City of Evil RP idea. Maybe future use.

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City of Evil RP idea. Maybe future use.

Postby Lordxana0 on Sat May 31, 2014 12:45 am

It has been fifty years since the first super human appeared to the public, and in that time things have changed immensely. Where once it might have been strange to see a someone flying through the skies, or lifting ten times their own weight. However as with all things there are two sides, and with the Super Heroes also came, the Super Villains. People who used their powers for selfish purposes, no longer caring about those weaker than them. In the early days the battles between the Heroes and Villains rocked the entire world, raising up death totals and and damages until both sides realized they could no longer continue like this. So the Heroes formed together, creating teams and a world wide organization known as Justice Defense. With the unified efforts of the worlds Heroes those who used their powers for themselves began to be toppled, and it seemed like the Super Villain was going to be no more than a bad memory.

Seeing the destruction of their lifes work the greatest Villains the world had ever spawned came together and formed their own group, Dark Bank. They would organize the world of super crime, enforcing strict codes to make sure the Heroes wouldn't lock them all in cells until the day the sun died. Any Villain that isn't connected with Dark Bank will have a bounty on their head from both good and evil sides. After all, if someone goes and kills an entire city the Heroes will strike back ten times harder, cracking down on everything and making it impossible for them to get a dishonest days work done.

But this is the start of a new story, one of an up and coming Villain that might have just gotten their power, or is finally done with training and coming out of the shadows. The future for them is as open as the sky. What they make in this world is up too them.

May your Infamy Rise Beyond the Stars.

Welcome to City of Evil, a new RP created and run by Lordxana0. In this RP you will be taking the role of a Super Villain at the beginning of their career, working your way from the bottom to the top. Here is how that looks

Street Crimes
Bigger Crimes
Gang building
Dark Bank Membership
Dark Bank Top Criminals
Seat on the Dark Bank Council

Each climb up the ladder will require infamy, the only real currency worth anything in the Super Villain community. A character gains infamy by preforming acts of evil throughout the city or the world, so long as it doesn't conflict with Dark Bank's own plans and doesn't step above your current part of the ladder. Anyone who does try to take that step will have their door promptly blown down by Dark Bank's finest assassins and have themselves terminated. (Every hear of the Inhuman Rhino? Yeah, that's what happens when you cross Dark Bank). Eventually you can use your infamy to buy goons, a base, and even a seat on the Dark Bank Council among the best of the best.

Character creation
Super Villain Name:
Civilian Identity:
Class: (explained bellow)
Power: Super abilities, weapons, spells, etc. should be listed here.
Origin Story: (state how your character got their abilities, and just say how they joined Dark Bank (someone came to them, or they went out and found it)
Infamy Level: (Starts at 0, edit post it to reflect current score.)
Gang Name: (Added when you start a gang)
Henchmen: (Added when you get henchmen)
Appearance: (Picture if you like, description is fine as well)


There exist 5 basic starting classes that players can build off of as the game goes on.

Physical Enhancement: Physical Super Power base. Think very strong, fast, athletic, energetic, stuff like that. People in this class can do something better than anyone else. Start out limit would be lifting a car, or running at at a speed to keep up with a normal car for long periods of time.

Super Powered: People blessed or cursed with some amazing ability that they can control. Throwing fireballs on a whim, electricity absorption and use, heat vision, teleportation, things of that nature belong here. Of course remember that using these abilities will tire the person out, same as running or fighting.

Mental Enhancement: Super smart and great planners, people in this class have been gifted with the ability to think one step ahead of their enemies, through they tend not to have much going for them physically. This class actually starts out with a few goons under your personal control. They are best at talking their way out of situations and pretending like they were never there to begin with.

Mystical Arts: People who have studied the art of magic and perfected some field of it, despite not having some of the more valuable and useful books. People under this class have the ability to cast spells that make up for their lack of other powers, but tend to have glass jaws and tire quickly if forced to use too much energy.

Technological Master: The mad scientists with a chip on the shoulder and something to prove. Most people under this class make their own weapons, through getting funding in order to invent their ideas is much harder than it seems, as Dark Bank doesn't hand out loans to those who haven't proved themselves. They are also able to analyze and use alien technology as easily as terrestrial.


Notable People

Dark Bank's Big Five

Broker- Founder of Dark Bank and person that shouldn't be messed with if you value your continued life. No one knows what he looks like, as he attends meetings as a hologram shadow. No one knows where he came from or what powers he actually has, just that he is one of the most feared members of the Villain community, so feared that he managed to calm down the chaos of Super Villiany into a business.

Vessel- Lord of Dark Magic and King of Chaos. Vessel is a punk rock type women covered in numerous cult tattoos and sporting a look filled with hellfire. Its said that she sold her soul over a hundred times and gained powers from every type of creature that crawls in the darkness. She than signed a contract with Broker to keep her out of hell. Turns out the best lawyers in existence aren't in hell, and those that end up there can be replaced in minutes.

Gadget Master- At first apperance this eldery scientist appears to be past his prime, but this is an act that covers one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. Gadget Master invented just about every evil weapon that people can imagine. Death Ray? Him. Freeze Ray? Him. Earthquake Machine? You get the picture. No one knows how old the man really is, but most believe that he found a way to cheat death through technology.

Copycat- Copycat started out as a small time villain who was only able to copy a hero at half their power for an hour, but after being pumped full of Dark Magic and enhanced by Gadget Master Copycat is now one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Her ability allows her to copy any super power she runs into, and can use them without needing time to slow down. Its said the only reason she doesn't go on the war path is because there might not be a planet left when she is done.

Mister Scars- One of the youngest members of Dark Bank, but still feared in his own right. Its unknown if Mister Scars has any powers of his own, because anyone who has seen him in action ends up dead the next day. He is a more than competent crime lord who was even able to run a business outside of Dark Bank for a number of years. They say that he controls the thug community, and if you do right by him the rewards will be nice.


Players will be starting out in the fictional city of Lobras Cove, Mexico. Its a rather beautiful city (New York basically but not in the U.S.), despite the seedy underground. This is where Dark Bank sends all the up and comers to test their stuff. If they prove their worth among all the other up and comers than they can advance to other more profitable cities. If they show they can't play by the rules or can't stomach the work they will be told to leave the Villain life. If they try to go on afterward... well stupid only has one cure.

Players start without a real lair to call their own, probably just a modest house and a civilian job they have to hold up in order to not look suspicious. Players will receive missions from Dark Bank they can ignore or join in, teaming up with other villains in order to complete more difficult tasks. They will also start out with a card that gives them the ability to rob small things, like atm's, stores, and small time hero fights.

Send character sheets via PM for approval.
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