:31 - Delta-4 killed somehow by Delta-3's buster cannon shot, presumed to have passed through subject and pierced his heart instead. Subject unaffected. Subject turns to eliminate Delta-3, only to abruptly collapse. Subject retrieved, found unconscious from exhaustion.

The following is a log of the initial escape attempt that later caused Emergency Occurrence 12-B. The full incident log of EO-12B can be found in the data report on Subject 66, while EO-12A will be enclosed here.

04:01 - Subject is examined from within Observation Chamber 120-379. Subject designation "Vision" analyzes composition of Subject Gilgamesh's arm to determine its nature.

04:02 - Subject Gilgamesh abruptly awakens the moment Subject Vision begins analysis. Visor reforms, and Subject Gilgamesh immediately vanishes from camera. Subject Vision abruptly screams, then is impaled from behind with Subject Gilgamesh's broadsword.

04:03 - Dr. [REDACTED] initiates lockdown, attempts to flee Observation Chamber 120-379, but is cut down by the subject. Security forces open fire, only for subject to use Dr. [REDACTED]'s body as a human shield.

04:04 - Visual distortion returns. Blast of fire destroys monitoring equipment. Subject exits the room. Security forces nowhere to be seen, presumed disintegrated.

04:06 - Subject advances down Containment Block A-2. Emergency Protocol 91 enters effect. Destroyer-class disintegrator laser fired. Containment Block A-2 entirely eradicated.

04:09 - Subject re-appears outside of Block A-2, cell 66, abruptly stops, drawing broadsword.

04:10 - Subject Gilgamesh cuts open security door, releasing containment on Subject 66. Situation Zero Countermeasures initiated. Orbital batteries immediately lock onto the island of [REDACTED] and prepare to initiate Scorched Earth policy.

EO-12B occurs. See Subject 66 log for details.
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Re: Godsfall Character Sheets

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Containment Log: Subject 66


Name: [UNKNOWN] Whether the subject has a name for himself cannot currently be determined, but if he does, he does not seem to feel the need to share it. Designated Subject 66 for ease of reference.

ADDENDUM: "Does not feel the need to share it"? Someone find me the moron who wrote this and give him a prize for understatement of the century right before you fire him. The guy saying two syllables at a time is probably less likely than me combusting while I'm shaving in the morning! ~ Overseer, Chains of Heaven Project, [REDACTED]

Age: Physically appears to be twenty, however, subject has previously shown extreme age-rate abnormalities. True age impossible to determine.

ADDENDUM: Subject likely far younger than he appears. No record can be found of subject's existence prior to Subject Discovery. Astronomical age-rate increase post-Acquisition, termed Instance 66-1, can be cited in support of this theory. C.O. of Containment Blocks A-1 through A-6, Commander [REDACTED]

Divine Parent: Original theory, post instance 66-2 held that his divine ancestor was Chronos, of the Greek pantheon. However, subject himself has denied this. Further research inconclusive.

ADDENDUM: It is apparent that the subject knows, or at least suspects his own ancestry. However, as soon as the topic is raised, he becomes reticent. Pulse and breathing rate spikes corresponding to time of question indicate extreme excitement or fear. In any case, since he remains docile otherwise, this line of questioning has been dropped. ~ Doctor [REDACTED], Assistant Researcher, Containment Block A-2

Special feature: Normal. Composition of subject's body has proved to be completely identical to that of the average human male. No oddities detected.

ADDENDUM: During Instance 66-5, subject agreed to implantation of physical enhancement nanomachines. Implantation proceeded smoothly, however, after the next [REDACTED] minutes, the subject began to show signs of discomfort, and the monitoring devices within his cell showed signs of [REDACTED] levels rising quickly. When a full scan was administered half an hour later, results were identical to scan just prior to the nanomachine implantation procedure. No traces of the machines could be located anywhere within the facility. Similar events occurred after the subject was physically injured in Instance 66-7, 66-13, and Emergency Occurrence 12-B. ~ Doctor [REDACTED], Chief Medical Officer, Containment Block A-2

Job: Mecha Pilot.

