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Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:04 pm

Same basic layout of the original Floating Castle.

--- Character Sheet Model ---
Guild: [Solo or Guild Name. If in doubt, create a Solo. You can always join a guild later.]
Role: [Fighter, Scout or Mage]
One handed weapon [Shield Optional] ~ Swords, axes, clubs, short spears. Shields are optional if you want to have them.
Two handed weapon ~ Spears, greatswords and overall big melee weapons. Mage Staves and the like also included.
Bow & Arrow ~ Ammo is limited, but don't bother keeping track of exact values, just use a quiver and be reasonable.
Throwing Knives ~ Limited amount, remember to keep a few for melee emergencies.
Mage ~ Start off with two spells.

Appearance & Personality:

NOW. A note on magic. We (Qara and I) are going to be a lot more... stringent, on magic and its uses. If you have an idea and want to work it in, great, but I'd like to avoid having technomancy next to druidic earth magic again.

Appearances will reflect the times, and this is anywhere between 500-1000 years before the current game. So please keep that in mind.

I can't wait to see what happens!
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Re: Floating Castle Past

Postby Lordxana0 on Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:06 am

--- Character Sheet Model ---
Name: Rao Valiant
Guild: Covenant of Deities- A guild dedicated to etching itself and each of each members into legends. The motto is "Those who stand with us will become immortal to this world, for your life with be remembered forever"
Role: Mage
Weapon: None.
Powers: Magic Arm (an invisible arm that can extend from the mages body), Heal (drains the users energy in order to heal someone else)
Rao stands about five feet and ten inches and is unnaturally thin and pale, a mop of very light blonde hair atop his head, mostly unstyled. Most times he is seen wearing a heavy cloak over himself to cover up for his lack of arms, and wears a pair of sandals with iron bottoms on them due to his need to use his feet in place of his hands at times. Most people describe him as having very snake like features when he smiles or is acting carefree, only seeming human when he is angry or apathetic.

"I will not be forgotten by the passage of time, my name will exist among the names of the Gods and Kings, my name is Rao Valiant, and I refuse to simply fade away!"

Since a young age Rao has always feared death, or rather the idea that once his life ends everything about his existence will become meaningless. The idea of his name being forgotten scared him, so at first he worked to find a way to make himself immortal. During his travels he lost both of his arms, forcing him to create a spell that could make up for his weakness. Having found the path to immortality a thorny road he has chosen to become immortal in a different way. He now seeks a way for his name to be remembered for all time, by becoming a legend that will be known to everyone around the world. He seeks out the Sky Castle, knowing that the one who reaches the top will be known forever more.

Beware through, for those who stand in the way or threaten his dreams are treated as the worst enemies imaginable, and they are not safe be they good or evil.
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Re: Floating Castle Past

Postby Blurred_9L on Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:48 am

Name: Oswald Redmond
Guild: Solo
Role: Fighter
Weapon: Sword and shield.

Appearance & Personality:
A bodyguard for hire without home or destination. Oswald has long black hair held in a ponytail. He wears a chestplate and vambraces as armor, but he refuses to add any other piece of armor, because "it would slow him down". He carries a big rectangular shield and a sword with him.

Oswald is usually cold and rude to strangers and clients alike, making him quite unpopular, though he has always managed to escort his clients to safety in the past. A firm believer of hitting first and asking questions later, if he senses any danger he will rush recklessly towards it. Because of his personality and his lack of professionalism for a bodyguard, he's usually travelling unemployed. He also somewhat superstitious, believing he has been cursed with bad luck ever since he was a child, but he also blames his misfortune and general lack of money on his luck, rather than on his mistakes, making him somewhat immature.

He rarely uses his first name, preferring to be called by his last name, Redmond. In the same way, he seldom refers to other people by their names unless he's sure he can trust them.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby Guyshane on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:57 pm

Name: Ruby Othamor.

Guild: Solo for five minutes (i.e. She joins Arthur's band right before they arrive at the castle, having been previously searching on her own or it.

Role: Mage.

Weapon: One handed sword: Amaterasu: A sword passed down through her family. It's well crafted as well as beautiful but really only has a name due to the pretensions of her fore-bearers.

-Force Lightning: Lightning from her fingertips
-Heal: What it says on the tin

Appearance: Image

Personality: Ruby is a fop from a noble family. She gets bored extremely easily and never had any interest in being married off for her family's standing. She learned some magic and swordplay simply because neither could hold her attention alone, and consequently is worse at either than someone who actually focused on one. She is quite charismatic and a shameless flirt.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby eli_gone_crazy on Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:58 am

Name: Arthur Badrick
Guild: [Arthur's guild that I haven't named yet]
Role: Fighter
Weapon: Bow & Arrow

Appearance & Personality: Mid-twenties with dirty blonde hair. Attractive. Brown eyes. Tall but not imposing.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby Qara-Xuan Zenith on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:04 am

Name: Millena Tanaon Badrick
Guild: Arthur’s
Role: Scout
Weapon: Throwing Knives

Appearance & Personality:
Long, light brown/dirty-blonde hair and pale green-gray eyes. Pale, well-endowed, attractive. Looks as vain as she is, which is a lot. Early twenties.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby Endless Sea on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:29 am

Name: Andrew Caim
Guild: Knights of Aether (or something like that, it's a religious thing, roll with it)
Role: Fighter
Equipment: one-handed spear, shield
Powers: Would abnormally high amounts of willpower/self-control count? :P
Personality: Andrew is a troubled man. He does a good job of hiding it behind the kind of compassionate, selfless, friend-to-all-living-things facade expected of a paladin for a holy order, but beneath that is a solid chunk of sociopathy, blind hatred, and much worse, all wrapped up in a thick layer of guilt and self-loathing and self-doubt. Joining the Knights was his way of learning to deal with his issues and atoning for his prior crimes, and in the eyes of his mentors it's worked rather well, but the man Andrew used to be still lives within the man he is now, and it weighs upon him every waking moment of his life.
tl;dr- He tries his best to be a good person, but there's definitely still some evil in him.
(he also hates one-handed broadswords for some reason, go figure)


So yeah. I decide to come up with an actual character for FC rather than just a half-assed stand-in, and this happens. There's something wrong with me. >_<
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby narrativedilettante on Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:05 pm

Name: Jeffrey Pelton

Guild: Arthur’s

Role: Mage

Weapon: Club

Powers: Fire and Ice

Appearance and Personality: Jeffrey has a reputation for bravery, but the truth is he’s never needed to be. His height, his muscular build, and his disfiguring facial scars all make him intimidating enough to look at that bandits and thugs will pretty much leave him alone. So sure, he’s willing to wade into the roughest establishments and work with the most cut-throat of fair-weather allies. If anyone tries to give him any trouble, a glare and maybe a showy fire spell will send them running.

