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Metaguard Poetry

Postby Lordxana0 on Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:41 pm

Okay because I either A) can't find an old poetry topic for metaguard created poems or B) there isn't actual one I have decided to make an off topic place for us to post our poetry and talk about it. I will start us out with a poem titled My City

My City

Oh this city
This beautiful city
Whatever could
I compare thee too?

My city
My wonderful
My beautiful
My worm eaten love

With a gun to my head
I compare thee to a corpse
Sitting in the sun as you rot
With maggots chomping you to bone

No the comparison shall now do!
A simple corpse does not
Describe your disgusting form
The insult shall not stand!

Rather you are a battlefield
More than five days old!
A feeding ground for vultures!
…and other birds I suppose.

My city
My dead
Beautiful love!

To thee I sing
My final tune
Farewell! Farewell!
My darling love.

As the false law
Brings my end
I confess
My only regret

Was not showing
More love
To you
My city
Who you going to call? ME!
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