Post militarization of Project Chains of Heaven, subject repeatedly failed and/or refused to cooperate with aptitude testing for Soldier, Medic, and Agent class. However, due to his ignorance of medical practices, his lack of physical abnormalities, and his inability or unwillingness to actively use whatever abilities he possesses, whether he was ever a suitable candidate for any of those roles can be called into question. Subject grudgingly agreed to participate in the Piloting aptitude test, and was issued a Z.A.K.U. War Walker-class training unit and placed at the beginning of Challenge Course Alpha-V. Within [REDACTED] minutes, subject completed course, annihilating all opposing forces, unmanned training units controlled remotely by Drill Sergeants on loan from nearby Fort [REDACTED], moving in a manner similar to his actions during Emergency Occurrence 12-B.

I tell you, that guy has some kind of creepy-ass sixth sense! It was like he knew where we were from the moment we started the test and knew what we were gonna do before even WE did! ~ Attributed to Sergeant [REDACTED]

After testing, subject expressed dissatisfaction with the maneuverability of the training units, speaking the most in a single conversation since EO 12-B. Attempts to provide him with nanomachine infusions in order that he could pilot a more advanced unit met with similar results to those of Instance 66-5, however, after further experimentation, it was determined that the effects of the infusion managed to remain for just under [REDACTED] minutes before the "Erasure Phenomenon" was triggered. After this discovery, Subject 66 was issued a custom Leviathan-class unit designated Comet-04. Pilot seat of unit modified to inject infusion of disposable nanomachines upon pilot request, allowing for a short window of enhanced piloting time before Erasure Phenomenon triggered. Further injections can be administered after the full erasure cycle is complete, however, an infusion attempted during the erasure process caused Subject 66 to [REDACTED], materializing large glowing orbs that seemed to hang in space around Comet-04, before launching outward and [REDACTED], damaging the support beams and leveling Hangar Bay D-34. Further attempted infusions during this time period are banned on direct order of Project Overseer ██████.

ADDENDUM: Armament and equipment of Comet-04 attached in compliance with Memo 2852, Re: Records Completion. ~ Head Engineer, Project Chains of Heaven, [REDACTED].

Unit Designation: Comet-04


Power Source: Prototype "Infinite Engine"-class Particle Drive, courtesy of the Project Solar Furnace Team. The Infinite Engine has, in the lab, reached power outputs well over six times higher than conventional reactors after prolonged operation. However, as the reactor continuously amplifies it's own power output the longer it runs, once it passes this point it begins to run a high risk of spiraling out of control and detonating. However, due to Subject 66's already limited enhanced piloting time, the reactor has a chance to at least partially cool down once it reaches the danger zone without causing any further inconvenience to the pilot.

Propulsion: Nova-Emission Combination Pulse Drive and Defense System "Blazing Star", an experimental drive system allowing for enormous acceleration and pinpoint maneuverability, while also releasing controlled bursts of particles termed "Nova Emissions", which can be utilized for misdirection of enemy scanning equipment, defense against outward assault, and attack enhancement. (Note: Pictured in action below.)



  • Ranged: Wrist mounted extendable ZX-39 Plasma Rifle, attached to underside of right wrist armor plate. Clip-fed ammunition. Collapsible custom model scytheblade bayonet attached to underside of barrel and can be activated when rifle is detached from wrist plate.
  • Melee:

    • (1) ZN-02 Fold Sickle Attached to back armor plate directly under anti-gravity unit.
    • (4) ZN-09 Anti-Mecha Katanas capable of slicing through mecha armor like butter on a good day, but the Blazing Star system includes wrist emitters that, in addition to speeding up the Comet-04's strikes, shoot Nova Emissions down the arc of the blade as it cuts, making the Comet-04's impressing melee arsenal nearly un-blockable.
    • (1) ZN-01 Wrist-Mounted Strike Brace (Left Wrist Model). An extra-heavy armor plate mounted on the left wrist allowing the arm of the Comet-04 to be used as a shield. Due to the fact that making the plate any wider than the arm it was mounted on would cause trouble with the arm's range of motion, this maneuver is tough to pull off unless the pilot is skilled indeed. However, the Strike Brace also has two large spike mounted on the front that protrude out over the right hand, allowing it to double as a melee weapon. While it is by far the shortest range weapon the Comet-04 is, a single Strike Brace enhanced punch is backed up by a huge explosion of Nova Emissions, meaning that it is a weapon oriented towards wide-scale brute force destruction, rather than slicing.