Despite his frightening appearance and reliance on intimidation, Jeffrey is friendly and likes to be helpful whenever he can. In an ideal world, he’d never have to scare anyone off or deal with rejection from decent people who look at him and assume the worst. Of course, the world isn’t ideal. But Jeffrey hopes that, with some coordinated effort and enough dedication, one day it will be.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby agoraoptera on Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:38 am

Name: Halina Alsworth

Guild: Solo

Role: Scout

Weapon: None.

Powers: None

Appearance & Personality: Halina's hair is long and ragged, dirty black against her near-translucent skin. Her eyes are unnaturally large and have neither whites nor lids, like two black holes boring into her face. If you look hard enough, you can see sickly constellations glittering in her eyes. She stands tall and bone-thin, as though stretched beyond her natural stature. Her forearms are grotesquely disproportioned, being roughly one-and-a-half-times their regular length with elongated hands to match. Her palms are wide enough to grasp a person's entire head and her fingers are long and sharp like skeletal spiders, or almost like claws. Wearing a tattered dress and folding her too-long arms, she can almost pretend to be normal until people take a closer look or see her eyes.

Halina has gone through what some might term 'hardship', and her experiences in the inner-outer reaches of space have left her changed, mind, body and soul. She was once a carefree child, but it was that same carelessness that turned her into what she is now. She no longer trusts easily, neither others nor herself. Halina only wishes to live life anew, but no village nor town would accept her, not with her... deformities. Nobody ought to go through what she did, and so she seeks out little children, sowing seeds of terror into their hearts through her stories. Even as she tastes of their fear like fine wine, Halina knows that she is protecting those who would otherwise be too inquisitive, too brash, too bold. By devouring the stars of their curiosity, she will save the lights of their lives.

What she escaped from is still out there, and she can only pray that the Castle's strange nature will protect her from its ever-hungry gaze.
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AMimsyBorogove's Character - Luquiere Kalina Lilant

Postby AMimsyBorogove on Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:37 pm

[►] Luquiere Kalina Lilant
  • Luquiere's name, although quite impressive-sounding, really has no meaning. It's just what she decided to call herself. Though she's normally quite insistent that she be addressed by her full first name in spite of its somewhat excessively flowery sound, this isn't because of any deeper meaning or significance in the name itself. Rather, it's simply because that is the name she herself chose, thus making it an affirmation of her own identity - a statement that she is worthy of being remembered, even should she lose herself.
  • Still, she'll allow some compromise on the subject of addressing her. With those whom she holds in particularly high esteem, she'll somewhat bashfully agree to go by a contraction of her first and middle names: "Luka." However, in regards to most, she finds this little nickname to be unjustly condescending, and usually won't tolerate it. If she actually is willing to make such concessions toward "friendship," then she quite clearly values the company of her conversational partner quite highly.


[►] Dear lord, who KNOWS?! All that's immediately clear is that Luquiere has been around for a very, VERY long time. Although her temperament can be rather childish, she seems to be quite well acquainted with events and persons centuries before the current time. Her appearance of choice is that of a girl somewhere in her teens, but whether this is her true form, or if she even has one at all, is anyone's guess. Her apparent age does seem to vary depending on how much power she puts into creating her form, but only slightly.


[►] Female. At least, she strongly identifies as such. Given that she's not technically a physical entity, the distinction of gender becomes somewhat nebulous.


[►] None as of yet.



[►] Rather than a Human, or even the Daemon she appears to be, Luquiere's true nature is that of an ancient spirit - an embodiment of living magic. Although once a physical existence merely connected to a metaphysical abstraction, like the avatar of a minor deity, her legends were eventually rewritten to be those of an enigmatic and perhaps malevolent Fae. This bound her fully to reality, and changed her appearance to be more like the Daemon she supposedly was. Finally, her powers were eventually sealed away, forcing her vast spiritual existence into the realm of reality, where it was eventually sublimated by the natural magic fields permeating the physical world, and thus became a part of all magic. Now, all that remains of her is a lingering consciousness within the world's leylines, more like a sentient law of magi-physics than a living creature. What people see of her is instead merely a construct projected from ambient magical fields which she has momentarily exerted her will to assimilate, bequeathing them with her own awareness such that she can live a facsimile of ordinary life, experiencing as much as she can of reality before the dissolution of her consciousness.


[►] Caster


  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • Addendum: Luquiere is unconstrained by obligations to a specific code of honor, but nevertheless possesses enough self control to act in accordance with common decency and practicality. However, although she might otherwise qualify as "evil," this isn't necessarily because she's cruel. Rather, her mindset is simply very self-centered, as most things she does are for her own amusement rather for the sake of others. She doesn't really think much about the consequences of killing, as she doesn't really have a human concept of morality. However, she can just as often be found helping those around her, simply because it's easier for her to be happy when those around her are happy.
  • Strength: E--
    • Addendum: As a spiritual entity, regardless of how much strength her actions seem to have behind them, they generally carry very little actual force. She could crash into you at 100 miles per hour, and all you'd feel is a little winded, like you'd just been gently tossed a bouncy ball.
  • Endurance: EX
    • Addendum: A textbook case of "unquantifiable" not meaning "good." Since her physical avatars are all simply projections of her own essence, they can only exist so long as they adhere to the form she gives them. Almost any damage sufficient to cut open her projected "body" or to significantly change its form would cause the power she's imbued it with to leak out, dispersing her body back into the ambient magical energy from which it is created.
  • Agility: B++
    • Addendum: Although normally she moves at just a fairly quick pace for a person due to being unrestricted by physical laws, Luquiere can move fast when she wants to. Usually, this happens when she manifests her wings, since even though she can't actually physically propel herself by pushing against air due to her semi intangible nature, adding the concept of wings to her projected body causes her avatar to behave as though it was doing exactly that, even if it's only in spirit. To give a good idea of her speed, take a very fast human. Perhaps not, say, an Olympic athlete, but at the same time, only slightly below that level. Now, make her three times faster than that, and then remove the effects of the laws of gravity and friction. However, due to her low Endurance and the limited power she can put into her avatars, she can't really keep up this level of mobility for long.
  • Mana: A---
    • Addendum: As a form of Living Magic, normally, Luquiere's Mana reserves would be utterly absurd - far beyond anything a mortal magus could manage, thus earning her an "A" rank in this particular parameter. However, due to the seals placed upon her being, and the diffusion of her essence throughout the world, she's lost access to almost all of this power. And, as most of her strength is spent just creating a semi-corporeal body to house her awareness and maintaining it in the physical world, in practice, she only has about as much mana to spare as an amateur magus might.
  • Luck: B+
    • Addendum: The upside of being diffused throughout reality is that she has some influence on how exactly the world around her works. She can't actively determine "fate," but she can subconsciously select outcomes that are advantageous to herself, giving her supernaturally good fortune in any scenario where a probable favorable outcome exists.


