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Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 8:06 pm
by Lordxana0
A thousand years ago a great explosion rocked the world and released a pure energy known as Magic. The Magic rained down over the world shifting it and making it anew. So began

Age of Discovery 0-200 A.B. (After Blast)
People begin to get used to the Magic altered world
Kingdoms spread
Elves born
Dwarves born
Fae born
Merfolk born
First Mages introduced

Golden Age 200-500 A.B.
Magitech conceptualized and created
Mage Colleges open to teach people of their power
Harmony reigns between the kingdoms
Clockwork people created

But then came something that no one could have predicted. The monsters known only as Jackals. They were beasts whose bodies were made up of pure dark energy. They spread across the land devouring and eating and destroying without a single care for anything. Nothing that had been created could stop them, they were undying, unkillable, monsters in the purest sense of the word. So began

The Dark Age 500-600 A.B.
Jackals begin to systematically destroy everything in their path
Kingdoms fall
Diseases spread on the wind and kill thousands of people
The sun is covered by the pollution that the Jackals bring with them

But then a miracle happened. Nine hero's appeared with Magic the world had never seen before. A Magic that allowed people to destroy the Jackals. Where the hero's lead the Jackals fell, and the people of the world began to push them back to the Badlands, where the final battle against the Jackals hive took place. During this battle the Nine hero's gave their lives to create a seal around the hive stopping any more from getting out. This era was dubbed in their honor

The Age of Heroes 600-655 A.B.
The Nine arise
Jackals pushed back to the Badlands
Jackal Hive sealed

Age of Rebuilding 655-780 A.B.
Seven Kingdoms are created in honor of the heroes
More Mage Colleges are created to deal with the increase of magic users
Goblin Kingdom, Elven Kingdom, Dwarvern Kingdom, Human Kingdom, Clockwork Kingdom, Dragon Kingdom, Glutton City, Valcium Alliance, and Grand Capital secure an uneasy alliance

Age of Balance 780-1000 A.B.
Magitech available to almost everyone
The kingdoms begin to grow jealous of each others power or standing
A new Darkness is rising
A new Nine are chosen by destiny to wage war against evil

Welcome to R.A.H or Rebirth of the Age of Heroes, in this RP you will become one of the new Nine Heroes chosen by destiny to defeat the evil in the world. Choose your class, your background and other things and then jump into a world of magic and adventure.


Soldier: Masters of melee and weapons. Soldiers use their skills with their bodies and weapons to fight against enemies, normally only having their innate magic as a secondary skill to boost their fighting skills. Since they are more focued on the physical most soldiers will get Magitech onto themselves to help in combat, taking as many extra parts as needed. Some even give themselves another pair of arms to help in combat.

Ranger: When it comes to bows no one can beat a Ranger at it. Quick moving and intelligent rangers use magic through their bows and arrows to add elemental power behind them, usually Fire or Wind, although some Rangers have found ways to make other Magic work for them. In a close battle a Ranger will normally flee due to having little training in upfront combat and knowing that at close range their bow is of little importance. Rangers are also known to use their magic to create arrows made of magic, and if they get Magitech it is normally for eyes for better sight, arms or legs for better movement as well.

Mage: Masters of the mystic arts. A mage will spend their entire lives focusing on one area of Magic and might only learn a few spells from another area. Magic for Mages can be learned from the following types: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark.

Fire: Offensive Spells and Boosts (Offensive)
Earth: Defensive Spells and Control of environment (Ground and Nature)
Water: Healing Spells and Boosts (Defensive)
Wind: Offensive Spells and Defensive Spells
Light: Healing Spells and Miracles (destroy undead, banish death, cure disease, etc.)
Dark: Death Spells and Curses

Each mage must channel their Magic through a different device (wand, book, deck of cards, a human skull etc.) in order to get it through. Each Mage at the completion of their training will know twenty spells and have one familiar from their domain (fire might have a Phoenix and Wind might have a giant Eagle, if you need help with ideas PM me). If a familiar dies they will take up too three days to reform. As the Mage grows in power the Familiar will grow with them, sometimes gaining minds and spirits of their own. They will always remain supportive and protective of their mage through.

Alchemist: Masters of Creation. Alchemists use magic in a way different then others, they use it to fuse different elements together to create something knew, and often times explosive. They can create remedies from plants as easily as they can create poison. They normally fight using a combination of mixtures they have created and a subtle knife to the heart. They are most dangerous due to their unpredictability. You never know what is up an Alchemists sleeves. Alchemists are also known to craft Homunculi to aid them. Homunculi are Magitech creations that do whatever their masters ask, not having any minds of their own. They can be in animal form or human, through Alchemists that use humanoid Homunculi often get not only weird looks but are shunned by many.

Duelist: Masters of the art of Gunplay. The gun may be a knew idea but it is one people took quickly to. A ranged weapon that fires out a small metal ball that is almost impossible to remove, much more deadly then any arrow. But at the same time much more difficult. It takes time to reload a gun with powder meaning that Duelists have to carry multiple guns on their person. If they are magically inclined they could always use a gun and force their magic through it, but that is extremely taxing and can exhaust a strong person quickly. Their two most dangerous weapons are the Rifle (for long range) and the Blunderbuss (a short range spread shot).

