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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby Richard The Warlock on Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:30 pm

Name: Kyras Dedarious
Guild: Solo
Role: Fighter
Weapon:Two handed Weapon: The Sanguine blade, an enormous greatsword that is said to be red from the blood of the thousands of opponents it has brought low.
Appearance & Personality:Image
War Is Hell? Not for this guy.
Fighting is everything to Kyras. He lives for it. He might deliberately disadvantage himself in order to make fights last longer and loves to reveal that he is not left-handed. It's not so much winning or losing, morality, the motives of his allies, or even the glory, that drives this guy so much as the opportunity for a good fight. However, he has a strong sense of honor: He will not willingly engage oppoonents weaker than him except in self defense, and he will not attack an opponent in disanvantage , nor he will engage in tactics he deems cowardly, which is pretty much anything that does not involve engaging the foe in glorious close combat.
Completed Quests:none
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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby DrkRadiation on Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:47 pm

Guild: [Solo]
Role: [Fighter]
Weapon:Two handed weapon ~ Katana
Appearance & Personality:
A lone samurai throughout time and space, Razor is on a never ending quest to find home. He has no memory of himself or where he's from, having suddenly appeared on the castle. Tall and in the midst of youth, he arrived with just a gi and sandals and his katana with kanji inscriptions. He is very patient, thinking before speaking and has a set of rules that he follows which he knows as Bushido. Even though his past is unclear, there are parts and fragments of his memory still intact which he clings to because they are the only clues that he has that will ever get him back.

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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby West Coast on Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:21 pm

Name: Aram

Guild: Is claimed as a 'Loreknight'

Role: Fighter

Weapon: Rapier, Cestus

Appearance and personality: Appears to be in his mid thirties, somewhat lean, average height. Lighter brown hair, farmer's tan, heavy set features. Brown eyes, face is drawn and slightly hollow cheeked, usually unshaven but not unkempt.
Taciturn, observant.
Is probably the oldest PC.

Completed Quests:
Quest #59: Go West, Young Man
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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby DrkEatos on Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:37 am

--- Character Sheet Model ---
Profession:Battle mage
Powers:Fire, Darkness(pending)
Armor/Appearance: white hooded robes with a chest guard, on the chest guard is a wolf symbol
had grown to look a lot like his father, thick brown hair, a muscular, yet thin build, he had a very handome face with his mothers bright yellow eyes, and finally he towered over most kids at a height of six feet, four inches.
I would like to be paired with Razor

Early childhood: Eatos was born to a middle-class family in the United Republic, a nation that perfects the usage of fire, His family owned a small ranch in the city of Vezia, the capital of the United Republic. His father was a strong, burly Elite Battle Mage of the royal court and fought in any wars with a neighboring empire known as the Tsarovian Conglomerate, a nation to practice lightning, the war lasted for five years with heavy casualties for both sides. One day his mother received a letter stating that her husband had been killed at the battle of Mogal, the capital of Tsarovia, the battle was lost but both sides decided the fighting should end as the death toll for both sides were in the hudreds of thousands. His mother broke down and became a wreck with working two jobs and barely being able to put Eatos through school. It was at the age of seven that he found out about his father and he too was emotionally scarred.

By the age of eight his mother had succumbed to a deadly illness and Eatos was forced to leave his home and live wth his grand parents near the outskirts of the empire. His grand parents cared for him greatly but Eatos was a troubled kid, by the age of eleven he was comitting petty crimes, he stole, and would occasionally burn down crops for the empire. His grand parents could not handle this and they shipped him off to a military school.

Teenage years: Eatos was stripped of an honorable name, he had a sentence of twelve years to serve the empire. Eatos, now age fifteen, he was of age to legally be conscripted by the militia and they put him to work so he could control the fire that he was gifted with. Eatos quickly found out that he was special because he could manipulate two elements the inherited one being fire, the next was darkness. With the death of his parents he quickly loathed everything nd everything imaginable which fuled his hate, his darkness.