  • Territory Creation/Item Construction: Rank EX.
    • Addendum: Two very basic forms of magic, combined into one and scaled up countless times over. Fundamentally, Territory Creation is the act of separating an area of space from that which is outside, and assuming control of the ambient magic flowing through that space in order to fuel and to amplify the effects of the territory's creator's own magic. While normally, this process involves flooding the ambient magical fields in the desired location with one's own mana in order to assimilate them, Luquiere's version of this skill cuts out this step entirely. Since her existence is already part of the ambient mana of reality, all she has to do is concentrate her awareness on a specific point, thereby temporarily assuming direct control of the mana fields in that area - assuming another mage hasn't already done so. Since her awareness is pretty much always focused in whatever avatar she's inhabiting, this means that her "territory" is functionally her own body. However, by forgoing her body, or else utilizing a means of remote mana control, Luquiere can create territories in many other different shapes and sizes. Her control of her territories is so precise that, as people who behold her avatars can attest, she can even conjure them in the shape of Human bodies, accurately simulating all the motions and processes of life to the point of being indistinguishable from the real thing. She can even make her territories mobile, a feat impossible through ordinary magic, since, as a part of the ambient mana in a given space, she can move it like a living being would their own body.

      The limitation of this ability lies solely in the fact that, since her conscious awareness is required to maintain a territory, she's incapable of creating, controlling, and supporting more than one territory unless she somehow bestows her own will upon it through alternate means. The first of these is her earlier-mentioned ability of "item creation." Fundamentally speaking, Item Creation is simply the ability to imbue a specific object with mana, using it as a "container" for one's own magic, and, in the process, bequeathing upon it unique effects. For an ordinary magus, this ability would be limited to enchantment, energy storage, and the like. However, since Luquiere's mana is one and the same as her consciousness, in practice, this skill allows her to simply split off an aspect of herself into a lesser, non-sentient spirit that simply acts according to Luquiere's basic will and instincts, contained within a "core" of some sort made into a microcosm of a territory. In doing so, she can create "familiars" that can control and manage territories independent of her own body, which are even capable of moving autonomously, much like she herself is. Usually, these take the form of small spirits, with the weakest ones being mere ghostly orbs possessing whatever item they're bound to, while other, slightly more powerful variants take on simplified spectral forms based on animals - usually butterflies, as pictured below - surrounding the core she's used to summon them. The power of her familiars, in turn, depends upon two factors - how much of her own energy she puts into their creation, and the amount of power within and capacity to store mana of their catalyst. It's the difference between creating a familiar based around a stack of pebbles - which would probably take the form of some tiny golem or a flying rock surrounded by energy - and creating one based around an orichalcum orb - which, due to its immense power, might shroud itself within the specter of some legendary beast, like the dragon pictured above. However, regardless of the utility of a "secondary mind" to manage her powers, even a non-sentient one, due to the requirement of splitting her own existence to use this method of remote control, doing this makes her main body that much weaker, since she can't manage it quite as efficiently with part of her mind split off. As such, this is more a means of outsourcing interaction with the outside world to more physical entities, since her own body, made of pure magic, can't do much in that department. It's also a handy way to shield herself from harm, since a protective spirit with a more rigid basis in reality in the form of a physical core to tether its spirit and grant it corporeality can withstand a great deal more punishment than a fragile, container-less spirit such as herself. While it is theoretically possible that she could just get a container for her own spirit, and thus corporealize herself, that container would have to have a ridiculously vast capacity for storing and withstanding magical energy in order to tether such a vast existence as a sentient force to reality. As such, only the most legendary, mystical, and phantasmal of magical artifacts, or a consenting, living host could serve such a purpose, hence why she usually just stays in spirit form.

      Interestingly, due to the way her territory creation works, having her body destroyed doesn't mean her mind goes with it. Rather, she simply returns to being a vast, semi-conscious sentience permeating all of reality. Eventually, given enough time to recuperate and construct a new avatar for herself, she could re-establish control over a territory and create a new body. And, when one of her bodies is damaged, she can always absorb its remnants back into the stream of magic before she loses control of them, allowing her to retreat into ambient mana fields rather than "die" and lose all the powers she's imbued into a given avatar. This is fortunate, since losing her strength with each "death" is quite a problem for her. Her mind is already beginning to fade, and is currently held together only by her resolve. Were her spirit to dissipate much further, she would doubtless lose her very identity, and thus become no different from the rest of the mana filling the world.

      Finally, due to the nature of this ability, her above-listed parameters tend to fluctuate a bit depending on how much power she puts into a given "territory" to form her body, and the strength of the mana fields in the area in which she creates her physical form. In the lower levels of the castle, where mana is somewhat scarce, she would probably be heavily restricted in the amount of power she could appropriate and freely use. In the higher levels of the tower, however, she would have plentiful sources of energy to utilize, allowing her to manifest much more frequently, and in more powerful forms.
  • Aetheric Supremacy ~ Script of the King: Rank A±.
    • Addendum: A somewhat seldom-practiced form of magecraft. Inefficient compared to incantations and spell-slinging, it is dedicated to inscribing special sigils that direct the flow of mana in order to accomplish a specified effect without the caster's further direction, with the outcome instead determined by the meaning of the rune inscribed. While on paper, the ability to literally write "rules" that reality must follow is an incredibly powerful one, for most mages, for anything more complex than that which could be achieved through spell-based magic, each and every rune requires a tremendous expenditure of mana, as reality is not easily bent without conscious effort on the part of a caster. Furthermore, they continuously burn through what energy they're given in order to maintain themselves, making their durations very... limited. However, as should be obvious, Luquiere is far from an ordinary caster. As the mana she is attempting to control through her runes is, in some regard, a part of herself, she finds it much easier to bend ambient magic to her will than an ordinary mage, and can perform such tasks with much less of a cost in energy. An expert in the meanings of and the act of inscribing runes, she can command objects in her surroundings to do almost anything by writing a rune upon them, and pumping mana into it. For example, she could close a door and draw a rune on the inside, commanding it not to allow anyone in. Should she do so, then anyone who tried to open the door from the outside would be unable to do so. And, if they tried to break it down or dislodge it from its frame, it wouldn't budge, even in the face of damage that would ordinarily destroy it completely. At least, so long as the rune remained intact and had mana channeling through it. However, it would burn through its reserves rather quickly, especially if a wide variety of people attempted several different means to open the door. So, if just trying to keep one person out, it would instead be more efficient to draw a rune commanding the door to keep just that one person outside. That way, anybody else could open it without triggering the rune and wasting energy, but that person would still be unable to enter. Interestingly enough, it would also prevent anyone else from opening the door for the excluded person, as doing so would indirectly allow him or her in, thus violating the rune's command.