Demigod Power: While the source of Subject 66's anomalous abilities is still uncertain, much has been determined about the nature of the abilities themselves. The most informative event as to the subject's abilities has been Instance 66-2, where, during one of Subject Gilgamesh's escape attempts, Subject 66 was observed by automated monitoring equipment to begin pacing his cell and grow visibly disturbed, before suddenly [DATA EXPUNGED] and vanishing from all observation equipment. Moments later, his cell wall was punctured by a Dynamo-class superlaser that seemed to originate from somewhere inside the containment chamber. Checking the recordings against those of the escape attempt, it is apparent that the superlaser originated from heavy combat unit Juggernaut, approximately 732.4 meters away, fired in an attempt to subdue Subject Gilgamesh, but redirected by Subject Gilgamesh's "Hollow Gate" ability to a random location elsewhere within the compound.

Subject 66's disappearance was discovered during the cleanup in the aftermath of Subject Gilgamesh's rampage. He was presumed disintegrated until the security footage of his disappearance was found, at which point it was feared he had successfully escaped containment in the chaos. A search was organized, but no trace of him could be discovered, either inside the facility or on the island of [REDACTED]. However, ██ days later, once the repairs to his containment chamber had been completed, he reappeared as suddenly has he had vanished, in the same location from which he had disappeared. No trace of his existence could be found in the intervening days.

In the wake of these events, the researchers assigned to Subject 66 determined that the most likely explanation was that, somehow aware of the oncoming danger, he had activated his powers willingly for the one time on record after containment was established, and traveled through time to a point where his containment block was repaired. When questioned on this, Subject did not directly deny the theory, however, when the researcher asked if his powers came from one of the most well known gods connected to time, Chronos, the Subject contradicted it at once. Further questioning on the source of his abilities only upset the subject, and was placed on indefinite hiatus.

Further events, including his military testing and especially the log of EO12-B, have displayed that the subject possesses a heightened awareness of his surroundings, and almost certainly of events in the short term future. How it is he he gains this insight is unknown, however, it does not appear to be something which he is in direct control of.

Other manifestations of divine powers have been much less easy to understand. During Instance 66-1, which took place directly after acquisition and containment, his child-like form rapidly grew to that of an adult in the prime of life in under ██ days, all while the subject remained apparently unconscious. Our theories currently hold that, in order to defend him from what his powers viewed as threats, a "bubble" of accelerated time was created around his human form, causing the rapid growth observed. No confirmation of this is forthcoming.

Finally, the last instance of note is the so called "Erasure Phenomenon" discovered originally during Instance 66-5. Triggered whenever some abrupt change is made to the subject's body, the Erasure Phenomenon appears to be a natural defense mechanism that works by reverting his body back to a set state, seeming to completely erase whatever changes triggered the event in the first place. This technically gives the subject amazing regenerative abilities, despite the normal composition and strength of his body, however, the extent of these abilities is unknown. Apart from EO12-B, the subject has never received any life threatening or expansive injuries on record. Unfortunately, the saved state that the subject is reverted to is one that lacks pilot enhancement nanomachines, leaving him at a disadvantage if the reversion takes place in mid combat.


Acquisition and Containment Data: Subject 66 made his first appearance outside of a small village near [REDACTED], Austria. When the village completely dropped out of contact with the outside world, and when the army squad sent to look into it vanished without a trace, Project Chains of Heaven was notified of a possible deity out of control. A team of agents attached to the Austrian Ministry of Defense, designated Omicron, was dispatched to the site and began investigation.

When they arrived at the scene, they discovered that the village had been reduced to rubble, with chunks of houses and barns strangely missing, and pieces of buildings scattered randomly across the area, as though they had been cleanly cut out and transported to a different location. Many fragments also displayed evidence of being in an advanced state of age, and the team's equipment placed some pieces of obviously modern buildings at over ████ years old.

As the team moved deeper into the village, strange spheres of light began to float towards them, passing through buildings in a way that made it apparent that they were incorporeal. The report from the team corresponds to the description of the power that caused the destruction of Hangar Bay D-34. However, these showed no signs of [REDACTED] and instead followed silently as the team approached the center of the village. Surviving members of the team commented during debriefing that they felt for reasons that they could not adequately articulate that the orbs were profoundly disturbing. Upon reaching the square, however, the team discovered what was left of the village's missing inhabitants: an enormous pile of bodies that appeared to have been [DATA EXPUNGED]. Mixed in nearby was another set of corpses that, at least when recognizable as a human body, appeared to be the remains of the Austrian unit sent to the scene first.