Assassin: Masters of the art of Stealth. These quick fighters rely on stealth and quick thinking to outwit stronger enemies. They only use knives, finding that swords aren't really their thing when it comes to fast fighting. An Assassin will use any magic they have to speed themselves up or cloak their position from the enemy. In a straight on fight you have a chance, but if one of these quick fighters comes from behind then you have already lost.

Human- A human, normal speed, normal height, and normal intelligence. There are two things that sets humans apart from other races. Their high speed of adaptation to new environments and their bodies ability to adapt to Magitech prosthetic, but like all races if you have a Magitech limb or organ then your ability to use your inner Magic disappears.

Dwarves- Short but strong you don't want to get in a straight fight with a Dwarf unless you don't mind losing. Their pride is only outmatched by their strength. Magitech takes badly to them but the Dwarven race has some of the strongest Mages in the history of the world.

Elves: Of high intelligence and speed are the elven race defined. They are not quite as strong as other races but make up for it with being able to outrun any of them in a foot race and out learn them in any subject. While the Dwarves have the strongest Mages the Elves have some of the best. Magitech takes normally to them but most would rather die then be cut off from their Magic

Goblin: A race of people that are believed to be a genetic offshoot of the dragons. Small in size but big on just about everything goblins are not people to be messed with. They are born with skin covered in armor like scales. They are unable to take Magitech because without their natural Magic they would die. But in return they are very powerful fire Mages no matter what class they pick, and if in true danger they can breath fire much like a dragon can but twice as hot.

Dragon: Once great beasts some of them decided they would rather live among people and took on human like forms. They put a veil around themselves but when battle comes they drop it an reveal their wings, claws, horns, and rows of sharp teeth. They make great fighters but find magic more difficult. Because they are immune to all but the most deadly diseases they don't never take Magitech.

Fae: A race that is said to have started out with the people closest to the magical fallout after the explosion of magic spread throughout the world. They are eternally beautiful and can grow to maximum human height despite the legends that say they are little folk, they are also known to have wings. Their inner magic is greater than just about any other race, however this is a double edged sword. If a Fae uses too much of their magic they run the risk of killing themselves in the process. Best class for them is Mage, however their speed and long lives could give them decent ability as a swordsperson. Some more rebellious Fae have been known to become Duelists as well. The Fae have no set community or kingdom, preferring to live in a more nomadic.

Merfolk: People mutated by the Blast that gave them the ability to live underwater. Their bodies are normally very humanoid, however some of them take on other fish like attributes. One common sign is the gills around their necks, or the small water orbs that cover them when they walk on land. A Merfolk needs these orbs to walk on land and can only survive about three days without any water, less if it is hot. Due to constant pressure from the ocean Merfolk are much faster on land, able to move at amazing speeds. Assassin is a good class. Mages are rare among Merfolk due to their lack of magical prowess, and are known to get Magitech added to their bodies in order too fight more effectively. Most live in vast underwater cities that are too deep to be reached by most people.

Clockwork People: Once another race these people have forsaken their bodies in favor of a body made completely of Magitech parts. They only have their brains left in their metal bodies. They became known as Clockwork people because the earliest Magitech worked with gears and like pocket watches. They can't use magic but make great swordsmen and rangers, and with the right body type they can also be Assassins.

Character Sheet

The Chosen discover they are Chosen by a symbol appearing on their hands and an order entering their heads telling them to go somewhere. That place will be revealed once I have picked 9 players. Post characters here and then we will move the 9 picked to another topic afterward.

((Welcome to the resurrection of the Age of Heroes, the second time I will attempt to use this setting to run a game. Feel free to submit character sheets here and use the old discussion for questions or P.M. me))

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 8:38 pm
by RussetDivinity
Name: Lillia
Age: 192 (give or take)
Race: Fae
Appearance: Lillia has a small, slight build and is wingless. She has dark hair and seemingly unnaturally dark eyes. She normally wears green to help her blend in to her environment, since she tends to stick to forests and swamps, though she will venture into prairies and mountains.
Class: Mage
Weapon: A rope, which she uses for Earth magic
Backstory: Lillia was born in a small collective of Fae, which broke apart some years later. She wandered with her mother and father for sometime, but her mother flew off into the sky when she was still young. Her father began using her as an experimental subject, testing whether it was possible for a strong Fae to use magic without a focus and to control multiple types of magic. Before he could see whether he was successful, Lillia ran away, hiding in a jungle. She traveled on her own for years before deciding that she felt closest to Earth magic. She chose rope for her focus at random, because it seemed like a useful thing to have around. Since then, she has wandered, keeping largely to herself but sometimes stepping in to help people in need.

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:15 pm
by agoraoptera
Character Sheet

Name: "Damned Superstition" Alessa

Age: 150~200? It's hard to gauge years under the sea

Race: Merfolk, specifically Siren

Appearance: Lithe and long, Alessa resembles a human, albeit with green-blue skin, scales, fins, four arms, and a long sinuous tail replacing her lower torso. In other words, nothing at all like a human. A mane-like spread of orange fronds sprout at her crown, giving her a regal appearance underscored by her height. This results in a shape that resembles, to surface-dwellers, a feathered helm. Her quadruple hands are webbed between the fingers and while she may appear less than muscular, the pressure of the deeps has resulted in strength and speed that those unfamiliar with merfolk would not expect.