      Naturally, this ability has a great deal more versatility than just locking doors. She could make a sword capable of cutting almost anything, or perhaps create arrows that could not miss. She can even inscribe runes on living beings, allowing her to, say, make a person's skin as hard as steel, or give him or her the strength to punch through solid stone walls. However, although you might think this would give her the ability to bend people to her will, in practice, her commands are less literal and more existential in nature. She can change the attributes of things, but can't really manipulate them precisely through runes. So, she couldn't draw a rune on somebody's forehead ordering a person to, at 5:00 PM next Wednesday stab their best friend in the back. She could, however, theoretically inscribe a less specific rune saying "The person this rune is inscribed upon will die," or "the person this rune is inscribed upon will follow Luquiere Kalina Lilant's every order." The only problem is that living things, unlike inanimate objects, have a great deal of mana that makes up their lives, and which has a tendency to resist such commands, much like ambient mana tends not to acknowledge the commands of mages unless they have a specific tie to it, like knowledge of a specific spell or, in Luquiere's case, existential synonymity with it. So, although she may be a part of the mana flow of the world, she isn't a part of other people, and thus has no authority to command their lives. As such, it would require equal or greater power to their own existence to be expended continuously for every instant in time that the rune was active, so as to sublimate their own mana and assume control of them, which would amount to a truly ridiculous amount of power, far beyond even the full mana capacity of a spirit like Luquiere, without even taking her loss of most of her energy into account.

      She runs into a similar problem when she tries to inscribe runes with very broad effects, or individual runes that effect very broad areas. For example, she couldn't draw a rune on floor 1 of the castle with the effect "Everything that happens inside the castle upon which this rune is inscribed will be controlled solely and absolutely by me." While, theoretically, she has the knowledge to create such a rune, she wouldn't have the mana to maintain it for so much as a picosecond. As such, she needs to find ways to minimize her own mana expenditure, while still making her runes as effective as possible. Usually, this amounts to making her commands very, very specific, and minimizing the area of the rune's effect to only what she needs to control. There is, however, one way she can get around her area limitations. This is, simultaneously, the second means she has of remotely controlling a territory, or even multiple territories, outside of her own body, and without splitting her awareness. Individually, both her Script of the King and her Territory Creation are very limited in scope, but by utilizing both together, she can exceed those limitations.

      Denoting an area in the desired shape, she surrounds its perimeter with runes commanding mana within that perimeter to submit to her will. Then, she creates a ring of inner runes ordering that mana to fuel the all the runes over the area of the territory. Finally, she draws a rune or sequence thereof at the center with a specific command to effect the entire area encompassed by her territory. Thus, mana flows into her territory, and is captured, fueling both the capture of additional mana, its distribution, and whatever "law" she wishes to enact within that territory. For example, she might create a territory in which the law of gravity has no effect on people wearing the color pink, or a territory in which anyone who commits an act of violence is asphyxiated until unconscious. Within the boundaries of her runes, her word is just as solid a law as the laws of physics themselves. However, even with these self-fueling runic mechanisms, her ability to define the shape of reality is still limited by the amount of ambient mana in the area, since broad commands - such as the aforementioned "acts of violence" command - still take up a vast quantity of mana, meaning she would need to be in an area steeped in power in order to reliably fuel a runic bounded field of that level of power. Either that, or, as is more often the case, she'd need to make up the difference with her own energy. Consequently, at any given time, she can only create runes with the power she has stored in the projection she's currently inhabiting, which, given her current weak state, severely limits the amount of faffing about she's able to do with the fabric of reality. These limitations aside, there's another fact that makes her runes somewhat difficult to use in a combat situation. Namely, she has to draw them on something in order for them to work. As such, that requires her to be in contact with the thing she wants to manipulate, and for her to remain in contact with it long enough to write down oftentimes elaborate sequences of markings and sigils. That isn't exactly something you can do when somebody's hefting a sword at you. Consequently, she has to draw her runes in advance before a battle starts, predict what commands she'll need and inscribe them, power them all with sufficient mana, and then position her enemy such that he, she, or it is actually susceptible to the runes she set beforehand. Either that, or she needs some sort of guardian to hide behind long enough to draw the runes she needs in the midst of combat. At the current time, her own familiars are far too weak to serve such a purpose, necessitating outside help in order to grant her maximum utility in a combat situation. But, as it happens, her runes are tremendously good at enhancing the combat abilities of such an ally, making such an alliance mutually beneficial to both parties involved.

      Regardless, currently, she's only capable of utilizing the power she's brought with her into the castle, as the Floor Guardians are loathe to give up any of their Mana to an interloping spirit such as her. As such, she's limited to a hard cap of 5 runes before she runs out of power and can't do anything else without destroying her current body. She can create territories from that pool, roughly analogous to 1 rune per territory in most cases. If she recovers that energy later, then she can regain the rune-worth of power. If her territory is destroyed or otherwise disrupted, however, that energy is lost. Furthermore, it cannot be accessed to create runes until it is recovered, meaning she must use this power with care.

      For now, she's also limited to utilizing her rune magic at its lowest level. At Tier 1 of 5, it cannot affect anything more than a single target, and can only do so in a physical manner. No abstractions or invocation of concepts, and only one use per rune. So, while she could, say, put a rune on a rock saying "this rock will become hot," she couldn't put a rune on a rock saying, "if I throw this rock at someone, it will definitely hit them," since that's an abstraction rather than a physical alteration.


[►] In her corporeal form, Luquiere has few belongings. After all, given that she regularly has to decommission her avatars, returning their essence to her mana pool for repairs, upgrades, and recharging, it would be difficult to actually maintain ownership of any physical accoutrements. Consequently, for the moment, all she has on her person at any given time is her clothes - created wholecloth from mana as part of her territory - and her distinctive quill pen, which she uses to inscribe her runes. This pen is actually a feather imbued with her essence so as to serve the function of a familiar, allowing it to write autonomously of herself. However, to activate her runes, she still needs to directly imbue them with energy, still necessitating physical contact in order to activate their functions. However, even if she's forced to write by hand, the spirit inhabiting her pen serves as an extension of her will, inscribing the previous and subsequent strokes for each stroke she does by hand, and consequently allowing her to write three times faster than she otherwise would be able to - useful for quick casting in any moments she gets the chance during lulls in combat.