It wasn't long before he was found out to have this unique gift. One day he was sent to the royal court so the court Magi could examine his condition. They ruled that he should leave the militia by the age of twenty so that he could train with the Magi to follow in his fathers footsteps. his time with the militia was short, he was however, a very skilled swordsman. He suffered from horrible nightmares, he had seen his fathers' death through his eyes. The nightmares would eventually subside but he could vividly remember them..TOBE CONTINUED
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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby Lordxana0 on Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:06 am

Name: Vincent Malos

Age: Wouldn't you like to know? Looks to be in his early 20's.

Guild: Solo

Role: Scout

Weapon:Silver tongue and hand to hand combat. Will occasionally use the short sword he keeps at his side, but only if he has already planned to kill his target

Powers: Not so much a power, but he is a bit of a savant when it comes to making potions. Nothing seriously like invisibility.. through if he had the right ingredients, materials, time, a place to work, money, and his goddess damned recipe books!

Appearance & Personality:
Vincent is an odd sort of person, both a care free fun loving rouge and a cold scientist all at the same time. He is always looking for new ways to have fun and discover new things, after all being stuck at the castle is a dream for someone like him. New things to study, new ingredients to use in experiments, and of course beautiful men and women to impress with his overwhelming charisma and intelligence. The only sore points to bring up with him is the scar on his neck and the cigarettes he makes and their rather fruity smells.

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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby Viperpit on Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:58 pm

Name: Clyde 'Fixer' Verminspawn

Age: 32

Guild: Solo for now, unless one of the guilds feels like having my character drop in.

Role: Mage (Healer)

Weapon: He carries around a sword cane, which is designed like a simple rapier. And can use his various medical supplies as weapons in a pinch.

Powers: Healing and Fire. He uses healing spells to extract diseases and eradicates them with flames. Through those unlucky enough to cross him might get a taste of either his flames or the special diseases he keeps in his bag.

Appearance & Personality: Clyde comes from a kingdom under constant threat by a group of creatures that spread around plagues and other such maladies. When he was brought to the Floating Castle his first concern were the various diseases that might live within the soil or air of the castle. Due to this he is very rarely seen outside of his 'uniform' and even when he doesn't have that on he wears a mask over his face in order to prevent infection. Despite his profession as a doctor Clyde is no stranger to battle, having to fight off the plague monsters of his homeland. Despite his foreboding outfit he is a very laid back and kind person, always there for the people who are kind to him and always ready to do the right thing. He can sometimes become distracted by new medical spells and can sometimes come off as a bit callous when talking about diseases. He overall just wants to help people and eventually return to his homeland to continue his fight against the deadly plague creatures that threaten it.

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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby The Wild West Pyro on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:52 am

Name: The Drifter (actual name unknown to date.)

Age: Estimated to be 29 years old.

Guild: Solo

Role: Fighter

Weapon: A double-edged shortsword of possible Elven origin, due to the inscriptions carved on the blade (however, the sword is not magical). The guard is thick and made of very shiny brass, while the hilt is round and just as shiny. When encountering undead, however, he will wield an oaken stick with a green flame blazing at at the rag-covered, oiled top.

Appearance: A tall man of average build, wearing a dark purple longcoat, brown gloves, thigh-high rubber boots and black trousers. Under the coat there is, for some reason, a red pinstriped waistcoat with brass buttons over a white shirt. The waistcoat seems to be able to block most projectiles, but not melee attacks. He also wears a wide-brimmed fedora and a dark, black mask that covers the lower half of his face. The only things that people have noticed are that he has black hair, tied back in a small ponytail, and bright orange eyes.

He also possesses a sheath and a bag of holding attached to his belt. Always inside are Provisions, two books, a pocket handkerchief, a deck of cards, plague antidote, rope and a lucky charm. After an adventure it tends to be stuffed full of loot, which is either kept, given away or sold.