It was at this point that the tam was interrupted by a loud scream from behind, as a bloodstained man raced towards them. The team, acting according to Protocol #0293575 (Zombie Outbreak Countermeasures), immediately incapacitated the possible threat through numerous live rounds to the legs. Once the target was downed, the agents moved closer and ID'd him by his uniform as a member of the squad dispatched previously. The team attempted to question him, but the soldier appeared to be incapable of speech and only communicated through odd guttural noises and waving of limbs. The team's medical officer was able to determine that the man was not diseased or poisoned, and theorized that the man had gone mad, perhaps at the loss of his squad.

Determined to find the source of the events, Omicron Team Leader, Agent ████████, ordered the team to separate and scan the area. Before they could obey, the team was once more caught off guard when what they had taken to the the corpse of a child rose from the pile of bodies and spoke to them, screaming at them in some unfamiliar tongue. At the same time, the spheres were sighted to mobilize and began to [REDACTED], behaving similarly to the aforementioned incident that later caused the destruction of Hangar Bay D-34. Three agents and the sole surviving soldier were caught in the barrage. Agent ████'s torso was [DATA EXPUNGED] and was later found impaled on the steeple of the village church, while Agent ██████ and the soldier's remains vanished without a trace. We currently suspect that Subject 66's power transported them somewhere in the timestream, and, as no previous record of their presence exists, we have placed the village under continued surveillance in an attempt to relocate them, or their remains.

The third agent, █████, managed to survive with most of his body intact, but his left arm was regrettably scattered across the square, irreparably damaged. He immediately passed out from shock, and, upon regaining consciousness after medical treatment at Site ██, was diagnosed with severe psychological damage from an unknown source, and he was described by the doctors on duty as "a raving lunatic". Shortly thereafter, the agent managed to break into the medical storage room and consume a large amount of pills containing an experimental amnesiac drug. When he regained consciousness after overdose treatment, his sanity was inexplicably returned, at the cost of his memories and any useful information he might have had, like why he went mad in the first place.

Before the spheres could assault the rest of the team, the child was hit with several tranquilizer rounds and passed out on the scene. Omicron team and the child, later to be designated Subject 66, were airlifted to Site ██, and from there, Subject 66 was transferred to Site-02, High Security Containment. To the confusion of medical personnel, Subject 66 did not awake for over three weeks after arriving on site and being secured in Containment Block A-2, Cell 66. Furthermore, in what has been filed as Instance 66-1, rapid body growth was noticed by site researchers attempting to discern the nature of his power. By the start of the third week of containment, the subject had matured physically from a child of perhaps 12 years to a fully grown male of approximately 20 years of age. Throughout this period of growth, the subject remained in a coma-like state, only awakening once the changes were complete.

Upon Subject 66's return to consciousness, the site personnel were surprised to find he made no attempt to escape and remained quietly in his containment chamber. Attempts at contact were made, and while not rebuffed directly, the subject made no attempt to speak with site personnel aside from a few short, basic conversations. It was clear that he understood what was spoken to him, but simply did not wish to respond. Subject also refused to comply with standard psychological testing, but made no attempt to escape or actively use his abilities, outside of what has been termed Instance 66-2, until the events of Emergency Occurrence 12-B. (Security transcript attached below)

FINALLY! If you're going to cite an incident log so damn much without saying a thing about what happened in it, you sure as hell better attach it to your report from now on, Commander! ~ Overseer of Project Chains of Heaven, [REDACTED]

After his recapture at the climax of EO12-B, subject once more resumed docile behavior, and after seven weeks of enhanced security lockdown on block A-2 with no further attempts at escape, it was deemed that Subject Gilgamesh was likely responsible for coercing Subject 66 to assist in his escape attempts, rather than a determination on the subject's part. Security was once more returned to normal levels, but when Project Chains of Heaven was mobilized to form a new military task force, Subject 66, due to his performance during EO12-B, was one of the chosen candidates.

*sigh* Log of Emergency Occurrence 12-B attached below by order of Project Overseer ██████.

Log, Emergency Occurrence 12-B:

04:11 - Subject Gilgamesh enters Subject 66's cell. Hallway camera shows the two conversing from the rear. Content of conversation undetermined. Attempts to view conversation from in-cell camera failed, as all that could be retrieved of footage was heavy visual distortion.