More may be added to this section, should she actually accrue any major physical belongings during her quests in the castle.



[►] Given that her avatars can hardly be considered a reliable indicator of her "true" form - again, assuming she even has one - and have a tendency to change minor details of their image based on Luquiere's whims, it's a bit difficult to describe Luquiere's appearance as a whole. However, regardless of what else she does with her appearance, there are usually several constants.

She commonly takes the form of a fairly young girl, appearing anywhere between the ages of 13-19 or so. Most often standing at a total height of about five feet, five inches, she's just slightly on the short side, although even without changing avatars, her size has a tendency to fluctuate randomly depending on her mood and the circumstances, thus making even her stature a bit arbitrary. For example, in an area particularly barren of magic, or following her exhausting most of her energy reserves, Luquiere might revert her avatar to chibi-size so as to conserve what power she has. Usually, though, she stays around a fairly average height. As for her build, she's usually on the thin side, almost unhealthily so - probably so as to cut down on overall mass and thus reduce the amount of power she needs to spend on creating her vessel. Her figure is athletic, with a slant towards her limbs. She doesn't have much muscle, likely for the same reason she's so lean, but while she has cut down on most useless aspects of her body, she has made several concessions to aesthetics, giving herself a gently curving physique that, while unremarkable, is nevertheless rather appealing. Her skin, meanwhile, is rather pale, and has nary a blemish, wrinkle, or scar upon it. Its appearance and texture, however, is rather uniform, and can seem rather unnerving due to the lack of variations in it, giving the image of a subtle sort of beautiful wrongness, like the craftsmanship of an eerily humanlike doll.

Her face is roughly heart-shaped, with slightly high cheekbones and rather round cheeks that give her a somewhat childish appearance, rendering her physical age even more ambiguous than it already is. With full lips, a petite nose, ears, and chin, the middle of which is usually concealed beneath the well-kept curtains of silvery hair that frame her face, she seems to have deliberately designed her face to play up a cute image. Her snowy white hair always flows straight back down to her ankles in a twin-tailed, silky cascade, rather odd in how it never seems to twist, fray, break off, or even get dirty (being a spirit has its perks, and not having to worry about getting dirt in your hair if it's so long it almost drags on the ground is apparently one of them) and her strangely coppery-crimson eyes can alarm some people, but overall, she gives off an impression of pristine elegance, an image that is only enhanced by her rather sophisticated style of dress and the plethora of rosebuds woven both into her attire and the tresses of her hair. It's almost enough to make a casual observer fail to notice the jet black horns jutting out of either side of her head, beginning just behind and above her ears and curling down, and then upward again like those of a ram, or, when she's in need of additional mobility, the enormous pair of batlike red wings that sprout from her back. Almost, but not quite enough to hide her nature. It's actually rather odd that she would include these features in her physical appearance, considering the reactions that they garner. Maybe it's her way of accepting the being Humans have made her into, and daring them to question her being as they've defined it?

Aside from her basic physical appearance, the outfit her avatars are usually given upon creation is also rather noteworthy. Based around a slightly baggy white dress, the back removed to allow room for her wings to sprout, she creates a rather memorable ensemble by adding a sort of two-tailed black jacket/overdress, trimmed with scarlet lace, and lined with a softer fabric of the same hue. Topping this attire off with a black lace collar and matching ballgown gloves, a pair of rather frilly detached sleeves in matching colors - each with a long, scarf-like band of cloth wound around it to keep it fastened to her arm, giving them the appearance of the distinctive flowing sleeves of furisode, despite their obviously western design - and a set of opaque tights coupled with ankle-high white-on-red boots, she thus creates a very distinctive image for herself, combining elements of several vastly divergent types of garment into a single ensemble.

...It's probably for the best that her outfit is just generated out of mana whenever she spawns in avatar form. Otherwise, getting that many layers of clothing on and off just right would probably be a real pain.



[►] Luquiere's personality is... somewhat complicated. As mentioned above, her whole worldview is largely centered around herself and her own interests. Not being mortal herself, she doesn't really understand a lot of the trials associated with a physical existence - most notably death. The destruction of one's physical body doesn't signal the end of one's mana, or, in fact, even its sublimation, since what humans would call the soul persists even after its container has been destroyed. Being an entity that is, effectively, a single, vast soul, she thus can't really comprehend what it is about death that terrifies humans so much, seeing physical bodies as disposable, while the soul is all-important. Other purely physical things, such as craving for food, or discomfort at certain sensations like pain or cold, are equally alien to her, as even by creating her bodies with all the perceptions of a human, she still can't grasp many aspects of human life. For example, she doesn't technically need to eat or drink, and so only does so when it pleases her. Sure, she enjoys the taste of good food and drink, but she still doesn't get why humans get so worked up if they don't eat for a while. Sleep is another novelty to her. As a being of pure magic synonymous with the flow of mana throughout the world, so long as mana, somewhere, is moving and effecting reality, she will remain, in some sense, aware. The idea of just shutting down one's consciousness for a few hours and hallucinating vividly, then awakening with no memory of what one experienced seems rather bizarre to her, not to mention kind of frightening. She can't understand why anyone would ever want to do such a thing, and, since she herself can't experience sleep, remains baffled by it.

Even setting those issues aside, Luquiere finds humans baffling, no matter how similar to them she's ended up becoming over the years. In her experience, people generally act solely in consideration for themselves, and only think about others once their needs have been met - a worldview which has shaped her own attitude a great deal. To her, it seems only natural that mortals fear beings different from themselves, and thus is far from surprised when people look at her and see something eldritch and foreign. Humans fear existences that are anathema to their own, and as a being on a whole different level of reality, she more than meets that description. Unable to see her as anything but a threat, those who fear her lash out against her, as they always have, and as they always will. Consequently, she's loathe to trust any of the mortals she encounters.

That doesn't mean, however, that she doesn't enjoy interacting with people. Vast as her existence has become, there's very little humans can do to her that hasn't already been done. As such, she feels a sense of detachment and disinterest, and no longer cares whether they fear and hate her or not. It hardly concerns her what they think. And yet, she still finds their thought processes incredibly interesting. The way they fixate on insignificant things, live selfishly, and then do something utterly selfless out of the blue, and struggle for a purpose in a world that gives them nothing from the outset... all these things intrigue her. She wants to understand why they feel the way they feel, to see the world through a human's eyes at least once before she dissipates. Perhaps she hopes to discover a meaning for her own existence by pursuing the same path as mortal seekers of the same abstract gain?