Her eyes are like fire opals, predominantly orange with rainbow flecks swirling within. A thin sheath of water covers the gills on her neck, allowing her to breathe while on land. Alessa does, however, have a small and dainty nose. It is unknown if she can breathe air and prefers not to, or if the nose is simply to facilitate her singing.

Class: Soldier (she'd call herself a singer)

Weapon: A set of two wave-blades and her dulcet tones.

Backstory: The acoustics on land are different from the acoustics underwater. This has been commonly acknowledged by Sirens to have been a big mistake. Alessa realised something that her sisters didn't seem to: that when compared with other sirens, no siren sounds particularly exceptional. On the other hand, if your audience has never heard a siren...

She was told to choose a stage name associated with water. "For the luck of the tides," they told her. Alessa laughed, and chose the name "Damned Superstition." Carrying only her wave-blades, for she'd heard too many stories of the dangers of the air-filled world to not be careful, 'Damned Superstition' Alessa slithered onto dry land to make her fortune with her own four hands.

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:28 pm
by Guyshane
Name: Magrim Kolmtek

Age: 35

Race: Dwarf

Appearance: Image

Class: Duelist

Weapon: A four braces of pistols, a pair of derringers in his coat pockets, a rifle with a bayonet (for close combat) and a hidden gun (AC style)

Backstory: Magrim grew up in a port city of the dwarven kingdom. As a young dwarf he always enjoyed going out on the sea with his father who was a fisherman. When he came of age he enlisted on the ship of a merchant but was eventually thrown overboard by a rival aboard the ship. Magrim likely would have died there had a pirate ship not been passing nearby. He was rescued and worked on the ship in exchange for his continued life. While there he was trained in various forms of combat by the crew but he took to none of them so well as guns, eventually becoming a crack shot. Over they years Magrim eventually became captain of the ship before he was mutinied over a dispute about treasure. He was trapped on a tropical island but in recent months rumors abound of a dwarf carrying an unnerving amount of guns visiting various port towns looking for something have become common place. This has lead some to wonder whether he's looking for the treasure he lost his captaincy over, or his treacherous crew.

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 11:10 pm
by Sicon112
Character Sheet ~ Sicon112 *Items on sheet subject to change upon backstory completion*


  • Name: Procyon
  • Age: 193
  • Race: Dragon
  • Appearance: As pictured above, Procyon, while he maintains the shape of a human, does not look like a natural being. This is due to the manner in which he took up this form, specifically, by force. His impossible white hair and unnatural gleaming yellow eye are off putting at best, and downright creepy to most, to say nothing of the black void in his mask where his other eye should be. The chains around his neck hold an ancient magic that contains him in this form and removes his natural shape-shifting abilities.
  • Class: Mage - 'Light' Focus. Through the power of light based magic, his art realizes miracles either through superimposing imagined objects over reality or drawing on the imagination of the entire population of the world to realize far more powerful legendary and fantastic events.

    • Familiar: Procyon channels his magic through the chains binding him where his own magical energy resonates with the ancient spells that make up his bonds. Due to the fact that he is channeling magic through the item that is containing his innate dragon-magic, his familiar spirit appears in the shape of a glowing, blue, phantasmal dragon that contains some of the power that he has lost within it. In effect, due to this fluke, he is his own familiar.
  • Weapon: He does not use normal physical weapons, however he wields the chains that bind him to his form as his main defense. The massive amounts of innate magic within them, enough to easily seal some of the greatest of dragons, makes them nigh indestructible, and doing so would only release him from his seals, so he sees no harm in utilizing them in such a way. Two of the chains have dagger blades attached to them, and the magic inherent in the chains makes them be as long as they need to be without visibly seeming to change at all.
  • Backstory: Procyon is a rarity among his kind, an aberration that is so uncommon as to be almost mythical even among such a long lived species. That does not, however, mean it is a good thing. He is, in his true form, a grey dragon; a dragon who lacks the colorful armored scales of the rest of his race, and instead only has a thick leathery hide to protect him. Grey dragons are far inferior to any other kind of dragon physically, except in speed, at which they excel due to their lighter weight. Still, they are regarded as not only weaklings, but as a disgrace.

    When he was born, he was thrown out and left in the wilderness to die before anyone could figure out that he existed to bring shame upon his family. However, through luck, speed, and the slight chameleon effect of a grey's hide, he survived in the depths of the woods as he grew in size and strength. Once his wings had well and truly grown and he gained the ability of flight, he began to slip along the edges of dragon territory once more.

    Still, over the space of years he plotted his revenge in secret, and finally realized a plan that he hoped would bring chaos and death down upon those who had thrown him out. He failed. He was overwhelmed in power by the great dragons of that territory, and as punishment they sealed him in his twisted mockery of human form, cursed to walk the earth without access to his own abilities as a dragon.

    And so he became a wanderer, bitterly resigned to walking the earth. Shunned by the people of the world, even the more fantastic ones, he lived his life on the edges of civilization, barely getting by...

    Backstory only partially decided, and under serious modification and reconstruction. What is here is likely to stay, but the rest will be added after I finish rewriting it and run it by Xana to get his approval.