04:12 - Subjects emerge from cell. Subject Gilgamesh appears to hesitate, turning to Subject 66. Subject 66 points toward the general direction of Corridor 27. Subject Gilgamesh nods. Visual distortion returns on hallway camera. When footage returns, neither subject can be seen.

04:14 - Halfway down Corridor 27, both subjects abruptly appear, ambushing security team Bravo-7 as it moves to intercept. Security team entirely neutralized. Retrieved footage has determined the attack to be projectile-based, consisting of several dozen replicas of Subject Gilgamesh's prosthetic arm, seemingly fired from inside the wall itself. Both subjects emerge in the aftermath of the attack.

04:15 - Hallway defense lasers activate. Operators in Security Station 037-201 attempt to lock onto subjects. Subject 66 turns to face hallway camera. Visual distortion returns. Subjects once again vanish from hallway, while security operators in Station 037-201 are abruptly killed by a series of slash wounds that appear to have been inflicted during a brief period of visual distortion by Subject Gilgamesh. Subjects once again disappear.

04:16 - Defense crews in Deployment Bay C-7 begin arming squadrons of Hunter-Killer class attack drones.

04:17 - Subjects enter Deployment Bay C-7 through ceiling. No structural damage to ceiling that would allow subjects to enter unhindered could be found during post-incident cleanup. This anomaly is presumed to be the effects of Subject Gilgamesh's standard M.O.

04:18 - Activated HK drones lock onto subjects and commence free firing. Visual distortion returns. Drones and defense crews all found to be killed, destroyed, or incapacitated with their own firearms. All remaining HK drones neutralized.

04:19 - Security Crews Echo 6 and 7 enter Deployment Bay C-7 in response to emergency alerts, no traces of subjects found.

04:20 - Squadron leader Echo 6-1 somehow impaled by broadsword from behind. Subject Gilgamesh's prosthetic arm appears at the same time from the rear wall, crushing Squadron leader Echo 7-1's windpipe instantly.

04:21 - Subject Gilgamesh appears in the center of the Deployment Bay. Security Crew Echo 7 flees the scene. Subject 66's voice is heard behind central deployment mechanism, drawing Echo 6-4 and Echo 6-6 to commence suppressive fire on that location. Video footage confirms three direct hits to Subject 66's lower chest, shoulder, and temple respectively.

04:22 - Entirety of Security Crew Echo 6 disintegrated. Subject Gilgamesh prepares to leave, but is stopped at the door by Subject 66. Heavy visual distortion returns. Subject 66 unaffected, likely because of state-reversion similar to that utilized in previous interactions. See Instance Report 66-5, Instance Report 66-7, and Instance Report 66-13.

04:25 - Elite Field Agent [REDACTED] enters containment level of Site 02, is promptly struck in the throat by thrown broadsword through Gate. Footage of Subjects at the time shows Subject Gilgamesh conversing with Subject 66, only to abruptly stop and launch broadsword into wall.

04:26 - Subjects disappear from all surveillance recordings.

04:27 - Containment Block B6's Main Security Mainframe suffers catastrophic overheat. All security footage in Block B6 ceases.

04:29 - Footage from the black box of Juggernaut unit "Reclaimer," deployed along with Security Crew Charlie 2, shows the team being ambushed by the subjects en route to the Containment Block. Footage shows Charlie 2-5 being suddenly grabbed via Gate from the far side of the wall of Corridor 19 and pulled clear through the solid concrete and titanium barrier. Security Crew Charlie 2 halts.

04:30 - Amidst the panic caused by Charlie 2-5's death, Squadron Leader Charlie 2-1 is suddenly grasped by the face by Subject Gilgamesh's right arm, which appears to be phasing through his upper torso. Charlie 2-1 is hurled upward into the roof with enough force to embed his skull firmly in the ceiling. Corridor 19's lighting fails. Reclaimer switches to thermal vision.

04:31 - Records from Reclaimer's black box show anti-friendly fire protocols suddenly being manually turned off via unknown means. Subject Gilgamesh emerges from the floor in the center of Corridor 19 on the opposite side of Security Crew Charlie-2. Reclaimer acquires target.

04:32 - Reclaimer fires all weapons. Subject Gilgamesh appears to shoulder-tackle Charlie 2-3, vanishing into him at the point of impact. Security Crew Charlie 2 entirely neutralized. Reclaimer searches for target, detects abnormally high heat signature directly behind unit, emerging from rearward armor plating.

