Days of Future Castle

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Days of Future Castle

Postby Guyshane on Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:06 am

Okay so no doubt you all remember Xana's Highschool AU posts (hows the next part of the coming by the way Xana?) This is another idea that we tossed around in neatchat: Bad Future.

Without further to do I present:

Days of Future Castle. Part 1.

The fight had not been going well for the gladiator. No one was more surprised by this than him, normally he could win the fight without too much trouble. Arrogance had a price as he was being painfully reminded. The opponent was a crafty one, a swordsman who had maintained enough of his wit despite the drugs and magic Tenzami had used on him. The gladiator let out a sigh, it was past time to get to work. The swordsman approached in a fairly cautious manner, it was what had caught the warrior off-guard the first time, normally the men he fought were berserkers. Now the two were circling waiting for an opening. They stared at each other, they both knew this final exchange would most likely end it. The swordsman rushed forward. Mistake. The gladiator thew the weighted net at his enemy, the adversary foolishly slashed at the net entangling his weapon and leaving him open to a trident in the gut. This was followed by a blow to the head. The crowd cheered and began chanting:

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”
“Well Scar? You heard your adoring audience. Finish him”

Scar looked up at the master of games Tenzami from under his helm. Then he shrugged and stabbed the downed man in the chest. He then bent over to retrieve his weapons and left as the people screamed for more blood. Scar left the arena and headed home. He had never wanted this life but there was an arrangement in place. At least he got a place to stay and three hot meals out of the deal, it was more than most got. He stopped and looked in a window of an empty storefront. The window reflected the appearance of an armored man with a long gash running across the facemask of the helmet. The gladiator shook his head, this place had changed so much from what it had been.

He arrived at his home and was about to go inside when a man came running down the street. Scar immediately took his ready stance but the man had not come for him. Or at least thats what Scar surmised when several arrows sprouted in the other man's back. None of my business. The attackers disagreed since he was almost hit by the next shot and a man who looked like a corpse advanced down the street. Scar knew when he was outmatched. He fled the scene.


Scar had stolen a cloak off some poor dead fool so he could hide his appearance. His armor still made noise but a lot of people wore armor these days. Apparently there was someone proclaiming something in the town square.
“The Champion of the Games has escaped! If you see this man you should report him immediately! Any who harbor him will be severely punished!”

Scar mentally cursed, he had been hoping it would take them longer to get the word out. He cut down a nearby alleyway before he could be noticed. As he continued down the alley the gladiator felt as though he was being watched. When he turned no one was to be seen. So this is the game he wants to play. Scar turned and continued to walk, and then dived forward to avoid the knife thrown at his neck.

His relief was only momentary.

The powder tied to the knife exploded, knocking Scar for a loop and cutting off the alley from the main square. The warrior struggled to his feet and saw his attacker standing in front of him.

“Salvantas” he said with a voice raw from underuse.

The man in question smiled coldly and nodded. “Scar, so nice that the famous mute champion makes an exception for me.”

Scar shrugged in reply.

“Now then I do believe I have to kill you in payment for the numerous innocent lives you've taken.” Salvantas said without a hint of regret in his eyes. Scar just stared back at him evenly. “Ah good, you aren't even trying to defend or justify yourself. You wouldn't even believe how many of the degenerates try to talk their way getting out of killed.”

“We all had to make choices to survive. I may regret mine but its far too late to avoid the consequences of them.”

“Hmm, just for that I might give you a painless death. But before I do I must ask...Who were you before all this?”

“Unimportant, Your business with me has nothing to do with that.”

“True. I was merely curious. You have to have had some combat experience, after all Marcus was no pushover himself and he was only the beginning of your long career. But we've talked long enough, its past time I ended this.”

With that Salvantas raised his knives preparing to throw when several cloaked figures dropped into the alley and charged both of the men. Well never thought mysterious figures would be my saviors. Regardless Scar swung his trident in a wide arc to force his attackers back so he could flee the scene.


Scar wandered around the edge of town avoiding the guards and heading for the forest, hoping that there was still a safe place for him out there. He heard a noise and quickly ducked inside an abandoned house as some of the guards passed by in the street. Psychos. Then again, who am I to cast stones. The gladiator left his hiding place and kept walking. He hadn't got very far into the forest before he heard a dark chuckle coming from behind him.

“Well isn't this something old friend? I mean talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

The man was astride a horse wearing dark clothes, a mace was at his hip. His features were worn and washed out. His eyes were alight with a maddened glow. Overall he looked like someone returned from the dead.

He grinned. “I'll tell you what though, Give you a five minute head start. Now...Run!”

Scar turned and ran. The man waited until the gladiator was almost out of sight. “Five minutes, one minute. Close enough.”


Scar was only still alive because the rider was playing with him. He hadn't kept his word about the head start but Scar had never expected him to. Now the man in black was riding around occasionally coming up behind the gladiator and chasing him at high speed or aiming blows at him. Scar ran towards a corpse of trees but before he could the trees in front of him exploded into flames.

“Oooh wrong path. Wouldn't you say?”

Suddenly the was a dark shape moving past and Scar felt himself knocked off his feet by the force of a blow that sent him rolling down a slope. Scar was dazed but through his askew helmet he could see the rider approaching. Five years, how did everything go so wrong in five years? How is it that this is how I die?

Then there was a bright light forcing the dark rider back. Scar could vaguely hear an exchange of words.

“-do that to me would you?”

“Of course I would, You were quite irritating long before this whole mess.”

“Fine, but I'll be back for him. The longer you hide him the worse things will become.”

Scar looked up and saw a grim man with white hair looking down on him. Kurt. The priest grimaced. “Well if it isn't the infamous Scar, come on. I know someone who will want to talk to you.”
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