She's fascinated by new things. Tasty food, pretty scenery, interesting sounds such as music and the like, things that feel strange to the touch, weird smells, and every other imaginable novelty of the five senses captivates her. Intellectual novelties intrigue her just as much, like the way human inventions work, or the significance behind mortal "arts." And, paradoxically enough, this even extends to new ways of thinking, or unusual personalities. More than anything else, Luquiere's manifestation is a search for interesting objects... or people. Those with unusual ideals, who dare strive to be honest in a world she sees filled to the brim with lies and hypocrites, who will do anything to uphold their beliefs, hold especial merit in her eyes. What she seeks are those who tremble not at beings which inspire fear in all, those who would show kindness even to a devil, and go above and beyond the most high-minded ideals humanity has to offer as a matter of course. What she desires to find are those who can truly say that they have found their purpose, so that she might find what it is that drives them to pursue such goals with such dedication.

But, in the mean time, she'll settle for finding curious new aspects of the physical world to add to her knowledge, so that she might understand everything she possibly can, and experience as much as she is able to from the perspective of an insignificant and transient being.

Above all else, she fears losing her memories, her personality, and her very nature. As her essence has grown more scattered, she's begun to find it hard to remember old memories, even those she once cherished. She knows that, sooner or later, the seal she's slowly crumbled beneath for countless years will eventually take its toll, reducing her mind completely to energy and scattering her into the cosmos. Unlike the souls of mortals, her essence will dissipate in its entirety, and eventually, she will cease to exist completely. She knows this, and yet has no means of preventing this eventual expansion into oblivion. As such, she's merely come to accept it as inevitable, and has resolved to follow the example of humans, and "live" as much as she can before she dissipates.

To this end, the only thing she seeks aside from abstract fulfillment is enjoyment. She's well aware of the hypocrisy involved, and yet, finds herself incapable of taking interest in much of anything outside of her own personal amusement. Even her search for "heroes" is only driven by her own envy of their certainty in their own beliefs. This isn't to say she's incapable of feeling emotions. Rather, she's just unfamiliar with the very concept of emotions, being originally an entity that was merely living magic and existed in indifference. Changed as she was by the belief of humans altering the mana that composed her, she became a "Daemon whose thoughts and feelings cannot be understood," an absolute, blanket judgement upon her being that effects even herself. She's been mulling over her newfound ability to feel for over a century now, and still finds herself no closer to understanding than when she started.

Due to these issues, she has a tendency to behave somewhat childishly, seeking amusement regardless of the consequences. She lives steeped in uncertainty, and as such, takes boundless amusement in inflicting that same sort of uncertainty upon others, even if only for an instant. Consequently, she's something of a troll, enjoying pushing people out of their comfort zones so that they're just as confused about their feelings as she is. Aside from this, she tends to be enthusiastic about... just about anything that interests her, which is almost everything. Although she acts with an outward air of composure - she's a powerful spirit, or a mighty Daemon, or whatever it is people want to perceive her as, so she has to have her pride! - there's a simmering energy just waiting right beneath the surface, waiting for an excuse to burst forth. Consequently, despite her sophisticated attitude and seemingly placid exterior, she has a tendency to act quite immature, poking fun at those around her through underhanded jabs whenever possible, and acting rather bossy without thinking about it. If there's something that she wants to do, she'll do it, and anybody who she feels is nessecary will help her, whether they like it or not.

Self-centered though she may be, she's actually a surprisingly empathetic individual, even if she doesn't realize it herself. If people are sad or angry, she tends to find herself feeling unhappy, and so tries to get them to snap out of it, feeling intensely awkward in observing the suffering of others, quite simply because she knows it's bad but can't understand what causes it. In any case, she's most happy when those around her are also happy, and so reluctantly strives to better those around her, even if she finds it troublesome and doesn't really get why she's doing it. You could say she's tsundere towards the moral concept of "goodness." She doesn't see how it concerns her, but feels drawn to help others regardless, covering up the awkwardness she feels in so doing.

Actually, she behaves a lot like a tsundere in many respects. When embarrassed or frustrated, her response is usually to try to cover those feelings up with a show of bravado. Unlike a tsundere, however, this isn't meant to hide what she knows she's feeling because she's too ashamed to admit it. Rather, she becomes flustered specifically because she has no idea what's going on inside her own mind, and doesn't like it when people make her question herself. So, actually, a better way to phrase my earlier comparison would be that she's in a love-hate relationship with the concept of humanity. Confused yet? Good. Now you understand how Luquiere feels.

Some might call her paranoid, in that she constantly expects the worst of people around her. However, "paranoia" implies that she's actually afraid of what might happen. Given her apathy towards her future, this is not the case. If somebody stabbed her in the back, her reaction would be to sigh and say "So be it. I never trusted you anyway." As such, shows of genuine, indisputable selflessness tend to take her off guard, since heroism of that sort is the farthest thing possible from what she's used to. Such acts of blameless kindness and generosity are, consequently, the surest way to draw her interest.



[►] A long time ago, in a land whose name nobody remembers, there was a village. Near that village was a forest in which was pooled a vast sea of mana. This mana attracted the energy of the surroundings, until it had coalesced into a single, voluminous entity. The spirit of this mana had no name, for it was not interested in such things. It simply existed within the depths of the forest, watching over the happenings of the village below.

One day, rain stopped falling in that country. All the crops dried up and died, leaving the people without any food. They lamented their misfortune, crying out with one voice. The spirit heard their voices, and understood their request. They had wished for food to eat, and so the spirit used its magic to revive their crops and grant them food to eat. The spirit had nothing to gain from this. It only lost some of its vast power. But to it, such things were inconsequential. After all, it had no other purpose towards which to use its powers. If, by granting wishes, it could do something good, then so be it. Such trivial losses did not concern it, anyway.

One day, a plague struck the village. Countless people were brought to the brink of death. The people pleaded with their unseen protector, so that those they loved would not have to die. The spirit heard them, and granted their wish. The plague was cured, and the ailments of the people healed.

Time after time, the people were caught in the throes of misfortune, and begged for miracles to save themselves. Time after time, the spirit granted their wishes, using up more and more of its power in the process. The people came to know the spirit as their guardian deity. More and more people gave the spirit their faith, and, in doing so, returned to it some small part the mana it had given them in the form of "miracles." The small village grew and prospered, until it became a great kingdom.