He has a deep voice, muffled by his mask.

Recently, however, the Drifter took off his mask to reveal that the lower half of his face has been blackened and scorched by...something. His cheek and chin has large, jagged scars on them, and the skin has been cracked around the area, like rocks breaking up. There are runes on his other cheek that permanently glow orange, written in Black Speech. Around the chin, the skin is rather scaly.

Despite the horrific scarring, though, his reputation has not been damaged.

Personality: Like many other nameless adventurers or warriors, not much is known about the Drifter. To this day, nobody knows anything about where he came from, or where he was born. However, historians have noticed some things.

First off, the Drifter, as his name implies, wanders from place to place, going on adventures and helping people in trouble. He has built up quite a reputation and is a popular figure in local folklore in the land of Allansia. Being the first champion of Deathtrap Dungeon, stopping the bloody Mob War in the city of Kharkoum, wiping out the Cult of Pharaoh Akharis and navigating the vast temple and tomb safely, discovering the famous Golden Dragon and killing the Warlock Zagor twice are some of his many deeds.

The Drifter is often seen haggling in the marketplace or kicking back, reading a popular novel recounting a famous quest to take back a Dwarven stronghold and defeat a dragon.

The Drifter, despite his intimidating appearance, is quite friendly and, despite rarely speaking, can weave excellent stories about his adventures that has him surrounded by crowds at bars. He is seen bringing food to the very poor, crafting toys for children or chatting with a friend. The Drifter has gained many friends over the course of his adventures, from simple farmers to the Royal Family of Allansia. They are more than happy to send him money or food whenever he moves into a new region, and refer to him as "Drifty". The Drifter enjoys reading, and playing cards.

Although the Drifter is very skilled with the shortsword his carries and the torch he sometimes wields, and can easily carve bloody swathes through an entire army, he has two main flaws that nearly got him killed more than once.

The first is his curiosity. The Drifter has a tendency to check every door to see what is in there. Although this sometimes finds him help or a place to rest, more often than not, he gets into a fight with whatever abomination is behind that door.

The second is his tendency to loot whatever he sees. The Drifter loves looting bags or corpses, and this sometimes gets him grabbing a cursed item by accident and suffering from its effects temporarily, which hinders his fighting ability.

Seriously, though, he really does love looting. This might be because he has noted that on whatever adventure he goes on, he ends up grabbing a bunch of magical items that help him stay alive.
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Re: Floating Castle - Character Sheets

Postby Victin on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:33 pm

Name: Aria

Guild: Currently none

Role: Scout

  • Shortsword: a common shortsword, which sheath allows her to strap it to a belt.

  • Agility: Aria is young and small, and has had a lot of practice running, crawling, tip-toeing, sneaking and hiding in dark corners, narrow alleyways and hard-to-reach rooftops. As such, she's very fast, dexterous and can be stealthy if the conditions allow her to.
  • Swordsmanship: while her knowledge isn't technical, she has learned enough swordplay to defend herself from the common thug, or most foes the castle can throw at her.

Appearance & Personality: Aria may seem weak to most observers - her petite figure makes she look even shorter than other girls her age. But her green eyes hide a fierce personality behind, forged by sweat and blood. The castle has been a living nightmare, one she can't escape from by waking up. Ever since she arrived, it has hurt her, emotionally and physically. She ended up alone, her family nowhere to be seem. With no memory of how she ended up here, she struggled to survive as well as she could. The first weeks were tough, and the situation only got better when she found a place to be in - an orphanage.

She was happy, or at least in peace, for a while. She had friends, food and a roof to sleep under, which weren't bad. It was then the Civil War striked. Endless violence and bloodshed, spread through the entire city like a plague of madness, Aria prefers not to remember it, and as much as she wished that could happen, her sword and the scars on her chest don't allow that. At least she can put up a good night of sleep, for now.

Completed Quests & Rewards: Currently none.
  • Normal:
  • Underground:
  • Boss:
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