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PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2014 1:43 am
by AMimsyBorogove
"Those who would harm others are evil. I will personally exact punishment for their sins upon them, and upon their entire houses, equal to the carnage they have wrought amongst my family, and amongst the families of others. Does that make me evil? Perhaps. But I am more than willing to become evil in order to see justice done."
  • Name: Renevari "Ren" Lehsade
  • Age: 19, nearing 20.
  • Race: Elf
  • Appearance: Standing at approximately five feet, eight inches, Ren is fairly tall for a woman of her race. With the long, flowing locks of blonde hair and pointed ears - although the latter of these two distinctive traits are usually covered by the former - one would expect of her species, she at first appears to be an ordinary, if formidable, Elf. However, immediately one can grasp several oddities about her being that separate her from the rest of her kind. Her icy blue eyes are motionless and pale when they aren't simply closed entirely, with warped surfaces that match a the lingering brand of a blade across the bridge of her nose, a scar that lingers in the wake of the blow that blinded her.

    But this is not the only wound she bears. If one could see past the folds of the intentionally bulky garb in which she robes herself, it would be readily apparent that her body has taken far more severe wounds than the loss of her eyesight. A large scar runs across her torso, from her left hip to her right shoulder, while smaller, more precise cuts linger around her elbows and knees, where it is obvious that her limbs were all amputated at some point and replaced with prostheses. While these substitute limbs all look rather human in appearance, they nevertheless have a sort of doll-like quality to them that sets them apart from her living, breathing flesh, with visible joints to replace the ones in the limbs she lost.

    Ren's usual expression is one of calm, practiced apathy - an aloof shroud that serves as her poker face to hide her true intentions and concerns from prying eyes. With her eyes shut to hide her blindness, and her face partially covered by her trademark muffler, it's hard enough to discern what she's thinking even without taking into consideration her usual lack of expressiveness save a sort of resigned melancholy. Nevertheless, although softspoken and generally even reasonably polite, she holds a sadistic side that will spare no measure of punishment if incited to wrath. While holding herself to a certain standard of composure and dignity, she lacks most of the compunctions entailed by things like "honor," and will resort to underhanded methods or even outright cruelty if it means accomplishing her goals. And, while she generally adheres to a certain code of morality, she will show no mercy to those who do not obey the same standards.

    "'Have I no honor?' Surely you jest. I assure you, I have no need of such nonsense. I dispose of the wicked, and I do it by whatever means necessary. For a professional, 'pride' is merely a liability."
  • Class: Assassin.
  • Weapon: A brace of short, curved blades of black steel, equally useful as throwing weapons and armaments in close-quarters. In addition to these concealed items, she also carries a medium-sized single-edged side sword meant to deal quick cuts with the razor sharp tip of its blade. While normally it would be difficult to wield weapons requiring such dexterity and finesse with a prosthetic limb, Ren possesses remarkable control, even more than one would expect from prostheses of the quality she possesses, due to her "powers." See below.
  • Backstory: The daughter of the chief of a village on the boundary of her people's territory, Ren found herself mingling with members of other races from a young age. The children of passing traders often became her temporary playmates while their parents talked business with one another, while she herself often visited neighboring villages in other territories. For quite some time, everything was normal with her life. Her parents, although busy, were kind, and the people of the village treated her with both respect and generosity. Although she did not have any particular talent for magic, unlike most of her people, she was not terribly bothered, for so long as she had her quiet, happy life, she was satisfied.

    Until, that is, it all fell apart.

    A nomadic clan of mercenary Fae had entered the area, and wished to settle temporarily on her people's land. While her father initially allowed their passage into Elven lands, problems soon arose when members of the visiting clan began harassing nearby farmers for food and drink, and stealing their crops and livestock. These disagreements continued to escalate, until finally, her father had no other option than to revoke the Fae's rights of passage, and force them from Elven territory if need be. But the Fae liked their new home, and did not wish to leave. When the Elves attempted to chase them away, they retaliated, and marched upon the village. The small settlement had no defenses, and although its many spellcasters tried to resist the fae, their tremendous agility and skill with magic allowed them to slaughter the Elves wholesale. Ren, trying to escape, was cut down, her legs and arms crippled, and her eyes slashed by a sword stroke meant to take off her head. Her father and mother were slain when they tried to protect her, and she was left for dead beneath their bodies while the Fae went off to pillage, and celebrate their "victory," and to revel in the massacre they had wrought.

    Found by some of the survivors, Ren was taken to shelter and nursed back to health. Her limbs, rendered useless, and the wounds scarring them suffering from advanced infection, had to be amputated. For a while, she lived as a mere shell, unable to so much as move or feed herself without support, until at last, a traveling healer took pity on her and performed the necessary operation to bond prosthetic limbs to her body. Once again capable of movement, the young girl's mind became consumed by one thing, and one thing alone.

    She wanted revenge. She couldn't get the faces of her dead parents out of her mind, their last screams continuing to ring in her ears. She hated the Fae who had done this, and wanted nothing more than to eradicate them, to make them feel the helplessness, terror, and grief they had afflicted upon her. But what could she do? Having lost what little magic she had possessed in exchange for her new limbs, and without any means of sight available to her, she was practically helpless. Desperate, angry, and weak, she thus began to succumb to despair. It was then that, in her darkest moment, she heard it - a simple invitation, calling to her soul from beyond the boundaries of the observable world.

    "Would you like to make a contract with me?"