04:33 - Reclaimer turns to acquire new target. Subject Gilgamesh visible roughly 2.4 yards distant from unit. Unit fires both Dynamo-class superlasers at target. Subject Gilgamesh observed to raise his prosthetic arm before visual distortion returns.

04:34 - Both Dynamo-class superlasers finish firing sequence. Simultaneously, Subject Gilgamesh's broadsword disappears from the body of Elite Agent [REDACTED]. Reclaimer scans for heat signature. Heat signature detected, confirmed to be Subject Gilgamesh. Subject appears unaffected. Subject vanishes from view as heat signatures suddenly spike. Reclaimer unit activates on board Aegis-class shield generator. Shields neutralized immediately by high-powered laser attack, confirmed to be identical to that fired initially by the Reclaimer. Reclaimer later recovered, disabled by a total of four clean cuts to its central control matrix.


04:39 - Remote security deploys prototype energy-linked nanomachine swarm, designation "Morbius' Monster," set to defend elevator to the surface of Site 02 at all costs. Satellite lasers commence charging sequence.

04:45 - Subject Gilgamesh appears at the end of Corridor Zero leading to facility exit shaft. Morbius' Monster acquires target, releases Nano-bit swarm. Target is immediately surrounded by high-powered electrical field. Visual distortion returns, as well as shimmering aura around target. Subject steps out of bit field, then immediately destroys all nano-bits with a laser attack from prosthetic arm.

04:46 - Morbius' Monster releases full-powered electrical surge from all remaining nanobots. Subject vanishes into Gate, appears moments later behind swarm and attacks with sword. Swarm divides, then re-coalesces around target, commencing absolute attack from all sides.

04:47 - Morbius' Monster neutralized by omnidirectional flame blast. Subject reappears, appearing singed, but largely unaffected in terms of significant damage. Subject 66 emerges from a side passage, consults with Subject Gilgamesh with a serious expression. Moments later, Subject Gilgamesh nods and enters elevator shaft. Subject 66 remains in Corridor Zero, raising his hands over his head and turning to face a door, exactly 2.9 seconds before door opens and Agent Squadron Tau emerges, preparing to eliminate subjects.

04:48 - Subject 66 surrenders with no resistance. Footage from elevator shaft reveals Subject Gilgamesh leaping upward towards the first blast door of the shaft. Blast door's motion sensors activate, and Segment 1 of the shaft automatically detaches from the shaft, dropping the chamber occupied by Subject Gilgamesh to the ocean floor for future reclamation. Subject Gilgamesh shimmers and passes through the blast doors with no resistance. Satellite batteries reach 30% charge.

04:49 - Segment 2 detaches from the shaft. Subject Gilgamesh hooks the left wall of the shaft with his sword, using it to vault himself upward, and once again passes through the blast door without resistance. Segment 3 detaches. Subject Gilgamesh loses momentum, and begins to fall back towards the collapsing Blast Door 2, only to open a Gate and vanish into it, appearing in Segment 4. Satellite batteries reach 75% charge.

04:48 - Subject Gilgamesh continues his upward flight, evidently using his previous downward momentum, conserved between Gates. Subject's crystal arm begins to glow and burn brightly as Segment 4 detaches from the shaft. An explosion fills the shaft momentarily. Submarine investigation reveals that Blast Door 4 was violently pierced, presumably by Subject Gilgamesh's fist. Subject enters Segment 5, which detaches. Subject once again loses momentum, this time cupping hands in front of self and releasing another explosion of flames. Blast Door 5 confirmed to be almost completely shattered in the ensuing blast by submarine crews. Backlash of blast launches subject downward. Subject uses Gate similarly to previous chamber, and once again launches upward, using the momentum generated by his laser attack as a means of propulsion, and begins to near final blast door, entering last segment of shaft. Satellite batteries reach 90% charge.

04:49 - Subject Gilgamesh begins to glow once again. All cameras in the elevator shaft experience heavy distortion. Visible footage shows subject beginning to rapidly accelerate, leaving a trail of flames behind him, presumably using his fire to propel himself and simply launching himself through the final blast door through sheer force. Subject confirmed to have sustained a broken nose from this impact, as well as shattering subject's visor. Subject emerges from elevator shaft, momentarily flying into the airspace of Site 02. Satellite batteries reach full charge and prepare to fire.