But slowly, the king of this land fell to corruption. He extended his control to all aspects of the land, enslaving whoever he wished and executing all who opposed him. The people cried out for mercy, begging for their freedom... and the spirit granted their wish. In a single night, it brought its full power to bear, and eradicated the entire royal palace, and all those who sided with the corrupt monarch. The kingdom, without a leader, soon fell to anarchy, and collapsed, its people scattering to far off lands and telling the tale of the wish-granting spirit whose wrath had laid low a mighty nation. Eventually, this story became twisted in the telling, and the generous spirit became a self-obsessed and enigmatic Daemon, the greedy tyrant a just king, and the people who had brought about this "tragedy" the Daemon's unfortunate victims. The only faith the weakened spirit received now was the fear of those who reviled it as a devil, and so, warped by their mana, it became the very creature they believed it to be. The forest became desolate and barren as it grasped about itself, seizing all the power it could find. The site of the ancient kingdom became a wasteland devoid of life, a domain of one entity alone.

But all was not lost, for a descendant of the old king one day returned to the land of his ancestors, along with a holy order who had sworn their loyalty to him. Together with his faithful knights, this great lord vanquished the Daemon, sealed its power within the earth, and rebuilt the once great kingdom upon its mighty soul. The Daemon was ripped from the spiritual world in which it dwelt, and had its very essence scattered to the winds, its very identity eradicated beneath the weight of its seal.

But then, something unexpected happened. The Lord was betrayed. His life was taken, and the seal he had placed cracked slightly. Seeping through the cracks in its container, the Daemon's spirit began to permeate the outside, until its mana had become one with the power flowing through reality itself. The Daemon regained its lost awareness, and, endeavoring to come to grips with what it had become, searched for a name, and for a purpose. It found none, and so created an identity for itself.

Luquiere Kalina Lilant was its - no, her - name. She could not understand what had happened to her, why she had been betrayed by those whose wishes she had tried to grant without fail. All she knew was that sentient beings invariably existed for their own sakes, and their own sakes alone - and so she would be no different. But she hated living that way, hated being the same as the ones who had ruined her - so she sought some higher purpose, some truly blameless ideal for which she could live without fear of reproach. She sought mana, sought greater souls than her own, hoping for answers in the form of power. But all that led her to was an old, abandoned castle, a forgotten realm in which she could experience and learn nothing. Yet, when Humans arrived in that ancient place, all that changed. If she could not find her answers by returning to the realm of spirits from whence she'd been born, then she would embrace the reality to which she'd been shackled, and look for a reason for her existence amongst Humans.

It remains to be seen whether or not she will ever find it before she fades away, and her "life," if it can be called such, is extinguished permanently.


MOARGHOSTTEXTLOOOOOOOOOOO.LGM Note: entering the Castle as a non-human by permission of the GMs.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby JackAlsworth on Mon May 04, 2015 7:11 pm

Name: Mikhail Tanaon

Guild: Milena's

Role: Mage

Weapon: Quarterstaff.

Powers: Burning Hands (set hands on fire), Enflame Weapon (set object being held in hands on fire)

Appearance & Personality: More inclined to spend his time reading than fighting, Mikhail is devoted to his sister (slightly less so to his brother and law). His pale skin is exacerbated by his general hatred of the outdoors, and anyone who interrupts his work is treated to a glare from his hard, grey eyes. He has less raw talent than many of the other mages in the castle, but he attempts to compensate with an incredible work ethic and pure stubbornness.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby Tohrinha on Wed May 20, 2015 4:32 pm

Name: Saskia Hartrell
Guild: Solo
Role: Scout
Weapon: There are probably knives somewhere in her kit...
Powers: None
Appearance & Personality: Saskia was a genial chandler before coming to the Castle and now is a genial she's-not-entirely-sure. She's rather boastful despite never before leaving her city, but at least has practicality and slightly more experienced friends.
She keeps her hair, a colour that could be either blonde or brown, cropped and takes the same no-nonsense approach to her clothes. If a dress dips too close to the candle flames, she won't wear it.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby Victin on Wed May 20, 2015 8:24 pm

Name: Alexander

Guild: (Perhaps he could start in Arthur's guild?)

Role: Mage

  • Spellsword: a nameless sword that usually takes the shape of a something that is neither a rapier or a broadsword, having a brass-looking half-spherical guard and hilt.

  • Magic: Alex has been trained ever since a young age at the art of magic, specifically the techniques centered around arcane armaments.
    • Spellsword: manifests a temporary magical sword, similar in most aspects to a normal sword, with a few exceptions. For example: it can be instantly repaired by the caster, etc.
    • Mage Eyes: allows the user to see the flow of magic in the environment, and sometimes detect arcane power hidden in objects.

Appearance & Personality: Alex has dark green eyes, easily taken for brown behind locks of his long black hair. Muscular due to his training, but not exceedingly so.

Since Alexander's training prevented him from settling down anywhere for his whole life, it has given him a disciplined and distant personality. However, wrongly as it seems, he's the opposite of cold: as his greatest ambition seems to be improving his spellsword technique, his wish to stop isolating himself from others allows him to have a caring side to his personality, even if his awkwardness or other people's distrust of him get in the way. In battle, however, is when he silences all his emotions and shifts his resolve towards a single mission, giving Alex an appearance of tranquility and fierceness common to other great soldiers.

Completed Quests & Rewards: Currently none.
  • Normal:
  • Underground:
  • Boss:
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Sicon112's Character ~ Ascheritt Myrion

Postby Sicon112 on Fri May 22, 2015 10:04 pm


[►] Ascheritt Myrion


[►] 23


[►] Male


[►] Arthur's Raiding Party (Mercenary)



[►] Wandering, unaffiliated, human swordsman. No particular widely known exploits, and little history - no more than a couple years at most - in the adventuring/mercenary business. He wanders from place to place as he pleases, but rarely stays long since if trouble doesn't come specifically for him he manages to call some down upon himself with his own insufferable personality.


[►] Fighter: Swordsman, Zweihander


  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • Addendum: A Hero by name, yet lacking any respect for others and certainly devoid of such feelings for authority figures. Tends to be an unpredictable element in any situation, but can be at least trusted to battle injustice if only due to his bizarre code of honour.
  • Strength: A
    • Addendum: The peak of human athletic fitness possible for him has been achieved through a lifetime of relentless training and combat.
  • Endurance: C
    • Addendum: Tough through force of training and willpower, but not accustomed to allowing himself to take debilitating wounds.
  • Agility: A+
    • Addendum: Fast and agile due to training for heavier loads, but unused to his own speed with the light equipment he bears now. A speed of reaction that can only be acquired from natural-born talent increases his base rank to A, while his light load and lack of armor add the temporary '+' modifier.
  • Mana: C
    • Addendum: Possesses some capacity for the magic arts, though has little exposure to or knowledge of them. Even if he should gain tutelage, he has extremely limited potential due to any talent he might have had remaining uncultivated for so long. The only functional bonus of having any rank in this stat is that it grants him a large pool of stamina, and he does not tire easily.
  • Luck: E
    • Addendum: Not necessarily plagued by misfortune, but finds it a common companion. Anywhere luck would be useful, it is sure to never turn up.


