We are the Rebellion (RP idea)

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We are the Rebellion (RP idea)

Postby Lordxana0 on Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:36 pm

For years the land of Stradion has lived under the rule of the King and his army of mages. Under their control the land has become horrid beyond compare. Bandits openly travel the roads, paying off the knight that had once sword to protect the common people. Dark mages and monsters come through villages, destroying them or capturing them for food or cruel experiments. With each passing day the hope of the people burns lower and lower, and if nothing changes then the people of the world will fall to their hopelessness.

Thankfully there are those who would stand against darkness, willing to fight against the tyranny of the King and the darkness of the land. Members of the Rebellion seek to bring an end of the wicked rule, fighting tooth and nail and putting their lives on the line for a common goal, freedom.

Are you willing to step forward and take arms for the Rebellion?

Welcome to the world of We are the Rebellion, a fantasy roleplaying game where players take on the role of members of the Rebellion, fighting for the people against both the King and the various monsters of the land. The game takes place in a steam/magicpunk type setting, allowing for use of muskets and steam powered tanks. Characters will need to travel to many different cities, gaining the trust of the people until they are willing to turn to the Rebellion and remove the King's control from the area. With each captured city new weapons and options will be opened.

Character Sheet

Weapon: (Steam/Magicpunk. You can have something within those bounds, but don't go to crazy)
Class: (Describe what your character is best at. Are they great at sword fighting? A monster hunter? Maybe they are a crafty mage or thief. Maybe they are an inventor, capable of creating and using various weapons. Or a doctor. Up to you, just pick something which best describes them))
Spells: (give a brief summary of the types of magic your character uses, if any. Maybe they practice rituals for curses or blessings. Or maybe their spellwork is more on the blunt side with elemental forces.)
Bio: (brief character history)
Etc: Anything you think might need to be added.
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