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Suddenly Slender Man episode 1

Postby Lordxana0 on Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:22 pm

Announcer: Suddenly Slender Man is filmed in your house before a live studio audience. Yes we are in your house, filming this right now. Doesn't look like your house? That is because we redecorated the entire thing. Are you in your house right now and you have checked every room and it doesn't look like this? That is because you aren't in your house right now.

Debra: *cleaning the house, making sure to dust everything off*

Slender Man: *enter house, pause for audience's cheering and cross room toward the couch, then collapse on couch with a sigh* Hello dear

Debra: *put down cleaning materials and walk over to Slender Man, sitting by his side and putting a hand on his leg* whats wrong honey?

Slender Man: *lowers his head and sighs* oh you know, just work.

Debra: Manager still rough on you?

Slender Man: Yes, it is as if Zalgo has some sort of personal grude against me, and that isn't even the worst part...

Habit *enters through door and audience boos* Yo Thin Bro, sorry about work today, really needed that project through, oh and uh... yeah my dog kind of left a bit of a thing on your lawn, kind of low on plastic bags at the moment, think you can handle that for me? Thank man. *closes the door*

Slender Man *glares at door and raises fist* HABIT!!!

Habit: *opens the door again and peek in* sup?

Slender Man: ...Nothing, just...nothing

Habit: Cool bro, also um... Rakey got a little sick yesterday so um... might want to... you know what, your going to see it, don't want to tell you how to do your thing, later man *closes door*

Slender Man: I hate much

Debra: At least he always brings good food to the block party

Slender Man: No, no he doesn't, he just goes and buys crap from the super market with his inflated bonus that he steals from me every month

Debra: Lets not focus on work, you won't believe what Jeffery did today in art class *Debra pulls out a large piece of drawing paper covered in blood* he stabbed one of his classmates fifty times and used his blood to make this picture.

Slender Man: *sighs deeply* Jeffery!

Jeff *comes down the stairs, closely followed by a dog with a massive smile* what is it dad!

Slender Man: *holds up the painting* did you do this?

Jeff: *crosses arms and rolls eyes* yes dad, but to be fair the little bitch deserved it.

Debra: Jeffery language!

Jeff: *looks down and kicks the floor a bit* sorry mom

Slender Man: I am not saying he didn't, but look at this, if you are going to paint you could at least make the effort to have it look good

Jeff: God why do you all criticize everything I do! *puts a leash on smile dog and grabs a knife off of the knife rack hanging near the door* I am going to go for a walk!

Slender Man: Make sure to ditch the body somewhere the cops won't find it!

Jeff: Stop telling me what to do! *slams door*

Debra: I worry about him sometimes...

Slender Man: Don't dear, he is just in that awkward stage of growing up where you aren't quite a demon of the night but you are still expected to act like one *cell phone goes off and Slender Man checks his pockets, pulling out a Nokia flip phone and looking at it*

Debra: I don't understand why you can't get a smart phone

Slender Man: I would damage it with my presence, unlike this thing, which you could toss into an inferno and it would survive.

Debra: *rolls eyes and smiles* so who is it?

Slender Man: Plague Doctor, he wants to get drinks and have me help him 'get some chicks who want the D'

Debra: D?

Slender Man: Yes it is a very stupid joke, but then again he is a stupid person

Debra: You should go, you have had a long day and need to relax

Slender Man: Thank you dear *leans down and presses face against hers* I will be back before midnight *exits house*
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