    Ren didn't need to think twice. She asked what this contract would entail, and found the rules to be simple. Her body, her very life, in exchange for the power she needed to get her revenge.

    She accepted.

    In doing so, she learned the identity of her new accomplice. A spirit, specifically an elemental of the air. Unlike the lesser familiar spirits utilized by mages, which were non-physical existences actualized through magic, this being was a manifestation of the physical element of air itself, capable of forcing itself into the physical world through forces and bodies that would accept it. Normally, this would just be the wind of which it was an avatar. However, through Ren's body, it could take on a more concrete physical form using her energy - her very life force. This spirit had existed for a very long time, and had grown tired of its impotence in the physical realm. And so, finding at last a host desperate enough to accept it, the spirit had proposed a mutually beneficial contract. Ren would get her revenge, and it would get the chance to run wild in the physical realm at long last.

    Together, they traveled to the home of the Fae who had destroyed everything Ren had cared for, and sent them an ultimatum: leave or die. The Fae scoffed at the seemingly powerless girl who had come to challenge them, and decided to finish what they had started. Ren did not give them the chance. Utilizing her new abilities, she hunted them through the forests, as relentless as the wind she now embodied, and one by one, she slew them all.

    But to the surprise of the spirit, which she named Leo due to its form - see below - she had a great deal more life left in her than he had first imagined. Instead of burning herself out in the process of completing her task, she remained alive, perhaps through sheer force of will, clinging to what little strength she had left. Leo, greatly amused by her determination and resilience, decided to remain within her body for a while longer, to see how long she would last, and what she would use his powers to accomplish.

    Still, to do that, she would need more energy, would she not? So asked Leo, proposing a simple solution to her current predicament. She'd already killed many Fae. Why not use the magic comprising their bodies as fuel for his energy instead of her own strength? Consuming them would be easy enough. And yet, Ren refused.

    "Those murderers do not deserve to become a part of my strength," Replied the spiteful maiden. "Let them rot in the dirt for their sins. They are unworthy even of being fodder."

    And so, modifying the terms of their contract, Leo and Ren continued their partnership. Ren would provide Leo with an avatar in the physical realm, with which he could fulfill his whims and amuse himself, and ultimately, with a life he could fully consume to strengthen himself before moving onto his next host. He, in turn, would give her the strength to dispose of those who would incite conflicts like the one that had destroyed her home, preventing others from suffering as she had, and falling into such desperation. Until her body was devoid of life, she would continue her quest to dispose of evil, and, at the very least, if she was too late to stop those who would harm the innocent, she could at the very least exact revenge, and mete out the punishment of the guilty.

    Her practices have made her many enemies, however, both amongst those who view her as an abomination in human form due to selling her body to a spirit, and those whose comrades she has slain. Known as the Emerald Manslayer, she is quite infamous both amongst those who uphold the law and those who break it. With a high bounty on her head, and a violent hatred for those who harm the innocent, she seems destined to keep on fighting until the day she fades away into nothing. This destiny, however, only recently became manifest, as, against all odds, she became one of the chosen. Whether this would destroy her, or give her the strength she needed to survive, only time could tell for sure.
  • Abilities: Ren's contract with Leo has given her one real "power," namely the ability to briefly actualize parts of the spirit's body in a form akin to solidified air. Leo, given his current name by Ren due to the form she manifested him in, is variable in size, but no matter how large or small his manifestations are, they generally possess a tremendous amount of strength. More than just a mighty wind, his projections are closer to being an incredibly powerful familiar than a spell. Usually, Ren conserves her energy by only projecting small aspects of himself that match up with her prostheses, which are magically strong enough to serve as a vessel for his power, resulting in a sort of spectral paw that envelops her own hand or foot and can be extended or retracted at will, serving as an astral "limb" which she can use to move objects, or strike a target with incredible force. Or, by condensing the power even further, she can simply actualize a burst of air within one of her prosthetic joints, serving as a sort of vernier thruster to propel her own movements, and to increase her precision, thus allowing her to wield weapons with a great deal of skill due to her exact movements. Moving to the opposite extreme, she can spread his power in a shroud around her, using the air to feel the world around her and to "see" within several yards of herself in all directions. In this regard, she's actually oftentimes more perceptive than someone relying on her eyes, since she isn't limited by a field of vision, or obstructed by cover. This eye of her mind, however, isn't the only large-scale application of Leo's powers. By filling her entire lower body with his energy, when particularly desperate, she can actualize an entire, physical body for Leo that is roughly the size of a small horse, and which focuses around her legs, positioning her as though riding Leo, and allowing him to serve both as her guardian and her mount. However, should she do this, she must rely entirely on him, as with his whole "body" outside of her own, she cannot utilize his powers to move objects, or to see, thus giving her increased mobility, and even the ability to fly on Leo's back, in exchange for weakening her defenses and rendering her much less aware of her surroundings. However, when fully manifest, Leo is capable of wrecking a great deal of havoc upon his partner's enemies before she runs out of strength to sustain him.

