Hat Wars

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Hat Wars

Postby Lordxana0 on Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:48 am

Hello new Friend, you might be wondering about the gorgeous hat sitting atop you at this very moment. This is a very good thing to be wondering about, as this hat is going to change your life. You see you have been randomly selected to join in the War of Hats, a battle that happens every hundred years to decide which hat is the best in the world. Each piece of fine head wear comes with its own unique set of skills and abilities, which you will use to complete challenges and battle against your fellow contestants.

You might be asking 'while mysterious note giver what if I don't want to compete?' Well first off that would be very sad, but it is well within your rights! You simply need to destroy your hat. Oh right also if your hat is destroyed then you will lose a limb. Oops did I forget to mention that? Should have mentioned that first. Hope none of you did anything silly before finishing this note!

Now I am sure you are also asking what is the big prize for winning and proving your hat is the best. Well fear not, for the answer is that the winner of this little game will be granted an Absolute No Strings Attached Reality Bending Wish. Have a dead pet you want brought back to life? Zap! Fluffy is good as new. Angry that your neighbor cut you off in traffic? Woosh! He was never born. Don't like the way Russia looked at you? Bam! Russia will have a nuclear detonation that destroys the entire country.

Notes informing you of the first big event will be coming soon, so until then I would suggest getting used to your hat, visiting our Hatters (thats what we like to call you!) only website to talk with your fellow contestants, forge alliances and friendships, or set yourself up to properly betray someone!

Until we next meet. Or not.

-King of Hats


Welcome to Hat Wars, one of the very few hat based role playing games on the internet. Probably. I didn't look very hard. The basic point of this game revolves around your character using their new hat to compete in wacky challenges (warning wacky might mean deadly in some uses of the definition) crafted by the King of Hats. These challenges take place in the Hatverse, a special pocket reality that contestants are pulled into to either fight against a fellow Hatter or join in a challenge to keep their hat. Not every fight need end in a dehatting, but a lost challenge could make you really lose your head wear *and a limb*

If you are interested in this crazy new roleplaying game simply fill out the provided character sheet, and we will begin at some point.



Type of Hat:(You may provide a picture if you like)

Ability of Hat: (Can literally be anything, from summoning guns to creating shields. Of course I have final say on what can or can't be used, so nothing too broken)

Bio: (Tell us a little about your character)

Picture/Description of character: (So people know just how fancy your character looks in their hat)
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