04:50 - Subject ceases all movement and falls back into the elevator shaft, vanishing into a Gate approximately halfway down the shaft. Subject later recovered by Agent Team Tau in Corridor Zero, who are shown by video footage to have been led to his point of emergence by Subject 66.
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Re: Godsfall Character Sheets

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:53 pm

Initial bio, for posterity:
Code: Select all
[b]Name:[/b] Patricia Basser
[b]Age:[/b]19 or something
[b]Divine Parent:[/b] Flying Spaghetti Monser
[b]Special feature:[/b] Android-- specifically, instead of her left arm she has a giant metal spaghetti-noodle-shaped-appendage-thing.
[b]Job:[/b] Special Agent. Because anything less would be BORINGGGG!
[b]Demigod power:[/b] Manipulation of Wheat Products. Also, because cake is a wheat product, she has the passive power of Truth Detection-- she can tell if a statement is totally true, or a total fabrication, and for a statement that's partially true, or a lie by omission, she can, if she has been recently well supplied with pasta, determine the exact percentage of truth in the statement.
[b]Backstory:[/b] Pat and her mother always had a very good, open relationship. There were never any secrets involved between the pasta-loving mother and the daughter who always wears a tricorn hat and has a parrot perched on her shoulder (but she'll never admit to being a pirate, because she doesn't want to get involved in debates about global warming). Pat is pretty easygoing, and always up for a fun time... she's really only in this, other than the "fun" quality, to make her dad pay for all the Brain Bleach she had to spring for after thinking too hard about how she was conceived.

[i]Mom: "You know, His Noodley Appendage is good for more than just confusing the heck out of archaeologists.  ;) "

Subject 96

Name: Patricia Basser

Age: 19 years

Divine Parent: Unclear. Subject displays traits associated with no known deity. Perhaps something from one of the more ancient pantheons?

Overseer Note 96-I: Not old, new. Has this agent never heard of the FSM atheist movement? She shows all the signs of being connected to it.

Appearance: Subject has messy blonde hair and approximately average height for her age. Subject is missing her left arm; instead, she has an oversized mechanical tentacle-like appendage, which was implanted prior to her entry to Project Chains of Heaven. When questioned about the prosthetic limb, Subject 96 merely shrugged and said "It helps with archaeology, so I figure why not."

Subject wears a tricorn hat. The hat is not to be removed, in light of Instance 96-A. When an agent attempted to remove the hat, the ice in his drink spontaneously melted. Shortly afterward, he suffered symptoms of advanced heatstroke, and his [REDACTED] became severely [DATA EXPUNGED].

Overseer Note 96-II: Serves him right; Section 32-b(iv) of the Agents' Handbook clearly states that no food or drink should be carried when interviewing subjects.

Motivations: Most indications suggest that Subject 96 is simply content to cause trouble (see Incident 96-C, below). However, when questioned about her motivations regarding her divine parent, subject grew surly, avoided the line of questioning, and made insulting personal remarks regarding the agent involved. Perhaps further probing in the matter would be fruitful.

Overseer Note 96-III: Does this agent have kids? Because that sounds like textbook teenage behaviour to me, not something unique to demigods.

Addendum 96-I: After Instance 96-B, Agents are forbidden from accepting any manner of foodstuffs from Subject 96. Previously believing her abilities to only extend to baked goods (though already disputed by evidence from Incident 96-C), three agents accepted jellybeans from the subject. One of them experienced intense inflammation of the [REDACTED], and had to be taken off active duty until he had his [REDACTED] removed. The remaining two found their [REDACTED] to be full of jellybeans which seemed to increase infinitely until the agents in question were operated on.

Overseer Note 96-IV: What kind of idiot accepts candy from a potentially dangerous and powerful subject being held for testing? For that matter, where the hell did she get the jellybeans-- this is a highly sophisticated containment centre, not the corner candy store!

Addendum 96-2: Subject should not be allowed on a carbohydrate-rich diet. Incident 96-C, which shall be known by the code "The Noodle Incident", indicates that when consuming large quantities of wheat products, she is able to regulate the [REDACTED] of her own body, and gains the power to [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Overseer Note 96-V: Enough already with these cutesy names. With this girl, you might as well call everything a "Noodle Incident".

Addendum 96-3: Subject appears to be highly intuitive; she knows when she is being lied to.

Overseer Note 96-VI: That's quite an understatement. When I offhandedly commented to her that her abilities make her one-of-a-kind, she answered that my statement was "thirty-eight percent true." Where is she even getting these percentages?