    This brings us to the main downside of Ren's abilities. Namely, that each time she uses Leo's powers, more of her life force is consumed. While a human life contains boundless energy, so too does an elemental consume vast amounts of power each time it is made manifest. Thus, although she can partially recover from the strain of summoning any aspect of Leo, there is no doubt that, unless she finds some means of feeding him energy from an outside source, she will be consumed by him very soon.
  • Other: Despite the rather rough nature of their relationship, with Leo oftentimes belittling Ren and otherwise irritating her, not even to mention the strain that his powers put on her and her inexorably advancing time of complete absorption into him, the two are actually surprisingly close. Although Leo doesn't operate on any sort of Human code of morality, he nevertheless finds his partner amusing, and would like to keep her in one piece if at all possible so as to prolong his playtime. Ren, meanwhile, has come to respect and rely on the elemental spirit's strength and knowledge, and thus tolerates his taunting. On good days, she'll even respond to his jabs on equal terms, setting them an identity as partners rather than master and servant, or possessor and host. Each one is the only reason the other exists as they do, and unlike one might expect, they respect that, and strive to maintain their current relationship and lifestyle.

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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 12:06 am
by Qara-Xuan Zenith
Name: Alina Iver
Age: 40 or something. Apparent/Relative Age: 16-20 range.
Race: Half-elf, half-fae.
Appearance: Albino, with silver-white hair well below her waist and pink eyes; mostly elven features. Gossamer/silver wings, petite.
Class: Light mage
  • Channel: A slender ivory wand, sharpened to an elegant point.
  • Familiar: Caranor, a radiant pure-white winged unicorn with a narrow, 3.5-foot-long horn
    Image (image not to scale)
Weapon: Her channel, being incredibly sharp, doubles as a weapon.
Backstory: Alina's family was overjoyed when she showed signs as an infant of having magical proficiency; they sent her to an academy to study the craft of magic as soon as she was old enough to go, where she remained for many years-- though she returned home several times over the years to visit. She maintains a cordial relationship with her family, though in many ways, the teachers who raised her are far more like family to her. She had only been in the academy for a year when Caranor, her glowing unicorn familiar, "found" her, as she meditated in the forest on the institution's grounds. It was then that she knew that her focus would be on light magic.

A strong believer in Fate, Alina has always followed the path that seems to be laid out for her. When a strange symbol appeared on her hand, accompanied by thoughts that were not hers telling her where to go, she never experienced a moment's hesitation about the mysterious orders. This was her destiny; she would live up to it.


Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 2:35 pm
by Victin
Name: Valerian "Mage-in-Red" Miller
Age: 22
Race: Elf
Appearance: Pale skin and white hair, though the blue eyes can quickly disprove any accusation of albinism. He took liking to wearing his characters' extravagant costumes, and is always looking for excuses to wear them outside the show, but for practicity (and to avoid complaints from the manager) Valerian is not above wearing casual clothes, which he usually pairs with a single braided ponytail. Beneath his clothes, whether flamboyant or common, his physique is rather fit, though not straight out ripped, as he has to be agile and strong to realize acrobacies when needed, and also stay in on stage for extended periods of time.
Class: Dark Mage, with his staff as his focus.
  • Familiar: Kukiri, or Kukri, a shapeshifting being. Its original appearance is unknown, but it customarily takes the shape of a small being, such as mice or lizards, to protect its master's grimoire and to sleep confortably in his pocket. However, its abilities are not limited to such small beings - It can become a dog, or a salamander, or a horse, or even a combination of those, if it wills. It can also mimic nonliving objects, though it doesn't do so much, thus having less practice and occasionally missing a feature such as texture (if the texture is organic - for example: leather - this does not apply). Kukiri and Valerian share a mental connection, being familiar and master respectively. It allows them to communicate emotions (for example, "Hunger"), simple concepts ("Danger") and crude words ("Attack" or "Eagle").
  • Spell List: Mostly for personal reference, he usually keeps a small notebook on his pocket to write down any new idea he might have regarding spell usage or even a new spell he might come to learn.
    • Arcane Bolt: a simple, multicolored beam of energy. Deals a small amount of damage.
    • Wildfire: a small flame powered up with dark energy. The caster can create one or more sparks of flickering fire, that spreads faster than normal fire. If thrown on a non-combustible surface, it will jump and craw randomly until it burns itself out in a shower of fire petals extending outwards and in all directions. Can be launched in the air, but as it cannot keep a straight pattern its utilities as a projectile are reduced.
    • Mist: the caster produces a stream of white mist, reducing general visibility. Great for dramatic entries.
    • Mirage: an intagible illusion of medium size. Great for flashing lights, alongside Mist it works wonderfully for a great entry.
    • Vow of Silence: nullifies any sound produced by target, that is, either the caster or his familiar. Useful for hiding self while working on the background.
    • Create Chains: manifests arcane chains at target area, that can move under the caster's command. One end of the chain is linked to said target area, but in case they are ordered to restrain a target said link is undone and both ends of a chain connect, turning it into a continuous object.
    • Slow Down: seeps off a target's kinetic energy, reducing their movement speed in any direction (including falling). Extremely useful to avoid accidents.
    • Cool Down: seeps off a target's thermal energy. Useful for cooling drinks and making cold fire, though the latter can be done more easily with Mirage.
    • Mirror Mimicry: for the duration of this spell, the familiar of the magus turns into an exact copy of the same. The familiar can then act as a secondary mean of channeling spells, though if used arbitrarily it can spend magic energy quicker than normal. The doppelganger presents a few flaws, mainly not being able to fully mimic inorganic objects and not being able to talk (not for lack of vocal chords, which do allow human-sounding noises, but for lack of knowledge of how to speak, which in theory means it can be bypassed).
    • Something Big, Mean and Ugly: for the duration of this spell, the familiar of the magus is powered with dark magic and becomes more powerful than usual. While the caster doesn't need to concentrate fully on maintaining the spell, their ability to cast other spells is severely reduced.
    • Cut: the caster focuses at an area, a single target or focus to not hit himself. After a few seconds of concentration, the targeted area or object start to expontaneously happen to be cut, as if it were slashed by an invisible sword. The gashes' depth may vary between 0.1 mm to enough to seize of a limb.
    • Crush: the caster generates a spherical field of variable size. The bigger and the more solid mass inside it, more energy and focus is needed to fulfill the spell (though arguably it could be useful before being completed). All matter (specifically solid matter) inside the targeted area is crumpled into a sphere as if it were paper. After the spell is completed, all the mass turn into a single superdense sphere that falls to the ground.
Weapon: Not being a fighter, currently his single "weapon" is a wooden staff with a hook shaped end, which Valerian also uses as the focus to his magic. His Mage-in-Red costume has sheathe for his staff, which allows the praticity of having it around while not having to carry it himself. Note that his Great Beastmaster costume has a whip, although he has no knowledge of how to use it as a weapon.
Backstory: Born a child of farmers far from the capital of his nation, Valerian Miller was a kid like any other, and had no other dreams or hopes besides living his adult life just like his parents and his parent's parents until the age of 8, when a traveling circus visited his small town and his parents took him and his siblings to it. Valerian was astonished by the wonders of the circus' acts greatened by his childish eye, and felt something new bloom inside his very own heart. A desire to, one day, create and bring wonders of this likeness to people of all around the world. However, not until age of 11 would he run away from home and find a new one in a traveling circus, who took him as an apprentice. Ever since, the Montgomery's Flying Circus has been his home and family.
He was taught magic by one of the circus' magicians, and the previous Mage-in-Red, Harry, whom Valerian took as his new father figure. In his own words, Valerian was much more suited for spellweaving than for those "skimpy clad acts of strenght and overcomplicated feats of acrobacy". Harry died of a heart attack at age 59, while Valerian was 18. At the same year, Valerian took over the character of Mage-in-Red, and eventually of his own character The Great Beastmaster for acts in the foreground show. As many others, he continuously helps in the background besides acting in perfomances such as "Red versus Blue", "The Great Beastmaster's Show of Wilderness and Wonders" and "The Sitting King of the Mountain". Under the current management, Montgomery's Flying Circus alternates between simple presentations, usually of comedic or fantastic nature, and more complex musical storytelling acts, though not as complex as a play or as dramatic as an opera. This has given Valerian knowledge of the lyrics of plenty of songs he can't play or sing for lack of skill, but loves to hum for himself.

