The Ghosts of Floating Castles Past

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The Ghosts of Floating Castles Past

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:46 pm

Those of you who have spent some time in the Castle have no doubt heard rumours of those who traversed it before, stories about a man named Arthur, who would be King, and Millena, his Queen, hints and mysteries about the perils they encountered and what happened to them to make the Castle what it is to us.

But today... today we get to meet, even become, the legends!



A man named Arthur is the leader of a band of warriors in a small, violence-ridden swathe of land that is just becoming the nascent nation of what will be Orono. He has heard stories about a fabled Castle in the air, and he believes that this Castle, and what it holds on its hundredth floor, will be the key to consolidating his new kingdom. With his ally Millena, he is taking his war party to this place to seek out its secrets, slay its monsters, and ascend to the top.



The current Castle, as it stands, is unchanged, and will remain unharmed, and will progress when it is ready. However, it is being put on hiatus as this earlier iteration opens up for players. If you are a player in the old Castle, you are welcome to create a new character to enter this new game. If you have considered joining the Castle but found it has grown too big for you, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out as we start fresh! We will, shortly, open a new, separate Character Sheet Thread for this separate iteration of the Castle (PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUNG!CASTLE CHARACTER SHEETS IN THE EXISTING THREAD). You may join as part of Arthur's raiding party or as an independent/separate faction--just remember that wherever you choose to be from in our world of origin is far, far younger than it was when our current characters were born!
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