  • Instinct: B
    • Addendum: A natural talent for battle that allows one to 'feel' to an extent the best course of action. A 6th sense that cannot be gained through training, but is inherent in a person from birth. Not an analysis of a situation, but an emergency contingency for when one falls upon dire straights that might just be enough to allow for a turnabout.
  • Supreme Ego: A
    • Addendum: A firm belief that one will succeed; a confidence expanding into the realms of arrogance and egotism. Not courage, but an absolute certainty of infallibility that, while perhaps unfounded, grants defense against mental interference such as pressure, confusion, and fascination.



[►] Ascheritt travels light, and typically makes do with only his zweihander on his back and the clothes he wears. Joining with Arthur's party, he would be leaving the rations and supplies to be carried by the baggage-bearers and not carry anything larger than a small pouch for emergencies.

Though the appearance of his sword is a peculiarity, since the weapon is obviously of extremely high quality, far outside of the realm of expected gear for a drifter swordsman like Ascheritt, which adds a slight mystery to an otherwise common wanderer.


[►] A young man in his prime, of average, though muscular stature. His eyes and hair are both an unremarkable brown, and though his clothes would not be out of place upon someone of noble stature, they are well worn, faded and tattered, and any identifying crests or symbols that they might once have borne are no longer present, suggesting a perhaps less than legitimate acquisition at some point.



[►] Insufferable. Arrogant. Utterly self-obsessed with absurd delusions of grandeur. Most people who meet Ascheritt would probably consider those descriptions of his character to be overly flattering compared to the reality. A hard, perhaps impossible, person to get along with, Ascheritt's behavior is characterized first and foremost by his unshakable and enormous ego. On the surface, he is a rude, arrogant, and condescending man who makes no effort to get along with anyone who won't comply with his self-important delusions. However, he also possesses a strange, though strong code of honour that guides his behaviour.

At heart, Ascheritt has absolutely no doubt that his position is that of the Hero. Thus, in his mind, he sees nothing wrong with requiring, or rather demanding, that he hold the role of highest importance. His uncontrolled arrogance leads him to fling himself headfirst into any situation, disregarding danger completely, and gives him an indomitable will to finish what he starts, no matter how bad the odds. By all rights that sort of behaviour should be suicidal, but he also possesses a natural inclination towards combat that serves to backs up his ego, at least to an extent.

In spite of his unstable temperament Ascheritt is a typically level-headed person, one who is often relaxed even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. He possesses a naturally short temper, but his arrogance is such that he finds most people and situations beneath his ire. However, the fastest way to rile him up is to commit some action he regards as injustice, something that as the Hero he naturally cannot tolerate. To commit such acts within his awareness is nothing less than the most dire insult to his status, and anyone foolish enough to do such a thing is deserving of only the highest punishment.

Above all, Ascheritt's delusions drive him towards his overarching goal: To surpass every obstacle placed in his path with his own ability, and complete his duty as the 'Hero'. The greater the challenges, the greater the fun in overcoming them, according to him. Which is a view that leads him to seek ever greater opponents to defeat until he stands as the absolute and unchallenged victor, the only outcome he regards as possible.



[►] In a land of constant conflict a wandering sword-for-hire is an unremarkable, everyday sight. No one remembered when another one arrived on the war-torn continent that Arthur sought to rule. Such was the case with Ascheritt Myrion, arriving without fanfare to his great displeasure, after a long journey oversea. After wrecking a battered, corpse-strewn pirate vessel - a ship he had most assuredly not begun his journey aboard - into the coast due to his lack of seaman's knowledge, he disembarked and headed inland.

Traveling aimlessly through the land, he slowly accrued some small amount of infamy, partially for his combat abilities, but mostly for his terrible personality and behaviour. Since staying in one place usually led to the majority of people he interacted with trying to kill him, convenience necessitated he move about constantly. Despite gaining a myriad of enemies in his short tenure as a mercenary, many of which were quite powerful, he survived and even thrived in the land that would become Orono.

At first considered a braggart with no skills to speak of, his abilities, if not his character, gained some modicum of respect after repeated victories against combatants considered to be far more dangerous. While his style, or rather lack thereof, gathered derision initially for its wild and haphazard appearance which seemed to suggest a lack of training and ability, wiser fighters quickly saw the reality of the situation. It quickly became clear that Ascheritt was trained, and trained well, in combat and had amazing talent and potential for it. Remnants of his long practice often shown through the wild and unrefined attacks he flung at his enemies, burned into his mind and body after endless repetition. However, whatever training he had was for some form of combat completely incompatible with his current equipment; the blade and light armor he wielded was completely foreign to him. Any success he had was built upon the very basics of his old training, augmented by his instincts and stellar reaction time in a manner that was perhaps inefficient and full of holes, but at the same time dangerous enough to carry him through the trials he faced.

After a short period of aimless wandering across the battle-scarred country, Ascheritt's attention was drawn to the rising warlord named Arthur as he called for men to gather and follow him to a glorious battlefield unlike any other: a giant castle in the sky. Drawn by the idea and spurred onward by his ego Ascheritt took up his arms and joined the party following behind Arthur's banner, completely lacking any intent to serve the local ruler, but determined to learn the path to the new and dangerous land to fulfill his own quest, and take up his rightful place at the pinnacle of the mighty flying palace.
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Re: Floating Castle Past Cast

Postby Pixelmage on Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:32 pm

Name: Eon.
Guild: None, ever. / All of them, all the time. (He's quirky. You'll come to understand.)
Role: Fighter*.
Weapon: Spear.
  • Note on his weapon: he doesn't carry it as a spear. The spearhead is carried detached as a dagger, and he usually handles the shaft as a staff. If combat is really unavoidable, he'll fasten it and use it as a spear proper, then disassemble it once he's done.
Appearance & Personality:
Medium length black hair, usually held in a short ponytail. Almond colored eyes, and no beard. Slightly under average height, and fit but not muscular. He wears simple clothes, unadorned and loose, easy to move in, comfortable to stay in to rest. No leathers or metals - what passes for a belt is simply a braid of cloth.
He likes to move around a lot, and considers everywhere and anywhere to be his home, often talking about everything as his own - hence never joining any guilds. Because, as he puts it, how could he join what he is already a part of? By no means incapable of violence, he really dislikes it, and prefers sightseeing and exploring. Yet, he's not a scout - strictly speaking - because he doesn't defer to any authority other than his own.
"Yami ni madoishi awarena kage yo
Hito o kizutsuke otoshimete,
Tsumi ni oboreshi gō no tama,
Ippen... shinde miru?"
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