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 8:17 pm
by Endless Sea
Screw it, I'm copypasting. For the most part, at least.

Name: Julian-914
Age: 318 years old (although most of his parts have been replaced over the years)
Race: Clockwork
Appearance: Mostly humanoid, but with a smooth look reminiscent of SPI armor from the Halo EU, with the exception of the head, which resembles that of Kopaka Mata, albeit with the lens apparatus on both eyes. Colored gunmetal gray. Stands about 1.85 meters tall.
Class: Assassin (although at some point he might've multiclassed to Duelist for rifle training).
Weapon: retractable electrified Blade Below the Shoulder on each arm, caster rifle for long-range high-power takedowns, armor enchanted with various toggle-able stealth-enhancing spells
Backstory: Even before his conversion to clockwork, Julian was an avid reader of historical texts depicting the battles against the Jackal hordes. He joined the Clockwork Army’s intelligence division out of a thirst for knowledge, and while he is loyal to his homeland, he isn't quite what one would call a patriotic zealot.

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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2014 4:14 pm
by narrativedilettante
Name: Desdemona

She attributes no surname to herself. Her parents never told her anything of their family history, and she has forsaken the name they took when they started new lives in human society.

Age: 54

Race: Dragon

Appearance: In human form, Desdemona appears tall, but hunched. Long black hair falls haphazardly over her sallow features. She is thin and long-limbed, but it’s hard to tell with the heavy grey cloak she tends to pull around herself. Her eyes, the only bright thing about her, shine emerald-green.

As a dragon, she is the same green color as her eyes in her human appearance, while her eyes in turn are wholly black. Her limbs are still long and thin, but muscular.

Class: Dark Mage

Channel: A wand that she carved out of the bone of an ancestor. His remains were buried on her family’s property, and constituted the one link that her parents allowed to their past.

Familiar: A vampire bat named Flappy. He’s a cute little thing, who often takes naps hanging from Desdemona’s finger or curled up in her cloak. He will also latch onto enemies and drink their blood, in so doing allowing himself to bask in their life force to renew his own energy. He has something of a creative definition of “enemy” and will pretty much do this to anyone, if he has the opportunity and feels sufficiently weary.

Weapon: A pair of ceremonial daggers. The one wielded in her left hand drains energy from her opponents, while the one in the right channels energy into them, with destructive force.


Two dragons, at odds with others of their race, left home and took up residence in the Human Kingdom, where they worked as undertakers. They did everything they could to pass as human, and when their daughter, Desdemona, was born, they taught her of the awful acts committed by dragons, and the injustice that still ruled in the Kingdom of their origin. She took their lessons to heart, but that wasn’t all she took to heart.