Appendix 96-A: Transcript of Incident 96-C

12:34:19: Subject is in the cafeteria line.

12:42:36: Subject is eating a meal which consists of lightly seasoned pasta, and a large piece of garlic toast.

12:44:48: Subject is spreading vegemite on the garlic toast.

12:57:18: Subject is finishing meal.


13:04:29: Subject appears to be floating several inches above the floor. Closer examination shows she is supported by strands of spaghetti protruding from her feet.

13:06:38: Knots of bread dough appear to sprout from the ends of subject's hair.

13:07:35: Subject plucks dough from hair, eats.

13:09:12: Subject continues eating dough from hair.

13:13:13: Subject's mechanical arm hangs limp; fingers of subject's right hand become elongated, floppy, noodle-like.

13:14:02: Subject's fingers approach cameras in corners of room.


13:16:14: Agents work on repairing cafeteria cameras and/or sending an agent to cafeteria to investigate.


13:19:12: No volunteers to investigate.


13:22:34: Cafeteria is in wreckage. The floor is covered by a two-foot layer of a foamy substance which, on investigation, proves to be yeast. Subject appears to revel in the chaos she has caused.

Note: Everyone present in the cafeteria during Incident 96-C has been granted leave of absence and sent to therapy.

Addendum 96-4: As per the Overseer's orders in Note 96-V, Instances 96-A, 96-B, and 96-D will henceforth each also be known as "The Noodle Incident". It is advisable, however, to continue to refer to these instances by their alphanumeric codes in order to minimize confusion.
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Re: Godsfall Character Sheets

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:32 pm

Name: Nemain
Age: Unknown
Divine Parent: Unknown

Subject codenamed Nemain (no other names presented) was found and given to the agency by the police department in [REDACTED], Ireland. The subject was unresponsive for [REDACTED] days after transfer to the facility, though was eventually coerced into speaking through exposure to another subject. [See Addendum IV]. The reason for the subject’s cooperation is unknown. [See Addendum V].
The subject’s age has remained indeterminate due to the extreme shapeshifting it employs. The subject consistently reforms to a new shape in every interview. The shapes are varied, from a crow , to a hawk, to an older woman or a young fighter[Addendum VI]. Attempts to learn the subject’s age or name have resulted in gruesome deaths soon after for all the agents involved, though the subject has shown no active role in death of the agents.
The subject is suspected to be able to affect the outcome of events, to an extent. Certain events seem required, such as her capture and holding for Project Chains of Heaven. The events leading up the the deaths of the interviewing agents were varied, and seemingly at random. Some died of heart attacks, though at the peak of physical health (as required by Section 8 subsection b of the employee handbook), while one agent died during a freak accident involving a toothbrush, a curtain, and a very irritated squirrel.
Under Directive C, experiments were performed on the subject, resulting in the following data:

The subject is taxed by her abilities, Experiment 20 ended with nearly 50 deaths, though the subject passed out soon after.
The subject is capable of healing, as evidenced by Experiment 32. The agent was both healed of a bullet wound to the shoulder, as well as a malignant tumor near his spine.
The subject is only capable of affecting war or the effects of war. This extends to those persons involved in the war, but does not extend to those persons indirectly involved (See Addendum II)
As such, the subject has been labelled Medic class and conscripted to active duty. The subject seems fairly ambivalent about the transfer. No modifications were made to the subject.
  • Addendum I: The subject’s parentage is unknown at present, though the agency suspects that the ”Morrigan” may be responsible. The subject simply smiled when asked.
  • Addendum II: The subject was placed in a room populated by a squad of soldiers, a battle mech, and a school field trip. The mech experienced engine trouble at the beginning of the encounter, and was rendered inert. The squad of soldiers became delirious, and began shooting at each other. There were casualties in the field trip group, yet the subject did not (or was unable to) heal them or otherwise affect their perceived fate.
  • Addendum III: Under NO circumstances is the subject allowed near [REDACTED] before any type of conflict.
  • Addendum IV: The subject was shown proof that it was not alone through video evidence. No contact was made between subjects. The subject has never met another of its kind.
  • Addendum V: This agent suspects that the subject is just in this for the possibility of getting into a good fight.
  • Addendum VI: An artistic rendition of the subject, done by one of the agents it healed. This agent has now been sent to a reeducation camp for training.
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