She learned to distrust Dragon authority, yes, but also to distrust all authority. Desdemona had no more respect for the humans around her than she had for the dragons her parents had fled. Nor, indeed, did she respect her parents.

Desdemona internalized a sense of shame about her origins, but it was coupled with a sense of defiance. Dragons, she had been taught, were bad at magic. So she taught herself to overcome that genetic obstacle.

Her first forays into magic involved necromancy, simply because there were always so many convenient corpses around her family’s home and business. It didn’t hold her interest for long, as living beings were just so much more interesting. She learned how to corrupt their energy, transforming their life force into a twisted version of what it had been, or even removing it completely.

Killing neighbors and passersby was, after all, good for business.

When her parents discovered her activities, they cast her out. She won’t discuss what happened that day, or whether her parents were ever heard from again.

That was many years ago now. She attended a college after leaving home, to learn more about magic, but her anti-authoritarian streak came out in full force and she left before completing her studies. She definitely left the college on her own terms. She wouldn’t give those blowhards the chance to expel her.

In the meantime she’s been traveling, selling curses to get by and wreaking havoc where she can. Most of her time is spent trying to figure out how to spend her time. And blighting those who get on her bad side.

It is unfortunately easy to get on her bad side.

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PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2014 6:54 pm
by eli_gone_crazy
Character Sheet
Name: May Olivier
Age: 20
Race: Human
Appearance: Long brown hair, Blue eyes, average height. Normally wearing street clothes, glasses, and an aviator jacket.
Class: Alchemist
Weapon: All of matter.
Backstory: Born and raised in a rural town, May taught herself Alchemy from a young age, after accidentally transmuting a flower into a miniature horse shrubbery. Her hometown does not encourage the study of alchemy, preferring to focus on other pursuits, like baking or accounting. May is definitely the oddball of the town, preferring to spend her days deep in study, or trying to increase her alchemic abilities.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 12:37 pm
by Tohrinha
Name: Gerry Teimuraz
Age: 46
Race: Goblin
Appearance: Gerry stands at half the height of the average human, the occasional protruding fang the only bright spot on an otherwise mottled green face. He dresses for the towns he lives in and the woods he travels through: simple, practical, and with any color carefully hidden.
Class: Ranger
Weapon: A simple wooden recurve bow.

Backstory: Gerry was born into a small mercantile company, most of his family either part of a supply chain or overseeing storehouses. He was trained to replace his uncle as a wagon guard, specializing in driving off wild animals using a bow and a little bit of earth magic in his arrows.

But archery was little help against bandits. When the next passing wagon might be another trader or a group of hidden knives, he couldn’t risk shooting until it was too late. Sick of being robbed, he took up a more inconspicuous form of itinerant merchanting. Now he travels back and forth between coastal towns and the poorer, more remote forest villages -- trading coin for cheap salt and goods, and selling it inland for a pretty profit. Anything that will net him a living, Gerry’ll move between towns, as long as he can hide it up a sleeve.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:51 pm
by Lordxana0
Characters who will be in the new game.

Russet, Agora, Shane, Sicon, Qara, Victin, Endless, Narra, Toh

Later tonight or tomorrow the game will start.

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:05 am
by Lordxana0
Eli will be taking over in place of Qara, as she has asked to remove her character from the RP

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:13 pm
by Lordxana0
Mimsy will now be added to the roster in place of Eli.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:42 pm
by Sicon112
OK, so apparently this is the new discussion thread. Cool. Well, I think I'm probably going to write Procyon heading for the sword quest for the moment, though first he actually has to regain consciousness from the beating I gave him... >.>

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:50 pm
by RussetDivinity
I think I'll have Lillia go for the detonation rune quest.

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:16 am
by Endless Sea
I'm either gonna help the old clockwork dude out or violently interrupt Sicon's fight with a hit squad or something. Or maybe screw around with the guy on the run or the trial thingy, I dunno. He's a secret agent, he's gonna do agent-y stuff.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:17 am
by AMimsyBorogove
Ren just started on the elemental quest. Since it probably won't be very powerful, this shouldn't take long. Still, if anyone else wants to show up and join the snarking, go right ahead.

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:23 am
by Guyshane
I'm gonna go ahead and have Magrim clear the name of his fellow dwarf (if he can)

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:25 am
by narrativedilettante
I'd like to have Desdemona help out the dancing dragon.

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:11 am
by Tohrinha
I'd like the clockwork quest. Mind a teamup if you don't go after Procyon, Sea?

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:20 am
by RussetDivinity
narrativedilettante wrote:I'd like to have Desdemona help out the dancing dragon.

If you'd rather have that as a solo quest, I can take the comedy one. Unless you'd like to team up?

Re: Redux of the Age of Heroes

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:27 am
by Endless Sea
Tohrinha wrote:I'd like the clockwork quest. Mind a teamup if you don't go after Procyon, Sea?

Not at all, although figuring out how to get our characters to meet up might be an issue. Julian tends to keep a low profile. :P

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:20 am
by Victin
I think I might take the Shapechanger quest. Though the dancing dragon one also sounds interesting, it'd probably only make it more complicated to have three people in the same quest @_@